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Forit Co., Ltd. Forit Malaysia Corporation Wins Silver Award! At the “Marketing Excellence Award 2022@Malaysia”

Forit Co., Ltd.
Forit Malaysia Corporation Wins Silver Award! At the “Marketing Excellence Award 2022@Malaysia”
~2nd Place in the Programmatic Marketing Category~

FORIT DIGITAL SDN. BHD. (hereinafter referred to as FORIT DIGITAL), a Malaysian subsidiary of FORIT Co., Ltd., has been awarded the Programmatic Award at the “Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 MALAYSIA” sponsored by Marketing Interactive. We are pleased to announce that we have won the Silver Award in the Marketing (programmatic marketing) category.
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・”Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 MALAYSIA” Award Ceremony
(2022/11/24@Hilton Kuala Lumpur)
[Image 2

[Image 3

・”Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 MALAYSIA” WINNERS (Click here for the award page) *32.Published in the Excellence in Programmatic Marketing section. [Image 4

・”Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 MALAYSIA” TROPHY
[Image 5

Having received the Silver Award at the “Marketing Excellence Award 2022@Malaysia”, Forit Digital will continue to build and maintain strong relationships with clients. We will strive to become a leading company in digital marketing in two fields.
Overseas base
We have overseas subsidiaries in 4 bases (China, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia) for the entire group, and by closely cooperating with each local subsidiary, we propose appropriate localization and marketing strategies tailored to the local market. We also support overseas expansion from a glocal (global + local) perspective.
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In addition, by using our global affiliate platform [Webridge (] together, we can not only perform performance-based test marketing and market development startups, but also expand sales after expanding overseas. We are here to support you, so please feel free to contact us.
What is the Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA)?
An industry award on the theme of marketing communication sponsored by Marketing Interactive.
In addition to Malaysia, where our company participated this time, it has been held every year for more than 10 years in various parts of Asia, including Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.
“Marketing Excellence Awards 2022 MALAYSIA (Marketing Excellence Awards 2022@Malaysia)” has 42 judging categories, and by winning, you can get the title of “Marketer of the Year”.
・ Special page: [Image 7

Company Profile
Company name: Forit Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeharu Yoshizawa, President and CEO
Location: E Space Tower 9F, 3-6 Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Capital: 10 million yen (as of the end of April 2022)
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