General Incorporated Association Aichi e-Sports Union Event report The 24th study group held at Nagoya e-Sta dium on the theme of “The Future of e-Sports and Education”

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[Event Report] The 24th Study Group held at Nagoya e-Stadium on the theme of “The future of e-sports and education”

This time, in addition to the conventional target companies such as supporting member companies, government offices, local governments, etc., we invited teachers who are involved in career guidance for students. Under the theme of “the future of e-sports and education,” representative director Katagiri, e-sports high school supervisor Fuminobu Fukasawa, and students belonging to e-sports circles at universities in the prefecture took the podium. Cluster Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Keisuke Okada, NTP Group NTP Holdings Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Vice President, NT Seventh Co., Ltd. President and CEO, and NTP Carmost Co., Ltd. President and CEO Shigeo Oguri online We participated and shared information about the possibility of education incorporating esports.
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The site area of ​​the studio is about 990 square meters, about twice the size of the Shibuya school. On the upper floor, there is a classroom where you can learn the basics
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“Working together with professional athletes and university students, we aim to become the center of esports in the region” (Katagiri) Katagiri (Representative Director of the Union, GM of Tokyo Verdy esports) explained the background to the establishment of the General Incorporated Association esports Union (JeSU, Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Hideki Okamura) and the three philosophies of the Aichi Branch, We introduced the concepts of creating, creating industries, and responding to society. In addition, since he is involved in the e-sports team “Tokyo Verdy e-Sports”, which was launched by a professional sports club for the first time in Japan, he reported the operation of the “Digital Creative & e-Sports Department” for junior high school students in Shibuya Ward in 2022. He reported that by outsourcing club activities, the teacher’s work balance has been reviewed and high-quality instruction by professional players has been achieved. At the e-sports high school Nagoya school, which JeSU Aichi is once responsible for, we are promoting e-sports in the region, including guidance by players and instructors of the professional sports club “Nagoya OJA” and exchanges with university students belonging to e-sports circles. Aim for the center.
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“Explore the path of independence while learning what you like” (Mr. Fukasawa) Mr. Fukasawa says that he will support students’ independence by looking at three career paths: “be active in competitions as a professional player”, “improve university while improving academic skills through games”, and “get a job related to e-sports”. Sports High School Supervisor). While saying that “the school building is about 70% complete,” he introduced facilities such as a main screen with a width of about 7m, about 100 gaming PCs, a distribution booth, and a body care space. He also mentioned that at the Shibuya school, which opened in April this year, there are students who have experienced school refusal. We focus on creating an environment that makes it easy for students to imagine going on to university, such as having university-educated professional athletes with teaching licenses as instructors, and making the staff room an open space so that it is easy to talk to them.
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“New value will be created in the Metaverse where anyone can become a creator” (Mr. Okada)
Mr. Okada (Marketing Department, Cluster Co., Ltd.) reported on the operation business of one of the largest Metaverse platforms in Japan, “cluster,” the global and Japanese market conditions, and the possibility of utilizing the Metaverse in the field of education. “Many entrepreneurs and developers in the IT and digital fields were enthusiastic about games when they were students, and now have creative experiences through programming,” he said. He emphasized that it is necessary to cultivate children’s imagination through fields such as e-sports in order to develop world-class digital human resources. With the new function “World Craft” added to “cluster” in February this year, you can easily create the world you imagine by combining items without specialized knowledge. Communities are being formed one after another, such as being able to interact with users. “The infinite and free space nurtures creativity and creates new value. We are also working to collaborate with educational settings, such as adding the Metaverse to the school curriculum and
extracurricular activities, and holding space creation contests. I want to,” he said of the outlook.
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Mr. Oguri participated from Egypt, where he was staying. “Make Aichi Prefecture a mecca for e-sports”
Mr. Oguri (Representative Director and Executive Vice President of NTP Holdings Co., Ltd., President and CEO of NT Seventh Co., Ltd., and President and CEO of NTP Carmost Co., Ltd.) said, I feel the potential of e-sports that can play an active role. I want to bring up new Japanese people who can play an active role in the world while incorporating it into the educational field.
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Mr. Furuta studied at Gachispo as a first-year student, and is currently in charge of managing the group.
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Mr. Fumi (right) and Ms. Mitsuda reporting on stage
Students engaged in sports business and e-sports activities in the Tokai area also took the podium. Riho Furuta (Aichi eSports Union intern) introduces the goals and lecture themes of “Nagoya Tokai Sports Biz College ‘Gachispo'”, which aims to develop human resources who are active in the sports industry, and the successful experiences of the student team. Mr. Zhaohan Shi (Nagoya University e-sports circle DISBOAD) and Ms. Sosuke Mitsuda (Chukyo University e-sports circle e-gleS) also reported on their activities at each university. After the closing, a social gathering was held for about 30 minutes with guest speakers and participants. You can easily participate in the style of standing and talking while exchanging business cards on the spot. A teacher who participated for the first time said, “School refusal is a problem that affects students’ families as well, and there is a limit to what we can do from the standpoint of schools and teachers. Is it possible to “meet” online? I would like to involve several schools and cities and explore initiatives using esports.” This study group started in November 2019, and has been disseminating information to supporting member companies, government offices, local governments, companies, and organizations in the Tokai area, with a different theme every month. JeSU Aichi will continue to actively work toward the “20th Asian Games 2026/Aichi/Nagoya,” which is expected to become an official esports event.
The next workshop will be held on Sunday, January 22nd. Reservation required, free to attend.
Please experience the e-Sports High School Nagoya School, which will be the venue.
■ Aichi esports Union
Aichi E-Sports Federation aims to “control e-sports in the area centered on Aichi and Nagoya and contribute to the development of the economy and society through the spread and promotion of e-sports”. We have changed the name and have been certified as a local branch of the Japan eSports Union (JeSU). Furthermore, on October 10, 2019, it became a general incorporated association, and in this region where the “20th Asian Games 2026/Aichi/Nagoya” will be held, “e-sports” and surrounding it are influential. We aim to contribute to the
development of the regional economy by communicating the economic possibilities.
[Aichi esports federation organizational structure] (as of the end of August 2022)
Honorary Advisor:
Hideaki Omura Governor of Aichi Prefecture
Takashi Kawamura Mayor of Nagoya City
Eikei Suzuki Member of the House of Representatives
Mutsumi Teranishi Member of the Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Representative Director:
Masahiro Katagiri
[Aichi esports union supporting member companies] (as of December 2022) [Image 8d50300-56-d43bd6f7e75de087a471-7.png&s3=50300-56-85adb9d4fb18d854ff190ddb9cea2d16-1280x720.png
*Some companies do not display their logos upon request.
Aichi e-Sports Union Supporting Member
The general incorporated association Aichi E-Sports Union aims to control e-sports in the region centered on Aichi and contribute to the development of the economy and society through the spread and promotion of e-sports. We are working with companies that share the philosophy of “creating dreams,” “creating industries,” and
“responding to society,” and can move forward together. As of the end of July 2022, there will be 24 companies*1.
*1 Includes companies that do not wish to display their logo. ■ Recruitment of new members
Aichi Esports Union is looking for companies that will lead Aichi and Nagoya together through esports. We also receive many inquiries from local governments in Aichi Prefecture. We would appreciate it if companies and local governments who wish to work on esports can contact us at the following inquiry.
■ Inquiries regarding this matter (Secretary General Shoji)
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