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FWT Management Office (Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.) FIS International Ski/Snowboard Federation and Freeride World Tour tie up

FWT Management Office (Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.)
FIS International Ski and Snowboard Federation partners with Freeride World Tour
The Freeride World Tour (FWT) sports federation FWT Management S.A. (Headquarters: Lutri, Switzerland, Group CEO: Nicola Hallewoods) and the FWT management office (Pioneerwork Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yoichi Goto) , announces that the Freeride World Tour will be merged into the FIS International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS). Both organizations will work together from the 2022-2023 season.
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The FIS International Ski and Snowboard Federation (Federation internationale de ski et de snowboard) is the governing body of international skiing and snowboarding and was founded in 1924 at the time of the first Olympic Games held in Chamonix, France. . Recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), it manages the Olympic events of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, and also establishes international competition rules.
By acquiring FWT, FIS aims to further integrate all disciplines of skiing and snowboarding and become a force for development on the global stage.
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FWT will continue to operate its tours as usual, while committing to its core values ​​of safety, performance, responsibility, inclusivity and fun. Additionally, the competitive format and judging system will remain the same, providing a level playing field for all athletes, from entry level to professional. The FIS will focus on the marketing and governance of the FWT and will establish a structure in line with the guidelines of the Olympic sport.
■ Comments from stakeholders
[Image 2d58216-35-2749b6350c18ef8ca916-1.png&s3=58216-35-e00e84b7a242f11c128922f4fb6f5a33-1080x1350.png
“We are very pleased to be partnering with FIS. By joining the International Federation of Winter Sports, the largest recognized by the International Olympic Committee for FWT athletes and event organizers, we will be able to provide additional support, visibility and resources. , ultimately leading to the growth of FWT and all its stakeholders.”
– Nicolas Hale-Woods, FWT CEO
“The merger with FWT adds one of the most exciting and dynamic winter sports portfolios to FIS. FIS offers FWT tremendous growth potential and the opportunity to develop on a wider stage. This is truly a win-win partnership for all parties, as FWT brings to the FIS a high-level tour offering breathtaking action and entirely new elements of skiing and snowboarding. I guess
– Johan Eliasch, FIS President
“I am very excited to hear the news that FWT is stepping up and joining hands with FIS. I think we can improve each other by assembling.I think it’s a good opportunity for FWT to develop and move on to the next step.In the future, I’d definitely like to see it in the Olympic scene.It’s unique to the freeride community. The unique sensations and vibes are created by the people who surround them and their great passion for the sport, so I believe they will remain unchanged in the future.”
– Mattias Hargin, Olympic alpine skier, former FIS World Cup competitor, Xtreme Verbier 2015 8th place
“As someone who has been part of FWT and witnessed the development of the sport over the years, this feels like a natural step for me.It will be very interesting to see where this decision leads us. , I believe that the sport will be more recognized and we can expect all the benefits.”
– Reine Barkered, FWT Legend, 2012 FWT World Champion, 14 seasons experience “Until 2017, when Freeride Hakuba was held in Hakuba, there was no international freeride competition in Asia. Since then, the Tokyo Olympics will be held in 2021, and the Beijing Winter Olympics will be held in 2022. While the shape of sports has changed dramatically after the corona crisis, I hope that new energy will flow into the world of FWT. I feel very excited. By teaming up with the large platform of FIS, the ecosystem surrounding freeride will become even stronger, and the power of content that conveys the charm of snowy mountains will be refined. We would like to thank all the people and athletes who have supported the growth of this sport so far, and we hope that this partnership will make freeriding a content that conveys the charm of Japan’s snowy mountains to the world. I am
– Yoichi Goto, Executive Director of FWT JAPAN, Representative Director of Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.
■ About the Freeride World Tour (FWT)
Based in Verbier, Switzerland, FWT Management SA has been hosting world-class sporting events in mountain resorts since 1996. FWT Management SA, founders of the iconic event in freeride skiing & snowboarding, ‘Verbier Xtreme’, started in 2008 from this independent event for professional, amateur and junior riders and over 6000 licensed riders. has launched several series of international freeride competitions with a total of over 200 events worldwide.
FWT Management SA is the organizer of the Freeride World Tour (FWT), FWT Challenger, FWT Qualifie and FWT Junior series in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.
Original press release (English):
■Overview of Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.
Pioneerwork calls sports performed on natural fields “earth sports”, and we use the power of earth sports to promote the value of Japan, one of the countries with the most suitable fields for earth sports in the world, such as snow, mountains, rivers, and the sea. A company whose mission is to improve
Connect people and nature. Create the future with earth sports. Since ancient times, people and nature have coexisted and nurtured a rich culture.
However, the number of opportunities and means for people to interact with nature continues to decrease.
In order to create a richer culture, I want to create a new form of coexistence between people and nature.
We will create an unprecedented new culture through the development of earth sports,
We will create a sustainable future by increasing the number of people who enjoy and protect nature, and connect people with nature. Company Profile
Established: November 2019
President and Representative Director: Yoichi Goto
Company website:
Business content
-Platform business-
Project to build a digital platform that connects earth sports content Representative product: Earth Hopper ( -Consulting business-
Various projects are underway mainly with local governments and local businesses to enjoy, protect, and connect nature using earth sports. Achievements:
-Advertising agency business-
Developing businesses such as corporate marketing support and implementation of earth sports events
Has a network with over 30 outdoor sports media and resorts overseas Rights marketing for the Freeride World Tour in Japan, operation of international competitions
FWT Management Office (Pioneerwork Co., Ltd.) Details about this release:

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