Fuller The usage rate of healthcare apps among smartphone app users is 53%, 1.7 times higher than 3 years ago.

The usage rate of health care apps among smartphone app users is 53%, 1.7 times higher than 3 years ago.
Fuller Releases “Healthcare App Market Research Report”

Fuller Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, Representative Directors: Shuta Shibuya, Masashi Yamazaki, hereinafter referred to as “Fuller”), which handles the smartphone app analysis service “App Ape”, has recently announced the application accumulated by App Ape. We have released a healthcare app market research report that summarizes the latest trends and features of healthcare-related apps based on actual usage data.
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Download the Healthcare Apps Market Research Report:
Capturing changes in the healthcare market from data
With the spread of the new coronavirus, the interest in healthcare has increased more than ever, and many apps in related fields such as online medical examinations, health management, and dieting have appeared in the past few years, increasing their presence.
Under such circumstances, by unraveling the changes occurring in the healthcare app market and the list of major players, etc., using the app data accumulated by App Ape, we can broadly return the value of data to society. I have compiled this report in an effort to do so. Introducing part of the report
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・Investigate changes in the size of the app market
Investigate how the scale of the healthcare app market has changed. In September 2022, 53% of Japanese smartphone users use healthcare apps, up 21 percentage points from September 2019, three years ago. The number of healthcare apps used per person also increased from 1.61 in September 2019 to 1.98. The full report also summarizes how health apps grow compared to other categories of apps.
・Create a chaos map (industry map) for healthcare apps
After defining apps belonging to the “Health & Fitness category” and “Medical category” of Google Play as “Healthcare apps”, the top 50 MAU (Monthly User Usage) apps were extracted. We created a chaos map that classified the TOP50 apps into 6 groups.
6 app groups:
1. An app that earns points by walking
2. Health management app
3. Diet app
4. Hospital appointment/medicine notebook app
5. Menstruation prediction app
6. Corona-related apps
The main part of the report graphically introduces the characteristics and trends of each group in an easy-to-understand manner. Please take a look at it.
Download the Healthcare Apps Market Research Report:
Survey overview
Survey method:
The smartphone app analysis service “App Ape” provided by Fuller, Inc. possesses panels acquired using a unique method. From these panels, we extracted and analyzed those that met certain conditions (regularly disseminating information, no abnormal use, etc.).
Surveyed apps:
In this survey, the target is Android, and apps registered in the Health & Fitness category of Google Play as of September 2022 are defined as “healthcare apps” and extracted. The medical category was also included in the chaos map analysis.
Survey period:
September 2019-September 2022
Number of samples surveyed:
about 80,000
About App Ape
App Ape is an app analysis service that provides actual usage data for smartphone apps. Positioned like a smartphone version of TV audience rating information, you can see data such as which app is used when, by whom, and how much.
In addition to actual usage data of smartphone apps, we provide cross-sectional data such as app store information and user attribute information, which can be widely used for app planning and marketing, including market and competition research.
It is used by various companies and individuals related to apps, such as app development companies, advertising agencies, and financial institutions, and has been used by more than 5,000 companies and organizations in Japan and overseas.
App Ape official website
About Fuller
Fuller’s mission is to bring digital that is close to people to everyone’s hands, and we are actively developing a “digital partner business” that provides digital support such as apps and web in all professional fields that Fuller can have. increase.
From strategy building for new/existing businesses to product development/growth, we work together as one team. As a “reliable presence in the overall digital domain”, we stand by our customers and contribute to problem solving and business growth.
In November 2020, the registered head office was moved to Niigata and a new “Niigata Head Office” was established. With two head offices, Kashiwa-no-ha head office and Niigata head office, we are aiming for medium- to long-term growth through management that makes the most of the characteristics of each region.
Reference: Fuller Official Website Digital Partner Business
Company name: Fuller Co., Ltd.
Location: [Kashiwa-no-ha Head Office] 178-4 Wakashiba, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba Kashiwa-no-ha Campus 148 Block 2 KOIL
[Niigata Head Office] NINNO, 2nd floor, PLAKA2, 1-2 Sasaguchi, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
Representatives: Shuta Shibuya, Chairman and Representative Director, Masashi Yamazaki, President and Representative Director
Date of establishment: November 15, 2011
Business description: Digital partner business
URL: https://www.fuller-inc.com
Inquiries regarding this matter: Shimada, Human Resources & Public Relations Group pr@fuller.co.jp
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