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GAORA SPORTS 1,020 visitors to Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA in Kyoto Prefecture! Parkour Tag Japan Championship 2022

GAORA Co., Ltd.
1,020 visitors at Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA in Kyoto Prefecture! Parkour Tag Japan Championship 2022

The ultimate tag tournament for elementary school students, “Parkour Tag Japan Championship 2022,” was held at Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA in Kyoto Prefecture, attracting 1,020 visitors.
[Image 1d9300-336-f6ed76a277e0ed0f44f0-0.jpg&s3=9300-336-cff3d1fafeba8076f9a5e40e6f7a03f8-3900x2624.jpg
In the competition, 31 individual matches and 7 team matches for U-8 (7 to 8 years old), U-10 (9 to 10 years old), U-12 (11 to 12 years old) was held, and a total of 168 elementary school players
participated. The number of visitors exceeded 1,000, including the players’ families.
Soichi Nakaoka from Rocci, Osaka Pro Wrestling Tigers Mask, Ebessan, Takoyakider, Shinjiro Miyao (ring announcer), and parkour athlete Kaho Yamamoto will appear as guests, and tournament events such as exhibition matches, special matches, and 50-man tag. , I participated with the children and made the venue lively. Unfortunately, it was raining, but in order to ensure the safety of the competition, the tournament was held indoors.
[Image 2d9300-336-da7bff104e29ad7a9f76-1.jpg&s3=9300-336-2bed00fad35f758c9f8429c1fdeb5b36-3900x2605.jpg
・Winner of the U-12 team competition “Speed ​​and consideration for friends are the reasons for victory!”
・ Mr. Loch Nakaoka “I was entertained with a powerful feeling.” ・ Mr. Kaho Yamamoto “It was so fast. It was quite impressive.”

-Parkour Tag is-
Players play tag one-on-one in a designated area with obstacles for kids. Every 20 seconds, the “chasing side” and the “chased side” alternate offense and defense, and compete to see who can catch the opponent faster. (*Children’s obstacles are designed with safety in mind and to improve motor function naturally.)
*This event is a project adopted by Kyoto Prefecture’s “New Sports / e-Sports Competition Environment Development Support Project Utilizing Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA” and utilizes subsidies from Kyoto
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