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FLN More than 5,000 stores linked between “My Pre” and Google Business Profile! Steady increase in MEO countermeasure support services for local businesses

Over 5,000 stores linked with Maipre and Google Business Profile! Steady increase in MEO countermeasure support services for local businesses
The number of stores linked between “Maipure” operated by FLN and Google Business Profile has exceeded 5,000.

The number of stores linked between the local information site “Maipure” operated by Future Link Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, CEO: Takeharu Ishii) and Google Business Profile has exceeded 5,000. In the future, we aim to help regional businesses and local chains where local web marketing is becoming more and more important.
Outline of linkage between “My Pre” and Google Business Profile Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free service provided by Google that allows you to post information about your store or company. Since the latest store information can be posted on Google Search and Google Maps, which boast high user usage rates, stores can make good use of GBP to maximize the attractiveness of the store and increase the number of customers. becomes possible.
However, in order to effectively attract customers using GBP, it is necessary not only to register information but also to continuously transmit information. The situation continues that I can’t say. In addition, since a certain level of IT literacy is required to utilize GBP, local businesses with limited know-how and resources can implement SEO / MEO measures only at their own stores, and effective local web marketing. There was also the problem that it was difficult to
Under such circumstances, in April 2020, in order to improve the value of “Maipure” as a platform, we started linking the paid store listing page of “Maipure” and GBP (then Google My Business). As a result, the latest information can be linked to GBP by updating “Maipure”, making it possible for stores using “Maipure” to provide one-stop information distribution and centralized management.
In addition, since the beginning of the collaboration, we have been providing information on MEO measures to local businesses through support that makes use of the local undercarriage and online seminars. In June 2020, there were 4,000 stores, and in December 2022, the number of stores will exceed 5,000, and the number of linked stores is increasing at a steady pace.
Currently, there are several services that are linked with GBP other than “Maipure”, but GBP’s recognition is still low with regard to local businesses, and barriers to entry are high, so other companies’ services are targeted at major chain stores. most of the time. However, since we are able to approach approximately 18,000 local stores with which we already have connections nationwide, many of the stores we work with are local businesses.
the next deployment
By increasing the number of stores that use Maipre for a fee, we will continue to promote the use of GBP by local businesses and support local web marketing.
In addition, in order to strengthen support for MEO measures for local businesses, in October 2021 we will release a support tool “Maipure Analyzer” for analyzing GBP and operating it effectively. Through this, we aim to enrich the local web marketing experience of local businesses and increase the number of users.
*Google, Google Maps (Google Maps(TM) mapping service), and Google Business Profile are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC.

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