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General Incorporated Association Femtech Community Japan Announcing the incorporation of Femtech Community Japan! Conducted study sessions on the Femtech area and released the latest domestic and overseas industry reports

Femtech Community Japan
Announcing Femtech Community Japan Incorporated! Conducted study sessions on the Femtech area and released the latest domestic and overseas industry reports

General Incorporated Association Femtech Community Japan (Shibuya, Tokyo) aims to “realize an ecosystem where a wide range of
stakeholders are connected to promote Femtech-related businesses, products and services, discuss, share information, network, and disseminate information” Ward, Representative Director Tomoko Minagawa, hereinafter referred to as Femtech Community Japan) held an event for the media and related companies on Monday, November 28th, announcing the establishment of a general incorporated association and releasing the latest trend report in the Femtech area. rice field. [Image 1d102901-2-2aa6a71a5f5bf3557220-0.png&s3=102901-2-5b6e2fc56fcbde3e93e92dc3012eef06-1800x1146.png
Since its establishment in March 2021, Femtech Community Japan ( has promoted femtech business through discussions with many entrepreneurs and people in charge of new business at companies. In the current situation, I have felt various problems.
In order to reduce the various healthcare issues and gaps faced by women, the organization has been working on the following: Femtech is in its infancy and there are few experts and I don’t know who to consult.” This time, we have incorporated this organization in order to expand the range of activities.
In Japan, Femtech has built an ecosystem that connects a wide range of players, including large companies, start-up companies, investors, governments, ministries, local governments, medical personnel, and other experts, and supports information dissemination and discussion. Promote the industry. In addition, we will regularly send out reports that summarize the latest information on industry trends in the domestic and overseas Femtech markets.
[Image 2d102901-2-e50f0fdc6f7539dfa1f3-2.png&s3=102901-2-af55a3cf87806af85522c991d564628d-1850x996.png
Not only domestically, but also globally, we will work closely with overseas Femtech-related communities and ecosystems to share the latest cases, investors, and supporters with overseas players and Japanese players, as well as advanced cases from Japan. We aim to widely disseminate information and trends overseas. We would like to strengthen our collaboration and network with various overseas Femtech-related communities, investors, and accelerators.
We are looking for members and collaboration partners to promote business in the Femtech area!
Please contact for inquiries about membership and admission to Femtech Community Japan, as well as other contacts such as collaboration.
[Image 3d102901-2-c46930bd2ea148afae3e-1.png&s3=102901-2-d94fd5d532c157472d109a8dfe02dc90-1056x864.png
▼Femtech Community Japan Board Director Biography
■Representative Director Tomoko Minagawa
After engaging in foreign IT consulting, after studying MBA at the University of Cambridge in the UK, he worked as an executive officer of an independent strategy consulting firm, director and business manager of an artificial intelligence venture, then joined an independent VC and invested in startups Engaged in supporting business growth and supporting female entrepreneurs. He has a track record of investing in multiple Femtech companies. Currently engaged in business expansion in the area of ​​women’s healthcare at a global
pharmaceutical company that focuses on women’s health.
Established Femtech Community Japan in March 2021.
■ Director Megumi Kimura
He was involved in health promotion insurance at a life insurance company, and is currently engaged in the industry’s largest system development PMO at a non-life insurance company. In-house, Femtech lectures are held for corporate universities and managers. Outside of the company, while conducting numerous femtech presentations related to universities and local governments, he learned that there are many women who suffer from menopause, and the field of menopause is an area of ​​interest. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry JETRO start NextInnovator 2021 adopted. Received the Innovator Program Excellence Award at St. Marianna University School of Medicine.
Graduated from GLOBIS University of Management (MBA).
■ Director Chang Li
Plug and Play Japan Fintech & Insurtech Director. Born in Sichuan, moved to Japan from university. After graduating from APU, engaged in asset management and cross-border M&A at a major life insurance company. After obtaining an MBA from the University of Hong Kong, he joined Plug and Play Japan in December 2018 and is working hard to create an Insurtech ecosystem in Japan.

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