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General Incorporated Association Joblens Executive Committee First municipality nationwide! Fukuoka City collaborates and introduces “career education WEB teaching materials” compatible with learning terminals based on the GIGA school concept

General Incorporated Association Joblens Executive Committee First municipality in Japan! Fukuoka City collaborates and introduces “career education WEB teaching materials” compatible with learning terminals based on the GIGA school concept

Joblens, a career education web teaching material provided by the Joblens Executive Committee, has been introduced in Fukuoka municipal elementary and junior high schools (213 schools) since September 2022 as a web teaching material to nurture children’s views on work. increase.
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[What is Job Lens]
Joblens is a web educational material platform for career education that visualizes various occupations that support the region. About 100 types of occupations are introduced on the site, mainly through videos. (As of December 2022, 37 occupations are animated) In addition, unlike simple job introduction videos, by visualizing “companies and workers who support the region”, children can feel more familiar with working and encounter various occupations that make them proud of the region where they were born and raised. increase. JobLens provides an opportunity to find future dreams and goals by learning about the rewarding and difficult aspects of work that cannot be learned from the biased information flooding the Internet. [Image 2

[Job Lens video composition and site innovation]
Based on the opinions of the Board of Education and teachers, the JobLens videos are organized in an interview format that is easy to use in class. In addition, in order for the children who watched the video to feel closer to “working adults”, we asked them “Why did you choose this job?” We are developing questions that focus on
individuals, such as “myself when I was a child.”
In addition, on the Joblens site, we give top priority to support for schools promoting ICT education and the GIGA school concept in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We have adopted a background color that is not too strong.
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[About utilization in class]
JobLens can be used in conjunction with existing classes that are part of career education, such as work experience and philosophical ceremonies, to further deepen children’s understanding of occupations and realize more fulfilling career education than ever before. . In addition, JobLens, a web teaching material, supports various learning modes such as group learning, individual learning, and home learning, and can be used flexibly in a variety of classes.
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[Comment from the Director of School Planning Division, Fukuoka City Board of Education]
I feel that career education is one of the important ways to nurture the “power to live” for children living in an uncertain future, such as conflicts and unknown viruses. However, in recent years, due to the influence of the coronavirus, opportunities to connect with society have decreased dramatically, and opportunities to meet and get to know companies and professionals who are active in the region have decreased.
Under such circumstances, Job Lens, which Fukuoka City has introduced as a career education material, is a material that allows children to learn independently by interacting with various professionals on the web. By watching the video, you can overlap your own experiences with working people, face the future, and have the opportunity to think about your dreams and goals.
In today’s society, where it is difficult to feel relationships with people around us, we have high hopes that this will serve as a career education material that will serve as a “bridge between children and society.”
[Comment from School Planning Division, Fukuoka City Board of Education] JobLens, which was introduced by Fukuoka City as a career education material, is a material that can deliver the voices of many
professionals that cannot be conveyed by teachers alone. Until now, in their career search, children have researched the occupations they are interested in on the Internet, but only superficial information such as necessary qualifications and suitable personalities are picked up, and they feel that working is familiar. There was a problem that I couldn’t do it.
However, Job Lens incorporates interviews that focus on individuals, such as “What kind of child were you when you were in elementary school?” Children who watch the video are expected to become more realistic about their dreams and goals for the future, as they can see themselves as working adults.
Until now, there were no specific career education materials in Fukuoka City, and career education was inconsistent in elementary and junior high schools. I hope that many schools will use it because it can be done.
[Comment from Tomohiro Okabe, Representative Director of the Joblens Executive Committee]
Due to the corona disaster, it has become difficult for schools to find points of contact with society.
Children are now able to communicate without removing the mask and keeping the distance.
School teachers are now required to have efficient teaching and teaching methods due to work style reforms.
I want to help children draw a bright future while supporting school teachers. What is necessary for attractive career education? With that in mind, Joblens was launched.
JobLens is a web teaching material platform that conveys “the work of passionate professionals who support the region” through videos. Work is not just about getting rewards, it is about the ability to take action that makes society and the people around you happy. We would be happy if we could help children to take pride in the area where they were born and raised, to acquire the power to live, and to develop a dream job.
[Comment from Kota Rikumori, Director/General Producer of the Joblens Executive Committee]
This business started from the troubles of one teacher.
“There are no educational materials for career education,” “Teachers can’t convey their dreams and careers,” and “I want children to have a wider range of choices.” I want the children to have more dreams by solving the problems of such teachers.
“Job Lens” is the result of this passion.
I observed how the JobLens is actually being used at schools, and while I myself gave lectures using JobLens, I heard from the school that “children feel that work is real” and “career We have received comments such as “It has made my education easier” and “I am very grateful to have such teaching materials”.
In the future, we would like to deliver even more videos to children and enrich them as content that schools want.
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*This site uses “keywords”. If you would like to view it, please contact us at the number below.
[Inquiries regarding this release]
General Incorporated Association Joblens Executive Committee Job Lens Secretariat (within T&E Co., Ltd.)
Director/Producer Kota Rikumori / Aoi Kawamoto
TEL: 092-524-2905 (10:00 – 17:00 on weekdays)
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Job Lens Executive Committee
Location: 2-12-6 Kiyokawa, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Representative: Representative Director Tomohiro Okabe
Established: March 2022
Business description: Production and operation of web teaching materials for the purpose of career education for elementary and junior high school students, and visiting classes
-About the Joblens Executive Committee- The General Incorporated Association Joblens Executive Committee was jointly established by the video production company T&E and the educational business RAPAS. In order for children to have dreams and gain the strength to live, we will support career education in the region by working together as a trinity of “schools, communities, and companies.” (Job Lens is a registered trademark)
[Image 7d100132-7-0740b6088678e2ee0c33-7.png&s3=100132-7-6ed28938e5c4eef55cf685a1189d66a5-491x491.png
-About T&E-
T&E Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Established in 1999, President: Tomohiro Okabe) is a comprehensive production centered on TV-CM video production and event promotion. Winner of numerous advertising awards including Cannes Lions. As a core company of the Taiyo Group, we are actively working on projects that will revitalize the region.
[Image 8d100132-7-056b1be1b480f14e7c60-8.png&s3=100132-7-87f138af957bcce4a26d9144e28ee065-226x119.png
-About RAPAS-
RAPAS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Established in 2019, President: Kota Rikumori) is a social problem-solving business that is not bound by conventional wisdom and solves educational and corporate issues on its own. A venture company from Fukuoka, represented by a former J-Leaguer, that solves problems using developed services.           Made many appearances in the media.
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