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Full-on chain game “Isekai Battle” The search mode has been lifted on the main net. “Seed” collection rankin g event where you can get undisclosed new characters

Full-on chain game “Isekai Battle” The search mode has been lifted on the main net. “Seed” collection ranking event where you can get undisclosed new characters
A start dash CP where you can get the title “Front Runner” will also be held at the same time.

Today, THE BATTLE Co., Ltd. announced that the full-on chain game “Isekai Battle”, operated and developed by THE BATTLE, has been launched on the main net, and the search mode has been lifted. Along with the lifting of the search ban, we will hold a ranking event to compete for the number of “LUK Seeds” that can be picked up in the search, and a start dash CP to receive the title “Front Runner”. [Image 1

About the “seed” collection ranking event
A ranking event that competes for the number of claims for “LUK Seeds” obtained during the period. At the time of the snapshot after the event, the top 10 people who have the most “LUK Seeds” will receive an undisclosed new character.
In addition, from those who have one or more of “ATK Seeds”, “DEF Seeds”, and “LUK Seeds”, one person for each type (3 people in total) will be drawn by lottery for undisclosed new characters. increase. * “Seeds” obtained by purchase or transfer in the market (OpenSea, etc.) are not included in the event count. Only the number of “seeds” acquired in Claim will be eligible for ranking and lottery
* If there are multiple “LUK seed” holders ranked 10th, it will be a lottery. ■ Event period Exploration lifted ~ 1/8 (Sunday) 23:59
■ Reward 1 undisclosed new character
*If you have the “seeds” obtained in Claim, you will automatically be entered. About Start Dash Campaign
[Image 2

Those who leave (stake) the character to “Noah’s Forest” during the period and claim “weapons” and “armor” are eligible.
■ Campaign period Exploration lifted ~ 12/18 (Sunday) 23:59
■ Reward Title “Front Runner”
* Rewards will be distributed after the “Title” function is released. *Title names are subject to change
*You will be automatically applied only with a claim.
About full-on chain game “Isekai Battle”
[Video 2:] “Isekai Battle” is a full-on chain game in which players compete for fragments (NFTs) on Ethereum, derived from the NFT collection “Isekai Anime Characters”. Three or more adventurer characters (NFT) are required to play the game.
[Character NFT purchase platform] * Currently, character NFTs can only be purchased through secondary distribution on the platform.
[Official Discord]
[Official Twitter]
management team
[General Incorporated Association Otaku Coin Association (Planning and Marketing)]
[Image 3

In December 2017, the Otaku Coin Association, including its
predecessor, the Otaku Coin Preparatory Committee, started working on the development of anime culture with the aim of spreading,
introducing, and utilizing blockchain technology within the anime industry in order to spread Japanese anime culture around the world. I have been working for
In addition, as part of the activities to spread anime to the world, we will conduct interviews with anime studios by simultaneously developing multiple languages ​​and multiple media. Anime information site “Anime! Anime!”, Facebook 20 million registered “Tokyo Otaku Mode”, major Chinese-speaking major “Bahamut”, and other anime news sites around the world collaborated to create an anime production studio that attracts the world’s attention. Opening up the future”, interviews with more than 15 anime studios that produce anime works that are rarely spotlighted, including their thoughts on anime production and behind-the-scenes stories ( ), we have continued steady activities.
[THE BATTLE Co., Ltd. (operation and development)]
[Image 4d86122-22-81c8937d8ae095f4c4ab-1.jpg&s3=86122-22-b04e35eb9539cc3bcb78c113f2cb1669-1492x665.jpg
THE BATTLE was established as a “web3 organization that fights conventional wisdom”. The core members started their activities in the blockchain area from 2018 and are working on various creative directions. Currently, in addition to the animation project of the popular NFT work “CryptoNinja NFT” at the web3 type animation production committee method “CryptoAnime Labs”, planning and development of the full-on chain blockchain game “Isekai Battle”, animation studio “ABC Animation” We are working on multiple projects centered on entertainment x blockchain, such as IP creation projects, and “Anime Bank” and “iconee”.
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