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Gaiax, an SNS marketing and branding company, won the “Recruitment Video Award” of the “Owned Media Recrui ting Awards 2022”!

Gaiax, an SNS marketing and branding company, won the “Recruitment Video Award” of the “Owned Media Recruiting Awards 2022”!
-A free recruitment video strategy seminar will be held from 12:00 on December 21 (Wednesday)! ~

Gaiax Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuji Ueda, Securities Code: 3775, hereinafter Gaiax), which provides SNS marketing and branding all at once, today started working on owned media recruiting. At the “Owned Media Recruiting Awards 2022”, which recognizes companies that employ diverse and advanced recruits, we won the recruitment video award in the newly established recruitment video category.
In addition, to commemorate this award, we have decided to hold a free online seminar to publish and explain the award-winning efforts from 12:00 on Wednesday, December 21st. Gaiax will continue to push forward with business that connects people.
[Image 1d3955-514-acc3b74187bd00ee48c9-0.png&s3=3955-514-402efd46d06753dc02f1d01f4d96ba3e-525x396.png
Initiatives: Promote employees and the company with short videos delivered to smartphones by human resources with leadership experience We use channels that are suitable for job seekers, such as Instagram and YouTube, and develop video content that matches the channel. We have been aiming for strategic video communication by carefully calculating from purpose to target analysis, message development for it, and media selection. In addition, we have created videos centered on illustrations and text, and interview videos that introduce real voices of employees. I am looking forward to appealing.
[Image 2d3955-514-ba6855bf1e1078b80ef5-1.png&s3=3955-514-1c748d00921bc9778a3646e04b66615b-960x540.png
[Image 3d3955-514-4ef27266cb69f51f5cdb-2.png&s3=3955-514-603c1006a6de0549ce0a2a30445b6554-960x540.png
1. Instagram reel video: A video that understands the reality of employees
2. Instagram Highlight Video: Company Culture Videos 3. Youtube video: Company introduction in 1 minute
Judge’s comment: Mr. Gakuto Akashi, CEO of One Media Co., Ltd. [Image 4d3955-514-29d2235c321043b48346-3.png&s3=3955-514-45c5eebd58fd16099ded4f8627671361-248x248.png
It takes advantage of the fluidity that is unique to video,
“increasing the reach of people who are not interested in companies through SNS” and the informationality of “being able to convey information that cannot be expressed in words, such as the
personalities and corporate culture of employees.” increase. The mechanism that allows job seekers to understand the company culture and business details through the “employees” based on the mechanism of Instagram is exactly the role model of owned media x video, and many companies can “imitate it from tomorrow”. This is the reason for the award.
Profile: One Media Co., Ltd. CEO. Founded ONE MEDIA in June 2014 to pursue new video expressions. In 2018, he published his first book “Video 2.0 VISUAL STORYTELLING”. At the YouTube Works Awards 2022, he will serve as a representative judge for the creator collaboration category.
Award Comment: Tomohiro Kimura, Chief Culture Officer, Gaiax Co., Ltd. [Image 5d3955-514-83049504294646c62210-4.jpg&s3=3955-514-dd4494877b55771ea982d51ddaf0f275-334x450.jpg
Gaiax is characterized by the fact that 60% of new graduates who join the company start their own businesses, and we are using videos to increase awareness and motivation among potential entrepreneurs. The number of views and access is important, but more than that, I value how well I conveyed the invisible “intangible assets” that the target audience attaches importance to. I would appreciate it if recruitment activities that resonate with each other spread. Thank you very much for giving me such a prestigious award.

A recruitment video strategy seminar will be held online from 12:00 on Wednesday, December 21st!
・ Seminar name: What are the tips for successful recruitment on SNS? Gaiax, which won the recruitment video award, unveiled its SNS strategy!
~ Exploring the success points with prospective candidates ~ ・ Seminar content: Disclosure and explanation of SNS strategies in Gaiax recruitment activities
・ Date and time: Wednesday, December 21, 12:00-13:00
・ Participation application: What is Gaiax: An individual-led startup studio that connects people and creates new businesses*
Since its founding in 1999, Gaiax has set a mission of “Empowering the people to connect” with the aim of creating a society where others can be treated as their own. From 2015, we started working on the sharing economy, which was newly created by the development of social media. We believe that the exchange of information between individuals will become even easier, and business will not only be limited to BtoB (company to company) and BtoC (company to individual) transactions, but CtoC (person to individual) transactions will become more common. That’s what I mean. In addition, we have continued to develop web3, DAO, and blockchain as technologies that support them. Gaiax will continue to work towards a society where individuals can shine. *: A startup studio is an organization that launches multiple companies at the same time. We provide support for investment, business development, engineering, and back office, and it is possible to increase the success rate even for first-time entrepreneurs. [Image 6d3955-514-ce5644877a5e1c078fa3-6.png&s3=3955-514-8922188f4c7f21bd66e1a2ace34b53be-1275x946.png
■Overview of Gaiax Co., Ltd.
Established: March 1999
Representative Executive Officer and President: Yuji Ueda
Head office location: 2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nagatacho GRiD Business: Social media service business, sharing economy business, incubation business
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