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Fukuoka Camp Rental is like a moving hotel? Start renting a camper! Exhibited at Fukuoka Camping Car Show 2022.

Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
Fukuoka Camp Rental is like a moving hotel? Start renting a camper! Exhibited at Fukuoka Camping Car Show 2022.

The rental camping equipment is loaded into the camper, and let’s go camping as it is!
What is Fukuoka Camp Rental?
A rental store specializing in camping equipment, featuring LINE reservations, online payments, and unattended pick-up and return. Started operations in Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City in 2019.
From November of this year, we started renting a new camping car that allows you to stay in the car and a rental car customized for outdoor specifications.
Click here for Fukuoka Camp Rental ▷ A moving hotel? It definitely looks great in photos! camper van and outdoor custom car
[Image 1d46252-142-01e1e12e424e4a23f35b-0.jpg&s3=46252-142-127161b24f51969d995f84bf1d7a84ea-3900x2925.jpg
Fukuoka Camping Car Show 2022
osoto 2 (TOYOTA/Quick Delivery)
・4-seater ・2-sleeper
osoto 3 (TOYOTA/Probox) *Rentals scheduled to start from January 2023 ・5-seater
These two are camper cars and outdoor custom cars that have been added to Fukuoka Camp Rental.
Whether you want to stay overnight in the car or go camping with a group, you can rent a car according to your camping style.
Of course, we will also give you the camping equipment loaded in the car. In Goto City, Nagasaki Prefecture, you can rent the osoto1 and enjoy a trip to Goto.
Will new campervans be added for rental in the future? !
Why don’t you travel around Kyushu with this car that has the freedom to move around?
Click here to make a reservation for Fukuoka Camp Rental ▷
About the operating company, Camp Girls Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d46252-142-7b34104c8f9e9624eb8a-3.png&s3=46252-142-cd1106380ed2f258ee6df9b566e8a3ee-693x235.png
It is an outdoor creation company that supports a brighter life through nature experiences, such as the camp women’s SNS media “Canjo”, the camping equipment rental “Fukuoka Camp Rental”, and the consulting service for campsites “Camp Partners”.
Representatives: Karen Hashimoto, Michihiro Shibagaki
Headquarters: 1-1-7 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Founded: June 11, 2019
Business: Camp culture enlightenment business / camping equipment rental / campsite production

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