Free viewing/missed delivery Missed delivery of 14 company pitches supported by MUFG Bank/Growth Industry Support Office

Project Nippon Co., Ltd.
[Free viewing/missed delivery] Missed delivery of 14 company pitches supported by MUFG Bank/Growing Industry Support Office
Asia’s largest open innovation festival 10th ILS

The number of visitors and viewers reached a record high of 15,718 You can send messages and apply for business negotiations to startups you are interested in *Major companies and VC limited functions 10th Innovation Leaders Summit Management: Project Nippon Co., Ltd. Sponsor: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Held at Toranomon Hills, Tokyo from November 29 (Tuesday) to December 2 (Friday), 2022) is the number of visitors + viewers The number reached a record high of 15,718.
Currently, missed delivery is being carried out until December 20th. If you are interested in the speaker, you can send a message or request a business meeting from the CONTACT ME button, so please join us. * Major companies, VC limited function

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This is a pitch program by 14 companies supported by the Growth Industry Support Office of MUFG Bank. Leading companies in hot fields such as ESG, robotics, and DX took the stage one after another. ◆MUFG Startup Pitch -IoT/Sensing/BI/Marketing-
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opening speech
Mr. Takao Tsurugimochi, Head of Growth Industry Support Office, MUFG Bank, Ltd. Realize DX conversion of all user contact points with a
question-solving engine that answers any question
Isshu Rakusai | CEO of Helpfeel Co., Ltd.
Moving into an era where all things and things are sent and received by QR Mr. Ryota Ichimura | General Manager, Gift Pad Co., Ltd.
The world’s cheapest and safest drone traffic flight control infrastructure provider
Mr. Junichi Furumoto | Representative Director, Metro Weather Co., Ltd. Digitally rebalanced.
Atsushi Ogawa | Managing Director, Pixie Dust Technologies Inc. “Was there an expert in the company?!” What is talent collaboration, where employees connect and work together?
Masato Kume | Co-Founder of Beatrust Co., Ltd.
A service that provides a system that allows anyone to concentrate on their business and achieve growth
Mr. Tomoie Kakehi|Grancers Co., Ltd. Representative Director ◆MUFG Startup Pitch -AI/Robots/Renewable Energy/Decarbonization- Click here for details and missed delivery
The future of industrial DX realized by small indoor drones
Satoshi Ukaji | General Manager, Liberaware Inc.
NEXT climate change! ? A Huge Market and Business Created by the Marine Plastic Waste Problem
Mr. Fujio Kojima | Representative Director of Pirika Co., Ltd. World’s first fully off-grid unit
Mr. Yoshiyuki Takano|Representative Director of ARTH Co., Ltd. “Fabless” Recycling Solution Aiming for a Zero-Waste Society Hideyuki Hara | CEO of digglue Inc.
Organization DX: An online discussion tool that improves the quality of discussions and “eliminates useless meetings”
Masaru Matsumoto | CEO, Visits Technologies
SATOMI(R), medical chart summarization AI software that contributes to improved productivity of doctors
Mr. Shigeo Koto | Representative Director, Enisia Co., Ltd.
A cloud-based AI safety management solution that serves as the “eyes” for on-site supervisors
Takashi Someda|Director, Chief Business Officer, HACARUS Co., Ltd. GAFAM graduates solve problems such as DX, SDGs, and new businesses with data Mr. Naoto Yokoyama | CEO of Flywheel Co., Ltd.
Cost-saving committed scheduler
Mr. Kentaro Nagata | ALGO ARTIS Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President The viewing deadline is December 20th. Do not miss it!
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