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FLN Strengthen cohesion and eye contact with partners nationwide. We held a meeting for Maipre business managers

Strengthen cohesion and eye contact with partners nationwide. We held a meeting for Maipre business managers

Future Link Network Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Takeharu Ishii), which operates the regional information site “Maipre” covering 721 municipalities nationwide, is held for business managers who conduct Maipre business nationwide. On December 8, 2022, the “Maipure Representatives Meeting” was held. 115 people in charge of business from companies that operate Maipre business gathered from all over the country to share know-how and interact with each other to strengthen solidarity.
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What is the “Maipure Representative Conference”?
The local information platform “Maipure” operated by our company has a system in which dedicated staff from the area actually travel around the area to collect information, and as a platform equipped with outlets for various information such as the local information site It continues to evolve.
By collaborating not only with our company but also with operating partners rooted in the local community nationwide, we have realized the construction of a community-based system and operate it while sharing technology and operational know-how.
While a wide variety of companies are developing their business all over the country as operating partners, in order to increase the speed of business development of existing partners and to acquire new partners at an accelerated pace, we will improve our business operation guidance to our partners. At the same time, we are enhancing management support and support functions.
As one of these management support and support functions, several times a year, the business managers of partner companies that operate Maipre all over the country gather together and hold the “Maipure Representative Conference” to input and exchange operational know-how. doing.
This time it was held in a hybrid format of visit and online. Overview of the “Maipure Representatives Conference”
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“Maipure representative meeting” details
Business Development Status and MVP Awards
We share the development status of “Maipure” until the end of November 2022. In addition, we aggregated figures such as the rate of increase in Maipre usage fee revenue, the rate of customer retention, and the number of user actions, and gave the “MVP Award” to commend partners who achieved remarkable results.
About the future of Maiple
We shared the worldview (vision) that Maipre should aim for, the growth of the “Maipure” platform, the progress of the public solution business, and what we expect from partner companies.
Experience sharing from each partner
We picked up a partner who has a good example, and asked the business manager of the partner to share their experience while introducing the case. Many questions were raised from the companies that heard the case studies, and it was an opportunity for partners to interact with each other.
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About the future
In the future, we will continue to promote various initiatives to develop together with partner companies nationwide, which is the cornerstone of the last mile system that can directly support management and marketing by staying close to local businesses. ■ Recruiting management partners for “Maipure”
We are looking for companies (business owners) to realize regional revitalization together
■Company profile
Company name: Future Link Network Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Takeharu Ishii
Location: Nishifuna Narushima Building, 4-19-3 Nishifuna, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture
Business description: Regional information distribution business, public solution business
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