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Free live distribution of “circus” events to hospitals and welfare facilities with gift pair tickets! Online circus! !

Online Circus
Free live distribution of “circus” events to hospitals and welfare facilities with gift pair tickets! Online circus! !
OnlineCircus, a warm world where you can connect online

Online Circus (representative: Yasuaki Yoshikawa), an online farm created by performers and supporters, will present a circus to hospitals, domestic and overseas nursing homes, and children’s homes as a gift from ticket purchasers who agree. To do.
[Video 2:] This performance is a competition and a circus performance show held by “Online Circus” where 10 groups of performers gathered from all over Japan will seize the opportunity to spread their wings to the world. The winner will be determined by online and on-site judges. As prizes, one group of participants will be awarded the right to participate in the main event “PRO FEST SHOW” of “VIVA Fest” held in Las Vegas, as well as the “Yoshimoto Award” provided by Yoshimoto Kogyo.
There are two types of performance tickets: a theater ticket for the day of December 30 (Friday) and an online ticket (archive viewing available for 1 month). As a “gift pair ticket”, one of the two tickets is used by the purchaser himself, and the other one is given as a “gift” to the hospital or welfare facility that has registered in advance with a viewing link. This is a new way to enjoy the circus created by the corona crisis and the communication that connects people, facilities, and performers online. Currently, about 500 people, including 2 hospitals and 10 nursing homes, are looking forward to watching. We would appreciate it if you could agree with our purpose.
・Hiraku Online World Yoyo Contest 2022 Winner
・Kento Yoshikawa: Japan’s proud juggler who has won numerous street performance festivals
・Elegance Visual magician! 5 million views on YouTube!
・ Wicked Won a competition in sports acro all over the world! Attention teenage team
・Chiharu! Soft ball juggling
・Kikky, the first leader of WORLD ORDER, a pioneer in the dance world ・Performer Ai Protean diabolo performer
・RYO Skipping Rope Japan Open Champion
・ Happy Man 2700 Tsune introduces Japanese culture in an interesting way! King of Conte 2,011 runner-up
・Happy Tsutsui Giant Balloon Performer USJ Performance Contest Jury Special Award
・Kenshirou Miyamoto Amon Planning NEXT Artist, Sil Wheel Performer [Image
■ Thoughts put into the “gift”
We, OnlineCircus, are a group of entertainment performers who support and learn from Japanese performers who are spreading their wings around the world. We participate in the Circus Festival held in Las Vegas every spring, and have been working to expand into the world. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 festival has been canceled, and opportunities to perform not only overseas but also in Japan have decreased dramatically.
Now in 2022, the effects of the prolonged corona wreck are that many people continue to refrain from doing so even now that movement restrictions have been lifted, and the burden on medical workers continues to be undiminished. On the other hand, we performers have not been able to return to activities like before. This performance does not provide financial support like a so-called “charity performance”. However, we believe that delivering the feeling of support through performance is the greatest social contribution that a performer can make.
Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. / Sankyo Promotion Co., Ltd. / trinity Co., Ltd. / Tokyo Gizoku Co., Ltd. / Japan Orphanage Foundation / Yokohama Creative Foundation / All Japan Artist Goods Association
[About Online Circus]
Location: Mochida, Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture
Representative: Yasuaki Yoshikawa
Established: October 1, 2018
Business: Show production, overseas coordination

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