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From inquiry learning to commercialization Providing a career coaching program for high school students jointly developed by high school students with the cooperation of professional coaches

Litable Co., Ltd.
[From inquiry learning to commercialization] Providing a career coaching program for high school students jointly developed by high school students with the cooperation of professional coaches
We will commercialize the ideas refined in classes and extracurricular activities, develop a career coaching program for high school students, and provide the program with the aim of officially releasing it next year and expanding the service.
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Litable Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture, Representative: Kosuke Shimizu), which develops coaching and career education businesses for junior high and high school students, has been studying at the Tokyo Coaching Association since January 2023, and is a lecturer at the association. Provide a specific number of career coaching programs for high school students developed under the cooperation of professional coaches who work as In the future, we will improve the experience value and expand the service content with the goal of expanding the service in 2023.
Current issues
Today’s high school students spend a lot of time studying at school and cram schools and doing club activities, and there are students who do not have time to think about themselves or their futures and careers.
The world is changing rapidly and complex, making it difficult to overcome careers with only the knowledge that has been taught so far. From now on, diverse ways of thinking and ways of life are required, and each student needs to think more independently about their own life and make choices.
In response to these issues, we aim to provide and develop services that utilize coaching to develop human resources who can independently lead their careers.
Service overview
A coaching qualified coach conducts a total of eight 30-minute sessions for each high school student. The theme of coaching is “career,” and a sheet for self-understanding is used.
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About Litable Inc.
Over the course of two years, Shimizu, the representative of the company, turned the sense of challenge that he had when he was a junior high school student into a business. With the vision of “creating a world where anyone can be a hero”, we provide an educational business centered on coaching.
Coaching services currently provided Litable Coaching

【Company Profile】
Company name: Litable Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-1-1 Jonancho, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture Kajo Central 2F
Representative Director: Kosuke Shimizu
Business: Coaching business and career education business for junior high and high school students
Established: September 2022

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