Free viewing/missed delivery Tokyo Metropolitan Government x ILS Startup Competition “Tokyo Green Impact Cha llenge” Selected 24 startup pitches are being missed and delivered

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[Free viewing/missed delivery] Tokyo Metropolitan Government x ILS Startup Competition “Tokyo Green Impact Challenge” Selected 24 startup pitches are being missed and delivered
Asia’s largest open innovation festival 10th ILS

The number of visitors and viewers reached a record high of 15,718 You can send messages and apply for business negotiations to startups you are interested in *Major companies and VC limited functions 10th Innovation Leaders Summit-Managed by Project Nippon Co., Ltd. Sponsored by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Held at Toranomon Hills, Tokyo from November 29 (Tuesday) to December 2 (Friday), 2022)-The number of visitors + The number of viewers reached a record high of 15,718.
Currently, missed delivery is being carried out until December 20th. If you are interested in the speaker, you can send a message or request a business meeting from the CONTACT ME button, so please join us. * Major companies, VC limited function

[Table 2: ]
The Tokyo Green Impact Challenge is a startup competition that presents the future vision of cities to the world. 24 promising startups active in the green tech field were selected from a large number of applicants to take the podium.
List of speakers and pitch themes
– Renewable energy –
・ISOP system to generate energy on-site from combustible waste and CO2 Sustainable Energy Development Co., Ltd.
・Creating the future of electricity! Introducing WeCharge
Mr. Norio | Representative Director of Ubiden Co., Ltd. ・All waste heat is converted to electricity! ~The heat that you are throwing away, you can’t leave it as it is~
Mr. Hirotaka Nishito | Representative Director, Mottainai Energy Co., Ltd. ・Global expansion using WEAZER, a completely off-grid module that does not require electricity, gas, or water infrastructure
ARTH Co., Ltd.
・High-performance, environmentally friendly zinc-manganese secondary battery system
Mr. Sebastien Belanger | Zelos CEO
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-Efficient use of resources-
・Effective use of CO2 by utilizing algae biofoundry
Shu Kimura|President and CEO of Algal Bio Co., Ltd.
・Decarbonized society created with supercritical foaming technology for biodegradable plastics
Mr. Ryutaro Hayashi|Plasteco Co., Ltd. CEO
・Development of upcycled materials for coffee grounds
Masatsuna Ogi|PNH Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President ・Contributing to the sustainability of the earth with insulation materials Mr. Kazuo Onuma | Representative Director of Thermalytica Co., Ltd. ・The high-intensity “indigo LED” light cleanly suppresses the adhesion and breeding of all fouling organisms!
Mr. Keiji Yamashita | Cecil Research Co., Ltd. Director Research and Development Manager
・Innovation of the food value chain through biodiagnostic technology for crops Mr. Kotaro Setoyama|In charge of commercialization, Bio-Industry Creation Laboratory, Research Center for Biological Functions, Nagoya University
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-Decarbonization Part 1-
・Efforts to realize a decarbonized society by promoting Walk to Earn Takashi Seiko|Representative Director and President of Real World Games Co., Ltd.
・Decarbonized DX solution utilizing the “world’s first SIRC IoT power sensor” Mariko Takahashi | CEO of SIRC Co., Ltd.
・Advanced molding solutions for a decarbonized society
Kei Kominami | CEO of micro-AMS Co., Ltd.
・Dissemination of “high-performance biochar” that achieves both decarbonization and organic farmland conversion
Mr. Taiga Yamada|TOWING Co., Ltd. General Manager of Business Development Headquarters
・Realization of carbon neutrality with eco-friendly bamboo cellulose Mr. Takeshi Nishiwaki | CEO of Oita CELEENA Co., Ltd.
・”CO2 emissions visualization engine” realized by data conversion technology of transaction documents
Mr. Yuki Hanabusa | President’s office employee of TOKIUM Co., Ltd. Click here for details and missed delivery
-Decarbonization Part 2-
・New materials and resource recycling initiatives that contribute to decarbonization
Mr. Seigo Nakajima|Executive Officer, TBM Co., Ltd. Head of Capital & Business Alliance
・Introduction of TERRAST, a tool for supporting sustainability management Mr. Renji Hirase|Sustainable Lab Co., Ltd. Representative Director ・CO2 visualization, reduction, and reporting cloud x SX consulting, aiming for No.1 in Asia
Kohei Nishiwada | Co-Founder & CEO, Asene Co., Ltd.
・Construction of GX system required to achieve carbon neutrality Mr. Shiro Shimada|Representative Director of PID Co., Ltd.
・Provide connectors and switches with low resistance and durability in situations where large currents are used in a decarbonized society, reduce heat generation, and improve energy efficiency.
Kenichi Harakawa|Representative Director of ExH Co., Ltd.
・Reduction of medical energy consumption by home self-test
Geometry Healthtech
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