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FM Aichi Co., Ltd. January 9 (Monday / holiday) Focus on “20 years old” on Coming-of-Age Day! “FM AICHI HO LIDAY SPECIAL ~20-year-old playlist~”

FM Aichi Co., Ltd.
January 9th (Mon/Holiday) Coming-of-Age Day focuses on “20 years old”! “FM AICHI HOLIDAY SPECIAL ~20-year-old playlist~”

FM AICHI will develop “FM AICHI HOLIDAY SPECIAL ~ 20-year-old playlist ~” on Coming-of-Age Day on January 9 (Monday/holiday). Through each wide program, we will focus on “20 years old” and feature songs released by various artists at the age of 20. In addition, we are looking for requests for songs that were popular when listeners were 20 years old, songs that they liked, memories of those days, and episode messages, and we will introduce them in the program as needed. [Image