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G.U. Technologies Co., Ltd. Notice of conclusion of memorandum on IEO implementation

G.U. Technologies Co., Ltd.
Notice of Memorandum of Understanding Concerning IEO Implementation Web3 Business Blockchain “Japan Open Chain” Fee Token to be Listed on Huobi Japan in 2023 ~Promoting Global Expansion~

G.U. Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Directors: Daiaki Inaba, Hidekazu Kondo), which develops and provides web3 business infrastructure, is an affiliated company and token issuer, Japan Blockchain Platform Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo). Ward, Representative Director: Hidekazu Kondo) and Huobi Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Rei Seki) have jointly signed a memorandum of understanding on efforts to implement an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering).
[Image 1d83257-16-d45e8ee9b17ad1027208-0.jpg&s3=83257-16-0e21440c346b0ab297f0b012caff1739-555x418.jpg
From right: G.U. Technologies CEO Inaba, Huobi Japan President Seki, Japan Blockchain Platform representative
G.U. Technologies CTO Kondo | Location: WeWork Hibiya FORT TOWER Outline and purpose of this IEO
“Japan Open Chain” is a high-speed blockchain that is fully compatible with Ethereum and is operated by multiple reliable Japanese companies for the purpose of conducting web3 business with peace of mind. Local governments and multiple companies have already decided to adopt this chain, but as per this memorandum, after the IEO is implemented, Japan Open Chain fee tokens will be able to be traded for the first time in Japan. After listing in Japan, we will cooperate with Huobi Japan and aim for further listing of this token on domestic and overseas exchanges.
web3 business blockchain “Japan Open Chain”
[Image 2d83257-16-6d14b7e06bd06eafe120-1.png&s3=83257-16-9fd3939e99ebbecb6170170745ff0ff5-643x317.png
There are several blockchain networks in the world, but in reality, the operating body is unclear and there are many legal and technical problems, so it is difficult to promote web3 business on such blockchains is difficult at present. With problematic chains causing various problems such as fraud, there is a need for blockchains that comply with the laws of each country and allow businesses to operate with peace of mind.
Therefore, Japan Open Chain realizes necessary and sufficient decentralization, high security performance and stability, and a reliable Japanese company operates in compliance with Japanese law to promote the web3 business of people all over the world. was
established for the purpose of
▼ Validator (joint operator)
Currently, there are six startups within the Sony Group: Kogia Inc., Dentsu Inc., G.U. Technologies Inc., Minna no Bank, Ltd., pixiv Inc., and Kyoto University of the Arts. .
Japan Open Chain Official Website: About listed tokens
This token is called Gas in the world of Ethereum, and it is a validator as a cost required to verify transactions that occur in blockchain transactions (contract creation and other actions) on Japan Open Chain. A fee token to be paid. The amount of tokens required for each transaction is automatically determined by the protocol, similar to Ethereum.
[Image 3d83257-16-948eff544a5fd4b6166c-2.png&s3=83257-16-085c21a2266ac2d81a2e1a911e1fc1f7-941x460.png

Comment from Mr. Rei Seki, President of Huobi Japan
[Image 4d83257-16-b576da8f604e63f27809-3.png&s3=83257-16-8fecff74971090e136c2c24aa8956642-341x341.png
We are very pleased to be able to work together with G.U.
Technologies, which develops “Japan Open Chain”, an Ethereum compatible chain from Japan with its own blockchain, for IEO. Currently, web3 technology is attracting attention not only in Japan but also all over the world. This new concept of the Internet is expected to significantly change existing business models. Among them, we empathize with G.U. Technologies’ efforts to promote web3 business by operating in compliance with Japanese law, and decided to work with them.
In addition, I believe that “Japan Open Chain” will be the pioneer of a blockchain network that can be used safely in the domestic crypto asset industry.
At Huobi Japan, we would like to further refine our technology for the web3 era together with G.U. Technologies and Japan Blockchain Platform.
Comment from Daiaki Inaba, CEO of G.U. Technologies
[Image 5d83257-16-711fa8e8f52fe31878a8-4.jpg&s3=83257-16-ed5b0cdc9f9b665318f7b2cb1da7c96c-710x710.jpg
We are very pleased to be able to work with Huobi Japan on the IEO of the fee token of “Japan Open Chain”.
Currently, we are receiving many inquiries about our efforts to enter the web3 business, system development that utilizes the
characteristics of blockchain, and its use in finance. “Japan Open Chain” has been adopted for the blockchain used in the web3 project of major companies and local governments, and service development has begun.
Even after the IEO, we will continue to provide web3 infrastructure that can be used safely in business, such as web3 services such as NFT and dApps, and system construction using blockchain.
Comment from Hidekazu Kondo, CEO of Japan Blockchain Platform and CEO of G.U. Technologies
[Image 6d83257-16-aff46b2fde810a7660cc-5.jpg&s3=83257-16-a39bddf9bf47071517100f9820fd937f-710x710.jpg
Japan Blockchain Platform is an affiliated company of G.U.
Technologies and the management company of the “Japan Open Chain” consortium, as well as the issuer of this token.
We believe that blockchain will become the most important
infrastructure to support the new capitalism of the future. However, the current situation is that there is still no blockchain in the world that can be used for business with technical and legal security. Japan Open Chain is a chain secured by the trust of Japan, the most trusted country in the world. We hope to support your business innovation in the web3 era while delivering safety and security not only in Japan but around the world.
Recruiting members for Japan Open Chain Business Membership
The Japan Open Chain Consortium has started recruiting companies and organizations to join the “Japan Open Chain Business Membership” to jointly consider web3 business. In this program, Japan Open Chain partners will strengthen web3 business implementation services such as consulting and development support for companies and local governments that do business on Japan Open Chain, support them to enter web3 business safely and easily, We will accelerate the promotion of the web3 business. If you are interested in using Japan Open Chain for business, please feel free to contact us.
About G.U. Technologies Co., Ltd.
With “IT x Finance” as the keyword, we have members who have experience in developing financial AI systems, developing and operating the innovative web browser “Lunascape”, and building systems for megabanks. software product of the year award, AERA magazine “100 people who will rebuild Japan” is a group of engineers composed of the management team, and a start-up company capable of consulting to lead the blockchain revolution. is. In addition, we have joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which is sponsored by the Ethereum Foundation, the Blockchain Promotion Association (BCCC), and the Japan Blockchain Association (JBA). We are striving to spread the web3 business.
[Image 7d83257-16-873933930cd1c6c89144-6.png&s3=83257-16-38b4a023a512e4f26934a20d795f06bf-792x453.png
G.U. Technologies provides a web3 business implementation support program “G.U. Development Program” that supports consultation and development for various issues that arise when entering web3 business using blockchain technology. For those who are considering web3 business, such as issuing NFT membership cards and NFT tickets, we provide not only technical but also legal advice and business planning support services.
web3 business support service: Company Profile
-G.U. Technologies-
Company name: G.U. Technologies Co., Ltd.
Location: 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representatives: Representative Director Daiaki Inaba (CEO), Hidekazu Kondo (CTO)
Established: October 2020
Business overview: web3 infrastructure development and operation business, web3 business support solution business, development and provision of web3 related products
-Japan Blockchain Platform-
Company name: Japan Blockchain Platform Co., Ltd.
Location: 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Hidekazu Kondo, Representative Director
Established: July 2022
Business overview: web3 infrastructure management and operation business -Huobi Japan-
Company name: Huobi Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: 10F Hibiya Fort Tower, 1-1-1 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Rei Seki, President and Representative Director Established: September 2016
Business overview: Crypto asset exchange business and type 1 financial instruments business
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