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For those who start distribution of “chat radio” format next year! A new program for new distributors “Tell me! Listen! Radio Talker” started

Radiotalk/Radio Talk Co., Ltd.
For those who start distribution of “chat radio” format next year! A new program for new distributors “Tell me! Listen! Radio Talker” started
A newcomer will appear as a guest every week on the official program hosted by two veteran broadcasters.

Radiotalk Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kaori Inoue) is a “Radiotalk” that anyone can start radio distribution right now, aimed at “distributors who have just started Radiotalk”. We will start the program.
Radiotalk is a chat distribution app that allows anyone to become a distributor right away with one tap, limited to the distribution style of “no video, audio only”. From free talk to interactive and talk variety, various broadcasters broadcast radio every day. As the market has become more and more popular, there are more and more occasions when distributors are called “radio talkers” in mass media such as national newspapers and television.
[Image 1d43103-33-b72487296c3f1c536c6c-0.png&s3=43103-33-43d223486ec8fd058caa7b38eb9a4e22-1600x838.png
Therefore, for the purpose of empowering those who are new to Radiotalk distribution, we will deliver a new program “Tell me! Listen! Radio Talker” as an official program from January 12th. ◆ Program content
Once a week, we welcome a particularly brilliant “new talker” as a guest “within 3 months of starting Radiotalk (approximate)”. Regular MCs will bring out the episodes and charms of newcomer streamers from multiple angles through corners such as question-and-answer, quiz format, and interviews. Listener gifts are also available! You may be able to find a promising newcomer or a recommended newcomer who will be exposed to the sun in the future? If you have any thoughts on the program, please tweet with the hashtag #Okiraji.
Program URL to be distributed: (Distributed as a regular frame every Thursday night in the “Radiotalk Official Program” account)
◆ date and time
First time: January 12, 2023 (Thursday) from 19:30 to about 45 minutes After that, we plan to start at 19:30 every Thursday
◆Regular performers (MC)
* Scheduled to be replaced with 3 months as 1 course
Keika Izumi
[Image 2d43103-33-7ef7a6b115e612a87074-1.jpg&s3=43103-33-162d5a2a2d5f93ce055ba99e8cd562fb-757x800.jpg
Veteran with 15 years of delivery history. Fans enjoy both planning and talks because of the stable and easy-to-listen distribution quality, unique sensibility, and friendliness that puts listeners first. The icon is a self-made hidden illustrator. I like psychology, philosophy, and computers.
Program URL:
[Image 3d43103-33-ded748f3866c8a2e4a19-2.jpg&s3=43103-33-e9acedee3ee489b77b89b424e38a0e2b-400x400.jpg
Although the distribution debuted in 2021, the cumulative number of live distributions has reached about 800 times. Developed the program “Ikecate Radio”, which is attractive for skillful handling of comments. Since it can handle a wide range of free talks, guest appearances, and songs, it is the first time to challenge the MC of an official program. Received the 2022 Radiotalk Grand Prize.
Program URL:
◆ First guest performer (distributed on January 12)
[Image 4d43103-33-af368a720d04ee5288e6-3.jpg&s3=43103-33-dfb99593ebaf21d4ee59220badf5add0-690x800.jpg
Radiotalk will start in November 2022. The program “☀️ Sun Chat” is being distributed. In the program, various themed corners such as “Benkyo no Jikan”, “Slow Muscle Road”, and “Suki Datcha” are prepared. For more information, please look forward to the appearance of #Okiraji.
Program URL:

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