General Incorporated Association Matsue Tourism Association The new form of tourism proposed by Matsue is a SWIPE trip! ? A new sensation TRIP that spreads a healing world that makes you forget your daily life and want to take a deep breath!

Matsue Tourism Association
SWIPE travel is the new form of tourism proposed by Matsue! ? A new sensation TRIP that spreads a healing world that makes you forget your daily life and want to take a deep breath!
~Website “SWIPE TRIP” opened~

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The general incorporated association Matsue Tourism Association regularly provides information on Matsue’s highlights, specialty foods, traditional culture, and the appeal of traveling.
This time, the Matsue Tourism Association is trying to let you know more about the charm of Matsue. The website “SWIPE TRIP”
( was opened on December 27th (Tuesday) on the website of the Matsue Tourist Association.
Until now, the Matsue Tourist Association has introduced various sightseeing spots and events, including “Matsue Castle”, which is a symbol of Matsue. Matsue City has many such tourist spots, but I think that the charm of Matsue is also packed in the scenery that local residents always see and the spots that are not often listed in guidebooks. I thought. In addition, we believe that the scenery will bring a “healing” space and time to those who visit Matsue. We have opened a website so that you can learn more about the scenery of Matsue.
Through this website “SWIPE TRIP”, we hope that you will enjoy Matsue’s nature-filled lifestyle and healing scenery at hand, and that you will be able to feel it firsthand when you actually visit. I’m here.
At the Matsue Tourist Association, we offer a “new accommodation tourism” that provides healing and smiles.
I will continue to send a lot of “good things” from now on. Please come to Matsue City, the city of water.
What is “Matsue scenery” that you can enjoy in the palm of your hand? Matsue, known as the city of water, has many sightseeing spots and beautiful scenery.
In addition to such standard sightseeing spots, there are many scenes that have healed the people living in Matsue!
Local spots that are not usually introduced, special natural scenery that locals usually see, etc.
“SWIPE TRIP”, a collection of photos, allows you to enjoy “just a moment of travel” in the palm of your hand.
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First! Access “SWIPE TRIP” from your smartphone!
“SWIPE TRIP” from your smartphone
Access and select your favorite photo from the displayed photos. By swiping the photo of your favorite spot,
You can collect the attractions of Matsue that suit you.
Swipe with your fingertips, collect your favorite photos, and find a special Matsue that suits you!
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The scenery of Matsue collected by intuition gathers in the palm of your hand! It is also a point to enjoy while thinking “Where is this scenery?” There are plenty of categories where you can find your own taste! There are 11 categories in all, and you are sure to find one that suits you, from scenery to gourmet!
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▼Category list
02- Shrine
03- Superb view
04- Mysterious
07-Castle town
09-Hot spring
10-Gourmet (food)
11-Gourmet (shop)
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Opening: December 27 (Tuesday)
■Let’s actually go to Matsue!
The Matsue Tourism Association is working as part of the tourism recovery campaign business.
Regarding accommodation discounts and promotions using “OTA (Online Travel Agent)”,
Coupons will be issued from December 7th.
[Regarding the accommodation discount business for the travel reservation service “Rakuten Travel”]
〇 Reservation period: December 7, 2020-February 27, 2023
〇 Accommodation period: December 21, 2021-February 27, 2023
〇 Coupon type
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1) A 2,500 yen coupon that can be used for 1 adult or more with a room rate of 5,000 yen or more
2) A 5,000 yen coupon that can be used by 2 or more adults with a room rate of 10,000 yen or more
〇 Target area: Nationwide
〇 Combined use with other coupons: Possible (if conditions are met) ■ About “Come on. Matsue City ReHappy! Campaign”
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The Matsue City ReHappy! Campaign is an effort to provide economic support and revitalize tourism-related businesses affected by the new coronavirus.
In order to provide “healing and smiles” in the new era, we aim to create “new accommodation tourism” in Matsue City so that you can enjoy “fun and comfort” as well as “safety”, and we wish everyone happiness. I will deliver.
On the campaign site, you can see the latest sightseeing and event information, infection prevention measures that are being implemented to enjoy your trip with peace of mind, and special site-only benefits that are tied up with travel agencies.
[Re Happy! Campaign]

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