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Focus Studio Co., Ltd. Nakaichi Kogaku Releases Micro Four Thirds Cinema Lens “SPEEDMASTER CINEMA 50mm T1.0 ”

Public Relations Person/Editor
Focus Studio Co., Ltd.
Nakaichi Kogaku released “SPEEDMASTER CINEMA 50mm T1.0”, a cinema lens for Micro Four Thirds.
Simultaneous release of a large T1.0 cine lens set (17mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm)
Shoko Kobo Co., Ltd. will release Nakaichi Kogaku’s cinema lens “SPEEDASTER CINEMA 50mm T1.0” Micro Four Thirds on December 8, 2022 (Thursday).
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 77,000 yen (tax included) [Image 1

The Chuichi Kogaku SPEEDMASTER CINEMA 50mm T1.0 is a cinema lens for Micro Four Thirds mount that achieves a T value of 1.0 at maximum aperture. By making good use of the characteristics of a high-speed lens that can completely separate the subject from the background, as well as the lens flares and ghosts that are unique to cinema lenses, you can enjoy expressions that are distinct from conventional lenses. [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Image 5

A focal length of about 100mm in terms of 35mm format that makes it easy to obtain the compression effect of a telephoto lens
Large-aperture specifications that are advantageous in situations such as concert halls and night views
Brightness with open T value of 1.0 and smooth bokeh with 9-blade circular aperture
Minimizes changes in angle of view from the shortest shooting distance to infinity
Lens construction/MTF chart
[Image 6

9 elements in 6 groups: 2 ultra-high refractive index lenses, 1 ED lens specification
Model number: SPEEDASTER T1.0/50mm MFT
Compatible mounts: Micro Four Thirds
Focal length: 50mm (equivalent to 100mm in 35mm format)
Focus: MF (manual focus)
Lens construction: 9 elements in 6 groups (2 ultra-high refractive index lenses, 1 ED lens)
Compatible imaging screen size: Micro Four Thirds
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.6m / 23.6″
Maximum magnification: 0.1x
Aperture: T1.0-16
Aperture blades: 9
Filter diameter: 77mm
Size: Φ80×97mm (excluding mount)
Mass: 700g
[ SPEEDASTER CINEMA Micro Four Thirds 4-piece set simultaneous release ] SPEEDASTER CINEMA “17mm T1.0” “25mm T1.0” “35mm T1.0” “50mm T1.0” is a set of four. With a set that covers 34mm to 100mm equivalent in 35mm format, you can enjoy Chuichi Kogaku’s cinema lenses in various scenes such as landscapes and portraits. A rugged, dust- and splash-proof hard case is included for safe transportation of the lens.
[Image 7

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50mm single item set of 4 About ZHONG YI OPTICS
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