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Four Startups Co., Ltd. STARTUP DB Survey Results Domestic Startup Funding Amount Ranking (January-November 2022)

Four Startups Co., Ltd.
[STARTUP DB] Survey Results Domestic Startup Funding Amount Ranking (January-November 2022)

Four Startups Co., Ltd. (head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuichiro Shimizu; hereinafter referred to as Four Startups), which promotes growth industry support business, continuously conducts surveys on domestic startup trends and The survey results are published on the STARTUP DB (startup database). In addition to the funding ranking announced in November 2022, we have announced the “Domestic Startup Funding Amount Ranking (January-November 2022)” for January 1 to November 30, 2022. increase.
Funding amount ranking announced in November 2022
・ Timey’s 18.3 billion yen fundraising is TOP for this month and 4th in the cumulative ranking for 2022
・ Gojo & Co. announced 7 billion yen in funding and ranked 2nd ・ 13 companies announced funding of 1 billion yen or more
[Image 1

In November 2022, Timee announced that it would raise 18.3 billion yen in funding, attracting attention. This procurement is based on borrowings from major banks such as Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, and Resona Bank, and includes long-term borrowings and commitment lines (loan facilities). In this procurement, the company was highly evaluated for its financial performance and future prospects due to its recent business expansion. All of them are unsecured,
non-guaranteed, non-dilutive, and all-in-cost borrowing rates are less than 1.0% per annum. Due to the high growth of the skimmer byte service “Timee” provided by the company, the working capital required for business operation was increasing rapidly, and it led to large-scale financing by borrowing only at low interest rates and unsecured, non-guaranteed. Going forward, we will continue to establish a stable fund procurement base, and while building an appropriate financial balance, we will continue to diversify our funding methods according to the use of funds.
Gojo & Company announces funding of 7 billion yen through a
third-party allocation of shares. In addition to additional investment from CVCs such as GMO VenturePartners, TGVest Capital, and Sompo Holdings, a total of 21 domestic and overseas institutional investors and multiple individual investors are underwriters. In a difficult business environment, such as macroeconomic instability, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and political instability in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the trust in the Gojo Group and expectations for future growth have enabled us to raise funds led by existing shareholders. The Indian business, which achieved a record amount of new loans, and the Tajikistan business, which quickly responded to the political instability in neighboring countries, are driving growth. While promoting digitalization, it will also focus on acquiring new investment destinations in the Asia and Africa regions.
In addition, Mirativ raised 3.4 billion yen. MIXI, Marui Group, KDDI Open Innovation Fund No. 3, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and SEGA allotted new shares to third parties, and loans from Shoko Chukin Bank, MUFG Bank, Mizuho Bank, and Resona Bank. . In the future, we will further promote the fusion of live gaming with the game experience and IP cultivated by MIXI, which has led the Japanese SNS and smartphone game industry, Bandai Namco Entertainment, which represents the game and entertainment industry, and SEGA. In addition, by collaborating with Marui Group, which has large stores mainly in the Kanto region, and KDDI, which represents Japan’s
telecommunications business, it is a policy to boost the community, including offline, and support the creator economy.
Total funding amount ranking in 2022
・ Timey and Gojo & Co. newly entered the ranking at 4th and 16th respectively. ・ Shizen Energy, UPSIDER, and Allm remain the top three companies ・ The number of companies that exceeded 10 billion yen in total funding within the year is 9.
[Image 2

In terms of the total procurement amount from January to November 2022, Timee, which carried out a large-scale procurement in November, ranked 4th, and Gojo & Company ranked 16th. In addition, 9 companies have raised more than 10 billion yen in total funding. Spiber and the SoftBank Robotics Group have raised more than 100 billion yen in total funding, and their future movements continue to attract attention. The TOP3 lineup has not changed since last month, with Shizen Energy, UPSIDER, and Alm still occupying the top positions.
Pickup news of ranked companies
Announcement of “Boost Your Business”, a preferential program for companies using the corporate card “UPSIDER” that supports challengers (2022/11/10)
Synspective and GCRS announce partnership in India and South Asia. Providing SAR satellite-based risk analysis solutions in critical infrastructure and mining areas (2022/11/15)
Moderna Japan and Allm Announce the Conclusion of a “Strategic Partnership” for the Construction of Infectious Disease
Countermeasures DX Aiming at Both Controlling the Spread of New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases and Stimulating Socioeconomic Activities (2022/11/30)
Tier Four
Started providing unmanned transportation service using Japan’s first self-driving EV (2022/11/30)
“STARTUP DB ENTERPRISE” Participating Partner Companies Now Accepting Applications
It is a function that supports the creation of alliance opportunities between ecosystem builders such as business companies and investors in the startup ecosystem and domestic startups with reliable partners. In addition, you can upgrade various functions of the information platform “STARTUP DB” specialized for growing industries.
[Survey overview]
Title: “Domestic startup funding amount ranking”
・ Survey period: From January 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022 (as of December 1, 2022)
・ Report article: STARTUP DB
( ・ Research agency (survey subject): For Startups Co., Ltd. (in-house research) ・Survey target: Information listed in the registered copy, press release, and news information obtained by our service “STARTUP DB” ・Number of valid responses (number of samples): 15,000 companies ・Survey method (aggregation method, calculation method): Aggregate data within the period
*The value is calculated as a reference value based on the information listed in the certified copy of the register obtained by the Company, but the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of this information. We are not responsible for any damages suffered based on
It is one of the largest information platforms in Japan that specializes in growing industries. The corporate database holds information on over 15,000 Japanese ventures and startups, and has released interview content with a total of over 100 entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem builders. English version released on June 24, 2019. In addition, by linking data with the world’s largest venture company database “Crunchbase” and delivering information on Japanese companies to overseas professionals, we are contributing to the development of domestic growth industry markets.
[Overview of Four Startups Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Four Startups Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yuichiro Shimizu, President and Representative Director Established: September 1, 2016
Business description: Growth industry support business
Securities code: 7089 (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market) Location: Izumi Garden Tower 36F, 1-6-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
For Startups has a mission of “(together) to the center of evolution”, and under the vision of “for Startups”, we support entrepreneurship and career change, including the Internet / IoT sector, as well as real business areas such as deep tech. Promote growth industry support business centered on Strategic financial support for startups and venture companies in collaboration with domestic leading venture capitals, operation of the information platform “STARTUP DB (startup database)” specialized in growth industry areas, and a co-creation model with large companies and governments. We are also working to strengthen the industrial ecosystem through Together with our mission and vision, we will continue to contribute to the growth and development of Japan.
For employment information, please check our careers page.
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