GAMEPLEX Co., Ltd. Grand Saga Enjoy Grand Saga at a great price! Winter career payment campaign held!

[Grand Saga] Enjoy Grand Saga at a great price! Winter career payment campaign held!

NPIXEL Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the holding of the “Winter Career Payment Campaign” where you can enjoy Gran Saga to the fullest at the cinematic online RPG “Gran Saga” (operated by GAMEPLEX Co., Ltd.).
In the “Winter Carrier Payment Campaign”, if you purchase in-game items with carrier payment during the campaign period, points will be returned according to the payment amount.
For details of the campaign, please check the campaign page of each carrier. “Winter Career Payment Campaign” will be held from today!
The “Winter Carrier Billing Campaign”, in which carrier points are awarded when in-game items are purchased by carrier billing, will be held at docomo, au / UQ mobile, Softbank / Ymobile / LINEMO from Friday, December 9th. is!
This is a limited time campaign, so please take this opportunity to purchase game items with carrier payment.
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December 9, 2022 (Friday) – January 16, 2023 (Monday)
For campaign details, please check the campaign page of each carrier below. ・ Customers using DoCoMo:
・ Customers using au / UQ mobile:
・ Customers using Softbank / Ymobile / LINEMO: What is Grand Saga
Gran Saga is an original cross-platform game created with the highest quality that can be enjoyed on iOS/Android/PC.
Based on the royal road RPG, we will deliver high-quality 3D graphics with Unreal Engine 4 and a full voice story by super gorgeous voice actors such as Yuki Kaji and Akari Ogashira, in order to make it a game that is loved all over the world. In addition, Yoko Shimomura is in charge of producing all the music, including the in-game BGM, Yoshitaka Amano is in charge of the illustrations and logo design, and RADWIMPS is handling the Grand Saga theme song “MAKAFUKA.”
In addition to that, Mr. Genki Kawamura will produce the original animation “Mysterious”, and Mr. Nobuaki Kaneko will be appointed as the official ambassador of Grand Saga. In addition, in the TV commercial released at the time of release, actors Shun Oguri and Nobuaki Kaneko delivered highly story-oriented content focusing on “friends”.
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◆Official site
◆Official Twitter

◆Official YouTube
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[Game information]
Title: Gran Saga
Genre: Cinematic Online RPG
Development: NPIXEL Co., Ltd.
Management: GAMEPLEX Co., Ltd.
Platform: iOS/Android/PC
Price: Basic free (some charges apply)
(C) NPIXEL Co., Ltd. & Gameplex Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

Details about this release:

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