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Geburdurbais Co., Ltd. Details of the “SubOrbital Express” rocket mission supported by Gebuldurbais as an official logistics partner

Gebulderbeis Co., Ltd.
Details of the ‘SubOrbital Express’ rocket mission supported by Gabledurbais as an official logistics partner
As the official logistics partner of the rocket mission, we
successfully transported research and experimental equipment from Berlin to Kiena in northern Sweden over a period of about 2,000 kilometers over four days.

After demonstrating its superior transport capabilities during a simulated Mars landing mission by astronauts in Israel, the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) is now conducting a study of the conditions of astronauts in zero gravity. As the official logistics partner for the 15th space mission, the Sub-Orbital Express rocket mission,
Geblderbeis will transport the research equipment used in the experiment from Berlin to Kiena in northern Sweden, traveling approximately 2,000 kilometers over four days. I succeeded in carrying it safely.
It is still fresh in our minds that Geblderbeis demonstrated its superior transport capabilities during a simulated Mars landing mission by astronauts in Israel last year. As the official logistics partner of the 15th space mission “SubOrbital Express” rocket mission, we are supporting this mission. As for the contents, 12 types of experimental equipment used for this mission in Stockholm are loaded from the (SSC) headquarters in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm, on the way from Berlin to the Swedish space, about 2,000 km away. It is to be transported to Kiruna in northern Sweden, where the Corporation’s headquarters is located. Geblderbeis truck driver Rudolf Kiesel drove four days on the road to cover about 2,000 kilometers to accomplish this task. Kiruna in northern Sweden was delivered safely and on time despite being the furthest north a Geblderbeis truck had ever been. About the ‘SubOrbital Express’ Mission
The SubOrbital Express mission will use rockets to send 12 scientific experiments into space to be studied in a zero-gravity environment. A study carried out by an international team of experts asked, “Can watches withstand the forces and vibrations of rocket launch?”, “How can we better monitor the health of astronauts?” ?”, “How do cells in the body behave when they are no longer affected by gravity?” Conducted by research teams from Liechtenstein, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden, the mission aims to gain insights into the work and research activities of astronauts in the space environment and related insights.
Comment from Stefan Kramer, Program Manager of SubOrbital Express, Swedish Space Agency
“To accomplish this mission, it is imperative that the experimental equipment is delivered on time and, most importantly, safely within range of the rocket. We continue to be a competent logistics partner.” Frank Haas, Head of Brand Strategy & Communications, Gebulderweis (Frank Haas) comments
“We want to support the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) with our logistical expertise and contribute to the further development of space tourism, just as last year a simulated astronaut mission to Mars was carried out. As Gebuldarbeis has also demonstrated its
capabilities in logistics in Israel, we believe future-oriented mobility projects such as rocket missions will also play an important role for Gebuldarbeis.”
I left those words.
The rocket is scheduled to be launched into space from the Esrange Space Center on November 22, and its parabolic trajectory is calculated to provide six minutes of weightlessness. It will then land in an uninhabited area north of Eslange, from where it will be taken by helicopter back to the base to be evaluated by researchers. [Image 1d98242-5-3dd339077a28c26ac77d-0.png&s3=98242-5-36126e211600decc1cd1fe1269de5307-918x508.png
See: A container for this space mission leaves Berlin on its way to Kiruna in northern Sweden. Together with our research partner, Fortis, we painted the container with an appearance appropriate for this mission. (Source: Geblderbeis/Florian Lorenz)
[Image 2d98242-5-b761699c6064b0a0acbc-1.png&s3=98242-5-a01e9e95d83fa8d084783bf63c32ce8a-928x616.png
See also: Rudolf Kiesel, truck driver at Geblderbeis Nuremberg, making final checks before leaving Berlin. (Source: Geblderbeis/Florian Lorenz)
[Image 3d98242-5-6b64736008a0ae06e5e5-4.png&s3=98242-5-5e8d1602f284848b9ae759cc27c78745-936x626.png
See: A Geblderbeis container on its 2,000-kilometer journey to northern Sweden. (Source: Geblderbeis/Florian Lorenz)
[Image 4d98242-5-3022abe1a53bf1debc8e-6.png&s3=98242-5-1d469edf97f8eb8c63602e3b0c110f6a-946x630.png
Reference: Rudolf Kiesel, a truck driver unloading a container in Eslange near Kiruna (Source: Geblderbeis/Florian Lorenz)
[Image 5d98242-5-566fcef4aedac02f1734-7.png&s3=98242-5-5224c1fdded310587d4bc7b738ae9cab-922x582.png

Reference: Stefan Kramer, Program Manager, SubOrbital Express, Swedish Space Agency
(Source: What The Film)
[Image 6d98242-5-b3e49cece738697eac8c-8.png&s3=98242-5-a31c901d5f9036eef763dda544e0fc42-886x590.png
Reference: Frank Haas, Head of Corporate Brand Strategy &
Communications, Geblderweiss
(Source: Gebuldarbeis / Gnaudshun)
[Image 7d98242-5-9b07e0839aa63ff98b8d-9.png&s3=98242-5-9ba64ecd4a79174a0ac2501ffceb32b3-886x498.png
Reference: Mr. Stefan Kramer (SSC) talks about the importance of this mission (you can check it in the video) (Source: What The Film) [Image 8d98242-5-d2243c2f08f50efacc60-10.png&s3=98242-5-976197bef57480461d906cc74c638d9f-912x504.png
Reference: Thomas Heger, Logistics Specialist at Geblderbeis, Nuremberg Interview with Thomas Heger on transport challenges (Source: What The Film)
[Image 9d98242-5-bbeb7848886938781c1c-11.png&s3=98242-5-52087c54fe26d503f85d6254be02bff2-942x582.png
Reference: In the center of the photo is the Fortis equipment for studying 13 clocks in zero gravity on a rocket. Project participants: (from left to right): Marcel Giger (Operations Manager, Fortis), Andreas Bentelé (Marketing Manager, Fortis), Stefan Kremer, Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) SubOrbital Express )), Jupp Philippe (Owner and Managing Director of Fortis), Oskar Lefgren (Mechanical Engineer at SSC) and Christos Tris (System Engineer at SSC). (Source: What The Film)
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