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Fuji Film Co., Ltd. Suzu Hirose and Ryusei Yokohama present Santa Claus with instax prints! INSTAX “Cheki” n ew TVCM “Wakuwaku Christmas”

Fujifilm Corporation
Suzu Hirose and Ryusei Yokohama give Santa Claus a check print! INSTAX “Cheki” new TVCM “Wakuwaku Christmas”
-Broadcast nationwide from Saturday, December 3-

FUJIFILM Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Teiichi Goto) has released a new TV commercial for the instant camera INSTAX “Cheki”, which allows you to enjoy printing on the spot. It will be broadcast nationwide from Saturday, March 3rd.
In this TV commercial, actress Suzu Hirose and actor Ryusei Yokohama appear in gorgeous Christmas costumes. In front of the glittering Christmas tree, the two enjoy taking selfies with the popular “instax mini 11” and “INSTAX mini Evo”, and a scene of people spending Christmas with their loved ones. , We will propose an instax as a Christmas gift through the scene of giving it as an instax print. In addition, the commercial song will be the Christmas version of “Don!!” [Image 1d39366-11-12f9221be08e51c22d04-0.png&s3=39366-11-62e671d236690661aa9ed8bb9fbd6fcb-1920x1080.png
[Image 2d39366-11-daa13b32ae671560cc2e-1.png&s3=39366-11-f0f4cbda49f954acdbeb9cbd9bd6aa71-1920x1080.png

■ INSTAX “Cheki” “Exciting Christmas” TVCM
■ Special website URL:
[Image 3d39366-11-4e8e50c85adac9ee2dfe-2.jpg&s3=39366-11-d21995516ce9f35d0403e02172fcb6d0-1920x1080.jpg

 Christmas gifts on the special website
You can choose the perfect check for the recipient
In this way, we introduce the entire lineup of instax cameras. In addition, the currently running “Can win a digital gift”
It also contains information about pages.
■ About TVCM
Please pay attention to the exquisite performances of the two, such as the scene where Mr. Hirose and Mr. Yokohama take a selfie with a check in front of the Christmas tree, and the scene where they say “Merry Christmas!”.
In addition, we will propose a fun Christmas full of smiles with the message “Christmas gift instax!”
■ About INSTAX “Cheki”
Since its release in 1998, the instant camera INSTAX, which has long been popular in Japan under the nickname “Cheki”, has been loved by many people, especially the younger generation, in more than 100 countries around the world, including Europe, America, China, and Southeast Asia. I love it. In addition to instant cameras, we have also expanded our lineup of hybrid instant cameras that allow you to shoot while looking at the LCD monitor on the back of the camera, select and print your favorite images, and smartphone printers that allow you to easily print images from your smartphone on the spot. , expanding its user base. The INSTAX series not only allows you to print important moments on the spot, but is also enjoyed as a new communication tool and self-expression tool to convey your thoughts. [Image 4d39366-11-56dcac0c0d986082ece9-3.jpg&s3=39366-11-57285f35fbec1439f9c0692941c02247-3900x1390.jpg
■ About “Campaign to Win Digital Gifts”
 2,023 people will be selected by lottery from customers who purchased the target product during the campaign period and applied.
We will present a digital gift worth 1,000 yen.
For details, please see the special website
Purchase period and application period: November 17, 2022 (Thursday) to January 16, 2023 (Monday)
■ INSTAX “Cheki” “Wakuwaku Christmas” TV commercial making movie URL:
In the making-of movie, you can see behind-the-scenes scenes full of smiles, such as the two of them shooting while enjoying conversation with Santa, and the scene of the two of them posing for the camera. [Image 5d39366-11-67c7e1a3048b61921bc0-4.png&s3=39366-11-9b73b9e97576db1f418299b73eb55a1c-1920x1080.png
[Image 6d39366-11-6e406f9f12d320c398f6-5.png&s3=39366-11-df936424ffb596184d9ebff30c6c1a05-1920x1080.png

■ Interview with Suzu Hirose and Ryusei Yokohama URL:
Q. Please tell us about your impressions of the shooting and the scenes that left an impression on you.
Mr. Hirose:
Until now, in the Christmas commercials, I was on the side of being Santa and saying “Merry Christmas!”, but this time Santa was there, so I was able to shoot in a different mood than usual, which was very impressive. . Since the last time I worked with Ryusei-kun on the first project, I was able to have fun and be free.
Also, there were a lot of shots taken while taking long turns, but various moments were cut out and fit into the 30-second commercial, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the finished product will look like.
Mr. Yokohama:
it was fun. I was able to enjoy the feeling of Christmas early by wearing a fake mustache, so Christmas is already good this year! (Laughs) I was impressed by how energetic and helpful Santa was. It was fun to be able to do ad-lib scenes really freely.
Q. If you could spend a free Christmas this year, what would you like to do? Mr. Hirose:
I want to eat a lot of things unique to Christmas, such as chicken. There are many things that I can’t quite realize as “The Christmas”. Since I haven’t spent time in a place with a particularly big tree since I was a child, I want to enjoy Christmas like I did when I was a child, even when I grow up.
Mr. Yokohama:
I’m glad that I was able to taste Christmas during today’s shoot, but I think it would be nice to be able to order some Christmas-only food with my friends who are always there, drink and talk.
It’s not chicken, is it? I want to bite you as a bastard!
Q. What would you like to shoot with Cheki this Christmas?
Mr. Hirose:
I want to make my cat dress up for Christmas and take pictures, but she never wears it. So this year! That’s what it feels like. There are costumes that look like they’re standing in cosplay, and I want them to wear them, but I’m starting to give up on them (laughs), but I still want to see them.
Mr. Yokohama:
When I get together with my friends, I want to put a picture of that time. The city will be full of Christmas colors, and if you shoot with an instax camera with the illuminations in the background, there are many effects, so I think it will be a brighter shot.
■ INSTAX “Cheki” “Exciting Christmas” (30 seconds) storyboard [Image 7d39366-11-8516dabc6708d39dc6dd-7.jpg&s3=39366-11-0fbc8ab3e11587bec688ccf9353d22a6-531x775.jpg
[Image 8d39366-11-72e3312faf097815b004-8.jpg&s3=39366-11-f97eb94590176c213c78edcaa926e71f-289x778.jpg
■ Profile
Suzu Hirose: Born June 19, 1998 / From Shizuoka Prefecture
Ryuusei Yokohama: Born September 16, 1996 / From Kanagawa Prefecture ■CM song Green Yellow Society “Don!!︎” (Wakuwaku Christmas Ver.) [Image 9d39366-11-13969be3edc269da360c-6.jpg&s3=39366-11-a53d6f4401783370f7efb85d19c73016-2000x1334.jpg
A four-piece band from Aichi Prefecture. His nickname is “Ryokushaka”. With high school classmates (Haruko Nagaya, Issei Kobayashi, peppe), Formed in 2012 by Kobayashi’s childhood friend Shingo Kazumi. Since then, many theme songs for movies, dramas, and animations have been released.
Work forward. Announced in 2020, “Mela!”
A representative song with over 200 million reaming views.
In 2022, the 10th anniversary of the formation, the album will be released in January.
Released “Actor”. Largest nationwide tour
“Actor tour 2022” will be the first Nippon Budokan performance They are making great strides, such as making “Green-yellow society x Nippon Budokan “20122022”” a succession.
With Haruko Nagaya’s transparent and powerful singing voice and all members with different personalities and roots participating in the composition,
The color variations and pop sensibility of the songs that are born attract a lot of support from the same generation.
● Official site:
■ CM overview
Title: INSTAX “Cheki” “Exciting Christmas” (30 seconds)
Broadcast start date: Saturday, December 3, 2022
Broadcast area: Nationwide
■ Staff list
CD Makoto Shinohara (Makoto Shinohara Office)
PL Masahiro Imai (Dentsu)
PL              Ryuta Kimura (Dentsu)
PL/AD: Yasushi Nishiyama (Dentsu)
BP Takeshi Hishida (Dentsu)
CP Rie Chikada (Dentsu Creative Force)
Producer Junichi Murata/Daichi Sayama (AOI Pro.)
Production Manager Naru Ota/Yurika Yamada (AOI Pro.)
Director / Cinematographer Tomokazu Yamada (CAVIAR)
Light Koshiro Ueno (free)
Art Shizuka Aoki (freelance)
STY (Mr. Hirose) Shohei Kashima (wtokyo)
STY (Mr. Yokohama) Shogo Ito (freelance)
STY (sub-cast) Minasu Masuda (free)
HM (Mr. Hirose) Masayoshi Okudaira (Free)
HM (Yokohama) Taichi Nagase (vanites)
HM (sub-cast) Shiho Sakamoto (free)
CAS (Mr. Hirose/Mr. Yokohama) Gosaku Umimoto/Masari Wakaho/Yuki Nakao (Dentsu Casting and Entertainment)
CAS (sub-cast) Rina Maeda (mallow st.)
Offline Editor Takashi Tanaka (Diamond Snap)
Online Editor Shunsuke Endo (freelance)
animation Masanobu Hiraoka (CAVIAR)
MA Yasunori Hoshimoto (freelance)
Details about this release:

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