Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto “Strawberry Afternoon Tea” to enjoy high-quality strawberry sweets with different textures started

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[Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto] “Strawberry Afternoon Tea” to enjoy high-quality strawberry sweets with different textures started Two types of premium parfaits are now available to enjoy comparing seasonal fruits

At Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto (located in Myohoin Maegawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto), afternoon tea will be held from January 10 (Tuesday) to March 12, 2023, where you can enjoy a variety of delicate sweets using seasonal strawberries, mainly Amaou. We will offer it for a limited time until Sunday (Sunday).
During the same period, two types of premium parfaits will be available: the “Love For Strawberry Parfait,” where you can enjoy comparing different types of strawberries, and the “Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait,” which captures the deliciousness of various Japanese citrus fruits. Experience the early spring at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto while enjoying the view of the Japanese garden boasting 800 years of history and the light streaming in through the large open windows.
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strawberry afternoon tea
Enjoy strawberries to your heart’s content “Strawberry Afternoon Tea” Pastry chef Reiko Yokota, who has experience at Michelin-starred restaurants and four Four Seasons hotels around the world, will deliver high-quality strawberries that are in season, centered on the brand strawberry “Amaou”. Afternoon tea made with strawberries finished in 5 types of sweets with different textures and textures. While delivering the deliciousness of fresh strawberries as much as possible, we have prepared a variety of 5 types of sweets so that you can enjoy different textures and tastes. The cute “Wild Strawberry Sorbet Lollipop” wrapped in white chocolate with wild strawberry sorbet, and the gorgeous “Strawberry and Champagne Trifle”, which is a non-alcoholic champagne mousse topped with sweet and sour strawberry jelly and sponge. We offer an elaborate lineup one by one, from cool and smooth sorbet and fragrant mousse to crunchy mille-feuille, such as the popular “Strawberry Mille-feuille” with its classic taste. I have prepared.
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From left to right: strawberry and champagne trifle, strawberry and white chocolate cream puff, wild strawberry sorbet lollipop, strawberry and lemon mousse cube, strawberry millefeuille
At the savory restaurant “Brasserie” head chef Koga, “Homemade Smoked Salmon, Beetroot and Strawberry Blini”, which is colorful and accented with strawberries, is served with chickpea and vegetable curry, and spicy tandoori chicken. We have items that are satisfying and original, such as “curry-flavored popovers”.
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Curry-flavored popover from the front left, homemade smoked salmon, beetroot and strawberry blini, mascarpone vichyssoise, strawberry and basil confiture, prosciutto tart
For drinks, you can enjoy 24 kinds of tea from the prestigious German company Ronnefeld in free flow, and the strawberry-based “Strawberry Field” is offered as a welcome drink. We also have a “Strawberry Milk Tea Mocktail” that combines Assam with a fruity strawberry syrup and finished with a gentle taste of milk.
In addition, we also offer “Takeout Afternoon Tea” (14,000 yen for two people, reservation required) that allows you to enjoy afternoon tea at home or in your hotel room. During the strawberry afternoon tea offer period, it will be served in a bright red box with the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto logo reminiscent of strawberries.
Luxurious sweets of seasonal strawberries that you can enjoy in a luxurious space facing the Japanese garden and the light coming in from the large windows with a sense of openness. Experience the early spring at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto.
■Period: January 10, 2023 (Tuesday)-March 12, 2023 (Sunday)
■ Time:
12:00-14:30 (L.O.14:00)
15:00-17:30 (L.O. 17:00)
*Two shifts in the above time slot, reservation required
■ Location: Monday through Thursday, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, 1st floor, Restaurant “Brasserie”
Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 3rd floor “The Lounge & Bar”
■ Price: 6,800 yen per person on weekdays, 7,500 yen on weekends and holidays *Prices in parentheses include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax ■ Contents:
[5 types of sweets]
Wild strawberry sorbet lollipop
strawberry and lemon mousse cubes
millefeuille of strawberry
Strawberry and champagne trifle
Strawberry and white chocolate cream puff
[2 types of scones]
double chocolate scone
crunchy strawberry scone
[4 types of savory]
Homemade Smoked Salmon with Beet and Strawberry Blinis
Mascarpone Vichyssoise Strawberry and Basil Confiture
Prosciutto tart
Curry flavored popover
In addition to a selection of 24 types of premium tea from Germany’s Ronnefeldt, including Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto’s original blended tea, Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto’s original blended coffee, espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino, and two types of hot chocolate using Valrhona chocolate are also available. We are here.
In addition, we offer a strawberry-based “Strawberry Field” as a welcome drink. For this limited time only, we also offer a mildly sweet “Strawberry Milk Tea Mocktail” made by mixing Assam and sweet and sour strawberry syrup with milk. Enjoy as much as you like with a total of over 30 varieties of drinks.
[Image 4d80380-114-96f3add68622727bfbaa-4.jpg&s3=80380-114-49aaa3f58da967cdf3f1b66acee30d0e-3900x2602.jpg
Limited edition color logo box
takeout afternoon tea
The afternoon tea above is also available for takeout.
5 types of sweets*, 4 types of savory scones, 3 types of Ronnefeldt tea, 2 types of jam, and a box with the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto logo. *For takeout, “wild strawberry sorbet lollipop” will be changed to “strawberry ganache”.
■ Pick-up location:
Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 1st floor restaurant “Brasserie”
■ Price: 14,000 yen (for 2 people, reservation required)
*Prices shown include tax for takeout.
■Inquiries/reservations: “Brasserie” 075-541-8288 (representative) “Love Fourth Strawberry Parfait” and “Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait” where you can enjoy eating and comparing different fruits
[Image 5d80380-114-dcbb7091d4e8d9b99b11-3.jpg&s3=80380-114-789b4cf77d9a5ae618dcd8719a0974ac-3900x2602.jpg
2 types of premium parfait
A popular premium parfait produced by pastry chef Reiko Yokota every season. This winter, we will introduce “Love For Strawberry Parfait” and “Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait” where you can enjoy eating and comparing various varieties.
A luxurious parfait that can only be tasted here, made with carefully selected high-quality fruits and the chef’s delicate and original sensibility. Relax and enjoy the resort atmosphere of the brasserie while gazing at the famous garden with a history of about 800 years. ■ Period: January 10, 2023 (Tuesday) – March 12, 2023 (Sunday) ■ Hours: 11:30 – 18:00
Location: Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto 3rd floor “The Lounge & Bar”, 1st floor restaurant “Brasserie”
■ Price: 2,900 yen each (limited to 10 servings per day)
*Prices include 15% service charge and 10% consumption tax.
・Love For Strawberry Parfait (January 10-February 14)
We have prepared a strawberry parfait that uses plenty of the most delicious varieties of strawberries, and you can enjoy eating and comparing different varieties of strawberries, and you can also enjoy strawberry soup as you like.
Strawberry compote sauce, milk panna cotta, Verbaine gelée, Amaou cassis sorbet and light snow Kirsch sorbet. In addition, you can enjoy strawberries with various textures such as strawberry sponge and tuile. Sprinkle the fresh strawberry soup that comes with it over the crunchy texture of traditional French confectionery, Murang Chantilly, and enjoy the change in taste.
・Winter Japanese Citrus Parfait (February 15th – March 12th) A refreshing and fragrant Japanese citrus parfait made with a variety of seasonal citrus fruits. Yogurt panna cotta and Japanese black tea jelly are placed on a citrus sauce, and the most delicious citrus fruits in winter, such as Dekopon, Hassaku, Kumquat, and Kiyomi, are served in a fresh state. Plenty of sweet summer granite, accented with meringue and tuile. It is a parfait where you can enjoy the taste of Japanese citrus fruits that change one after another.
《Introduction of pastry chef Reiko Yokota at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto》 [Image 6d80380-114-72a22e1b7a9022da48bb-5.jpg&s3=80380-114-74f8539ebf43292bde7b55c69ac5d557-418x629.jpg
Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido and raised in America. After graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas in Texas (specializing in culinary arts), in 2003 he joined the pastry department at the Four Seasons Resort & Club Dallas Las Colina.
After working at the Four Seasons Hotel in London and Tokyo, he went to France to train at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Every day, he has been through the first-class scene of improvising the dessert menu by looking at the course menu and ingredients of the day, so he positions his work as a pastry chef as part of the overall dining experience, like a chef. distinctive approach.
After that, he returned to Japan after working at the Four Seasons Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia, and in 2016, he became an assistant pastry chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. His strength is his unconventional ideas, such as using unexpected combinations and innovative ingredients, and he has used wasabi and kelp in his sweets. Leading the pastry team with his creative sense and inherent positive mindset, in April 2021, he will be selected as pastry chef, the top of the pastry department at Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto. Born and raised surrounded by the great nature of Hokkaido and the United States, I am often inspired by the colors and beauty of nature. Aiming for creations full of “personality”.
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