For inbound measures for hotels and restaurants Allergy hearing system supports multiple languages. Supporting the acceptance of foreign visitors to Japan in the field of “food”

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[For inbound measures for hotels and restaurants] Allergy hearing system supports multiple languages. Supporting the acceptance of foreign visitors to Japan in the field of “food”
Supports 133 languages ​​including English and Chinese. For business events, dinners, and banquets

The allergy hearing system developed and operated by CAN EAT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Eri Tagahara,
hereinafter “CAN EAT”) supports 133 languages, including English and Chinese. As inbound demand is expected to grow, by enabling people from all over the world to smoothly communicate food allergies and dietary restrictions due to thoughts and beliefs, we will streamline communication at hotels and restaurants, and labor shortages will continue. We support inbound acceptance measures for the restaurant industry.
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■In 3 years, we will exceed the pre-corona level! ? Urgent need for measures to accept inbound tourists at hotels and restaurants Due to the relaxation of border measures, the number of foreigners visiting Japan for overseas travel is increasing. Estimated value of inbound demand by travelers entering the country is 2.1 trillion yen in 2023 (0.4% of nominal GDP), 4.3 trillion yen in 2024, and 6.6 trillion yen in 2025. It is predicted that the figure will exceed the previous (2019) actual figure of 4.8 trillion yen (*). It is no exaggeration.
Among them, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the dietary restrictions of overseas travelers. Currently, it is said that one-third of the world’s population has foods they cannot eat due to food allergies, vegetarians, vegans, or religious reasons. In order for hotels and restaurants to meet inbound demand and acquire more customers, it is necessary to accurately grasp various dietary restrictions and establish a system that can flexibly respond. *Source: Survey by Nomura Research Institute (NRI) ■Allergy hearing system supports 133 languages! Efficient
communication between guests and staff
On the other hand, labor shortages continue in the lodging and restaurant industries, and the situation is becoming more and more serious due to the corona crisis. It is not easy to hire and train staff with specialized knowledge about dietary restrictions and foreign language communication skills, and many businesses seem to be unable to handle inbound measures.
Therefore, we, CAN EAT, have implemented multilingual support for the “Allergy Hearing System” ( that can efficiently collect information on dietary restrictions such as food allergies and vegetarians and vegans. Did.
The display language can be selected from 133 languages ​​such as English and Chinese, and guests can apply for dietary restrictions themselves, streamlining communication between guests and staff. You will be able to easily collect detailed dietary restrictions information for each person at MICE-related occasions such as international conferences, training, business meals, weddings and banquets with overseas guests.
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Multilingual image
■For efficiency improvement and accident prevention of allergy correspondence! What is the Allergy Hearing System?
The allergy hearing system is a service that allows you to accurately and smoothly grasp detailed information such as food allergies, vegetarians and vegans by directly entering information about dietary restrictions of guests who are planning to attend a group dinner in advance. Many companies, such as Happo-en, have introduced this system for the purpose of improving work efficiency in responding to dietary restrictions and preventing troubles and accidents.
[Image 3d46724-42-86d16228f940e7a97bb6-2.png&s3=46724-42-6dc9102bb72f4b2f06323ff670630c19-1959x1191.png
Since it is possible to collect information not only about what you can’t eat, but also about what you can offer, it can also be used to propose alternative meals. You can freely set the confirmation items and notes to be displayed on the guest application screen, so you can use it in a form suitable for the kitchen situation of the facility. [Image 4d46724-42-fa5dbf3af9b44544aa97-3.png&s3=46724-42-d4d984914788ba863c7601f28cb9fd0e-1758x775.png
In addition to weddings and banquets, the number of MICE-related events such as business events and international conferences, as well as organizing school excursions, is increasing. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
Compilation of responses from individuals with allergies. Meetings and advance preparations proceed smoothly, reducing the burden on planners.
Print out a list of detailed allergy information. It helps to streamline communication between planners and kitchens and prevent mistakes.
Works with existing seating chart systems and web invitation services. Allergy information is automatically linked to the banquet instruction sheet (seating chart) to prevent transcription errors.
Insurance is attached to compensate for treatment costs and
consolation money in the event of an allergy accident when using the service. Safe to use.
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■ About CAN EAT Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “making everyone’s meals delicious, fun, and healthy,” we provide food allergy sufferers and food service providers that deal with allergies, including “CAN EAT,” a service that saves eating out for people who have food they can’t eat. We develop and operate supporting services.
Company name: CAN EAT Co., Ltd. (English name: CAN EAT Inc.) Representative: Eri Tagahara, President and CEO
Head office location: 7-11 No.14 Tenjin-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: April 1, 2019
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