Fund Creation Group Co., Ltd. Notice of Commencement of Purchase Business for Low Voltage Solar Power Plants

Fund Creation Group Co., Ltd.
Notice of Commencement of Purchase Business for Low-Voltage Solar Power Plants Promoting solar power generation business with both mega-solar power and low-voltage solar power

Fund Creation Group Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Katsuhiro Tajima; hereinafter collectively referred to as “our group”, including subsidiaries), Fund Creation Co., Ltd., a solar power plant investment platform We partnered with Elevista Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takuya Ishino, hereinafter referred to as “Elevista”), which operates “SOLSEL”, and started a low-voltage solar power plant purchase business through a special purpose company. We will let you know.
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[Background of starting new business] (solar power generation market and our efforts)
Our group entered the photovoltaic power generation business with the start of the feed-in tariff system for renewable energy, mainly developing high-voltage and extra-high-voltage photovoltaic power plants (hereinafter collectively referred to as “mega solar”). I have been going. So far, we have developed 10 mega-solar plants with a total output of 17.4MW. In the mega-solar field, although competition to acquire projects is intensifying, in addition to investment in conventional FIT solar power plants, so-called non-FIT solar power generation projects and power sales through corporate PPAs, etc. We are also strengthening our consideration of initiatives using new methods, and are working to further expand our business development. On the other hand, for low-voltage solar power plants with an output of less than 50 kW, although the installed capacity is 16.9 million kW, it is a large market, but unlike mega solar, the main investor class is individual investors. . Because the majority of investors are individual investors, the second-hand market is still immature. If we can meet the needs of individual investors for the sale of second-hand goods, we will be able to obtain highly profitable investment opportunities. increase. (Number source: Agency for Natural Resources and Energy)
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[Overview of the low-voltage solar power plant purchase business] Our group has partnered with Elevista and started a business to purchase low-voltage solar power plants.
In order to expand the solar power generation business, in addition to the mega solar development that we have been working on, we believe that expanding the business domain to purchase low-voltage solar power plants is an effective means. We have been considering actions. As mentioned above, individual investors are the main customers for purchasing low-voltage solar power plants, so a completely different approach is required from buying and selling mega solar power plants. Therefore, when starting this business, the Group has partnered with Elevista, Inc., which operates SOLSEL, one of Japan’s largest trading platforms for used solar power plants. By connecting with individual investors who have sales needs through “SOLSEL”, we will efficiently proceed with the acquisition of used solar power plants.
 With the start of this project, the solar power generation business of our group will become two wheels of mega solar and low voltage. In addition to the development we have been doing, we aim to contribute to improving the medium- to long-term investment environment for renewable energy by starting a second-hand purchase business. Through this project, the Group will aim for further growth in the solar power generation business and contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society.
[Regarding the composition of the fund]
 For this project, we are procuring funds through the formation of a fund. The Group has made a silent partnership investment as seed money in the special purpose company that will carry out this project, and the debt portion has been procured from an external source.
This fund will also accept silent partnership investment from outside investors in the future, with the aim of expanding the size of the fund.
Company Profile
Company name: Fund Creation Group Co., Ltd.
Representative: Katsuhiro Tajima, Representative Director
Head office: Hanzomon First Building 5F, 1-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083
Main business: Asset management business, investment bank business Established: May 2009
Capital: 1,179,000 yen
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Fund Creation Co., Ltd. / Low voltage business
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