General Incorporated Association Grand Front Osaka TMO Grand Wish Christmas 2022 “BEST WISHES EVENT” will be held!

General Incorporated Association Grand Front Osaka TMO
Grand Wish Christmas 2022 “BEST WISHES EVENT” held!
The one-of-a-kind “Wings of Hope” object created in collaboration with over 1,000 visitors and the original costumes based on the theme of “WISH” by Osaka Bunka Fashion College students.

Event title at the Christmas event “Grand Wish Christmas 2022-“Harry Potter” Invitation to Magical World Christmas-” being held at Grand Front Osaka (Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka) until December 25 (Sun). The event “BEST WISHES EVENT” with the theme of “WISH” will be held today at 14:00 at the North Building 1F Knowledge Plaza. The one-of-a-kind objects created together with visitors to the town and the costumes created for this event by students of the Osaka Bunka Fashion College (Mikuni Honmachi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka), who aim to become top designers of the future, will be unveiled. did.
For the unveiling of the objects, a message card designed by the students of Osaka Bunka Fashion College will be set up in the building from the first day of the Christmas event on Thursday, November 10th. A participatory project was implemented in which visitors to the town wrote their own “WISH” on the card and attached it to the wing-shaped object. After the card distribution was over, more than 1,000 final messages were collected, along with messages that were urgently solicited on the WEB. During the event, Ai Toyoda, a second-year student at Osaka Bunka Fashion College, who designed the message card, and Ms. Asano, who came from Yodogawa-ku, Osaka to the event on the day of the event, decorated the last two cards. GRAND WISH OBJECT ~Wings of Hope~” has been completed. Mr. Toyoda, who played a major role, said, “I was entrusted with the important role, and it became a good memory of my life.” Mr. Asano and his son said, “I came to visit today and learned about this event, but my child said he wanted to see it. I participated. My daughter wrote a message that she wanted to do makeup.It was fun,” he said.
In addition, 21 original costumes created under the theme of “WISH” were unveiled by Osaka Bunka Fashion College students who aim to become top designers in the future. Prior to the unveiling, from the first day of the Christmas event, we held a voting project for visitors to choose their favorite costume, and there were more than 2,000 votes. At the event, professional models appeared wearing the top 3 popular votes and performed a splendid walk on the runway. The first place was chosen by Mr. Harutome Sasaki, an orange work with eyelets everywhere. Based on the keyword “WISH”, the theme was “gifts”, and “I designed it with the image of my family’s favorite things and the cat I have at home. I hope that the time spent with my family, which is a memory of Christmas, will come again. I got it,” he commented.
The objects and costumes announced at the event will be exhibited at the event space in the Grand Front Osaka North Building during the Christmas event from December 4th (Sun) to December 25th (Sun) tomorrow.
In addition, in “Grand Wish Christmas 2022-“Harry Potter” Magical World Christmas Invitation-“, in collaboration with “Harry Potter” Magical World, the main Christmas tree exhibition where you can enjoy a lighting show, and tours around the hall. We will welcome everyone with a special Christmas that can only be experienced at Grand Front Osaka, with various developments such as a stamp rally and
illumination around the perimeter.
■ “GRAND WISH OBJECT ~Wings of Hope~” Exhibition
-Implementation period-December 4th (Sun)-December 25th (Sun) -Location- North Building 2nd Floor -2 Event Space
-Implementation period-December 4th (Sun)-December 25th (Sun) -Location- North Building 2nd Floor -2, North Building 3rd Floor, North Building 4th Floor Event Space / North Building 3rd and 6th Floor Corridor (near the “North 2” elevator)
[Image 1d21701-22-d77744512179be9c70a5-13.jpg&s3=21701-22-1ca269081e85828642a2aa89749e9837-3900x2602.jpg
▲The moment when the object was completed together with the visitors [Image 2d21701-22-7525febf2eb060a93c13-16.jpg&s3=21701-22-b475ac66fdc7901b837690a4117054d9-3900x2601.jpg
▲Models posing in costumes made by students
[Image 3d21701-22-6b83f56f73795fa95c41-14.jpg&s3=21701-22-d03d54bfa8d7e6527bd855a222019a7e-3900x2602.jpg
▲Students and models who made costumes for the top 3 works
[Image 4d21701-22-b8ca15fc4892e05577cb-15.jpg&s3=21701-22-9dca96e4df7cb658f187ad5d2bcfc07b-3900x2320.jpg
▲Costumes made by students
● About Osaka Bunka Fashion College / Super Designer Department A four-year special course that trains world-class top designers. From the third year, we have our own brand and implement a one-of-a-kind educational program that works for two years. Since I was a student, I have been actively engaged in brand activities such as handling at select shops and leasing costumes for talents and artists. In the third year, students will study abroad for a short time at Polimoda School in Italy. Based on the European design education method, they always express their worldview through collections rather than just a single work. It has a good track record in contests both in Japan and overseas, and has received high praise from the industry.
Osaka Bunka Fashion College: 3-35-8 Mikuni Honcho, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0005 TEL. 06-6392-4371 (Representative) Email [Image 5d21701-22-5ac81a87e2cfd9658247-0.png&s3=21701-22-088309ccc75ef75c8d2676d44cdda8ab-395x242.png
[Image 6d21701-22-fa40d3a242c87694b40e-1.png&s3=21701-22-f7812017e26cd81339fab89315ac738d-396x243.png

Grand Wish Christmas 2022
~ “Harry Potter” Magical World Christmas Invitation ~ Overview -Holding period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 *Excluding some content
– Venue – Grand Front Osaka North Wing, South Wing, Umekita Plaza, and other locations
-Main Event- Grand Front Osaka
-Cooperation- Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment, Warner Bros. Japan G.K. -Special HP-
Main Christmas tree “Floating Magic Tree”
[Image 7d21701-22-cb911bd17b06fb8b002f-3.jpg&s3=21701-22-a28492dd2dac5edfb748e90034237a8a-3900x2848.jpg
The main Christmas tree “Floating Magic Tree”, which is about 13m tall and has motifs from the story of “Harry Potter” magical world scattered throughout, will appear at Knowledge Plaza.
During the period, a fantastic light and sound lighting show will be held every day, in which the story unfolds from the invitation to the “Harry Potter” magical world Christmas party. A mysterious tree that floats in the air as if enchanted, inviting visitors to the world of magic.
-Implementation period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 *Lighting show: Weekdays 17:00-24:00, weekends and holidays 16:00-24:00 Held at 00, 20, and 40 minutes every hour (last performance at 23:40) * Due to an event on November 10th (Thursday), the lighting show performance time will be changed from 19:00 to 24:00.
-Location- North Building 1F Knowledge Plaza
[Image 8d21701-22-4c6103f5471ababb43c5-4.png&s3=21701-22-fde2314096c0dea59d8cbd967a35dc92-2859x1274.png
The fantastic production of the mysterious footsteps that come and go on the floating stairs in the lighting show was realized by using the latest technology “RAYCREA” developed by Nitto Denko Corporation. “RAYCREA” is a light control technology that enables the expression of new light. , the entire surface to which the film is attached can be illuminated. * Nitto Denko Corporation HP:
Furthermore, the “Harry Potter” magical world motifs scattered throughout the tree use reusable paper panels made by Nippon Sekiso Co., Ltd.’s flameproof white panels. It is an environmentally friendly material that is strong enough to withstand large-scale modeling and can be reused even after printing.
“Champagne Gold Illumination”
[Image 9d21701-22-5313a33b895b0da9a47c-5.jpg&s3=21701-22-4918f2e9780ec96b26c7a0ae25c16000-1728x1152.jpg
▲Past champagne gold illumination
[Image 10d21701-22-ea3fd1e3beb6f661a7b3-6.jpg&s3=21701-22-368f04fe374edafec498776aadc279d6-3900x2600.jpg
▲ Special decoration with “Harry Potter” motif
About 330,000 champagne-gold LED lights elegantly shine on the 94 trees on the sidewalk on the west side of the north building, and the zelkova trees around the 1ha Umekita Plaza in front of JR Osaka Station.
This year, 16 of the illuminated trees will be decorated with special “Harry Potter” motifs! Different motifs are designed for each location, so you can enjoy walking around the town while looking for illumination trees with “Harry Potter” motifs.
-Implementation period- November 10, 2022 (Thursday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday)
*The illumination decoration period of the “Harry Potter” motif is until December 25 (Sun).
-Lighting time- Daily 17:00-24:00
– Place – Perimeter of Umekita Plaza, zelkova trees, 94 trees around the sidewalk on the west side of the North Building
– Number of light bulbs – about 330,000
-Color – Champagne Gold
Trivia about Champagne Gold Illumination!
In 2013, Grand Front Osaka began using environmentally friendly eco-illumination, and in 2019, “NEW eco-illumination”, which cuts the power consumption of each ball by 30%, will be adopted in all areas. We have achieved a reduction in energy consumption and increased efficiency. In addition, from September 2022, all the electricity used at Grand Front Osaka has been switched to CO2-free renewable energy-derived power (renewable energy power), and the illumination on the premises is also using renewable energy power. .
“Ted Ibert” Special Decoration ~Gift Box from the Magical World~ [Image 11d21701-22-66b8b02df1adf17778d7-7.jpg&s3=21701-22-d1ad59e02b9a499b20276578bb107b11-3900x2600.jpg
The art object “Ted Ibert”, which is a work by Fabrice Hibert, a genius in the French contemporary art world, and is a familiar symbol of Umeda, will be redecorated again this year. Surrounded by Christmas boxes from the magical world, “Ted Ibert” also transforms into a wizard! We will welcome visitors to the town with a cute appearance. -Implementation period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 -Place Place- Umekita Hiroba 1F Waterscape
Stamp rally around the story of the “Harry Potter” series
[Image 12d21701-22-eb743f45e6f3965e1af0-8.jpg&s3=21701-22-d0d23816a5c030207ce9f8e39353bdcd-605x861.jpg
▲ Stamp rally mount image
While reviewing the stories of all eight films in the Harry Potter movie series and quotes that appear in the stories, we are holding a stamp rally around eight points set up in the museum. If you complete it, you may be able to become a “Harry Potter” connoisseur.
-Implementation period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 -Location- Grand Front Osaka, 8 locations in the building
*Stamp rally mounts are placed on leaflet racks throughout the building. “Harry Potter” Magical World Motif Flag Appears in South Building Seseragimichi [Image 13d21701-22-6c768ccf5ce4c023c520-9.jpg&s3=21701-22-0d21f86d9e8d3990c1d7262d78c02a0d-2055x2700.jpg
Flag decorations designed with the emblems of the four dormitories of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which appear in the story of the “Harry Potter” magical world, have appeared in the
Seseragimichi South Building. It will make your space colorful and colorful.
-Implementation period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 -Location- South Building 1F Seseragi no Michi
Instagram photo campaign
[Image 14d21701-22-10c21ba242e25cb729bb-10.png&s3=21701-22-9e8f2316f78c2b8473389a903e391deb-3591x844.png
An SNS posting campaign to present magical world goods by lottery from those who post photos of Christmas decorations, photo spots, illuminations, gourmet, etc. in Grand Front Osaka on Instagram with the hashtag “#Grand Front Christmas”. will be carried out. In addition, those who have posted a photo of the stamp rally mount that completes the eight spots in the hall can participate in the W chance project.
-Implementation period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 “Harry Potter” Magical World Gallery
At OSAMPO SPOT on the 6th floor of the south building, there is a corner introducing the latest information on works and facilities related to the “Harry Potter” magical world through video and panel displays.
-Implementation period- Thursday, November 10, 2022 to Sunday, December 25, 2022 -Location- South Building 6F OSAMPO SPOT
Collaboration between Tully’s Coffee and Harry Potter Wizarding World! “Magical Coffee Time”
[Image 15d21701-22-34ec36f7a358fb620b96-11.jpg&s3=21701-22-422b9c95a913eb1f449ff6bfa7b96b18-3900x2916.jpg
▲ Product image
This year, the second “Tully’s Coffee x Harry Potter” collaboration will be held during the Halloween season. Inspired by the lovely magical world created by JK Rowling during the second movie “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, Bearful (R) wearing Quidditch Hogwarts dormitory costumes and We will deliver many items that will tickle the hearts of fans, such as bottles with Dobby as a motif, sweets that appear in the play, and drinks with the motif of the classic British holiday confectionery “Mince Pie”.
-Implementation period- From Friday, October 28, 2022
-Location- South Building B1F TULLY’S COFFEE & TEA, North Building 1F/9F TULLY’S COFFEE
What is “Harry Potter” Magical World?
Years have passed since the boy Harry Potter was brought to platforms 9 and 3/4 of King’s Cross Station, and Harry’s many adventures have become widely known in pop culture and captured the hearts and minds of the public. It left a unique “trace” to the With eight
blockbusters, the Harry Potter series brought magical stories to people’s lives and made The Wizarding World of Harry Potter one of the world’s most beloved franchises.
In addition, the epic world includes three Fantastic Beasts films, the award-winning production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, cutting-edge Portkey Games video and mobile games, innovative It spans consumer products, thrilling live entertainment including four theme parks, and insightful exhibitions. The Warner Bros. “Harry Potter” Wizarding World Experience portfolio also includes the latest flagship store “Harry Potter New York,” “Studio Tour London – Making of Harry Potter,” and “Studio Tour Tokyo – Making of.”・Of Harry Potter” and retail shop “Platform 9 3/4” are also included. “Harry Potter” Wizarding World will continue to evolve, drawing fans of the “Harry Potter” series into a fresh and exciting magical world, encouraging fan communities around the world and the next generation to discover magic themselves. We invite you to join us on an adventure.
[Image 16d21701-22-ba2f500984ee6a287fc9-12.jpg&s3=21701-22-d3c7f6d5ed9c13f621a219103882a982-1000x913.jpg
About Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment
Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment (WBTE), part of Warner Bros. Global Brands & Experiences, creates and produces Warner’s iconic characters, stories and branded location-based entertainment, live events, exhibitions and theme parks. , is licensed. Worldwide experiences include experiences inspired by DC, Looney Tunes, Scooby, Game of Thrones, Friends, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Including World Abu Dhabi, WB Movie World Australia, etc. WBTE brings fans around the world an immersive experience in the world of Warner brands and franchises with best-in-class partners.
WIZARDING WORLD characters, names, and related indicia are (C) & (TM) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights (C) JKR. (s22) Details about this release:

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