Geshipi starts providing e-sports English conversation at after-school childcare “ASHITA∞ Kids” that gives div ersity and possibility to children’s learning

Geshipi Co., Ltd.
Geshipi starts providing e-sports English conversation at after-school childcare “ASHITA∞ Kids” that gives diversity and possibility to children’s learning
Offered at two facilities: “ASHITA∞ Kids Aeon Style Minamisuna” and “ASHITA∞ Kids Kana Nakamoto Atsugi”. Through online games, you can learn practical English conversation while having fun.

Geshipi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takuya Manabe, hereinafter referred to as “Geshipi”), a metaverse education startup company that utilizes e-sports, has more than 400 after-school children’s clubs (school nursery schools) and children’s centers nationwide.・Ashitaba Co., Ltd. (located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and Executive Officer Takaaki Yamashita, hereinafter referred to as “Ashitaba”), which operates a child-rearing support center, will open a private afterschool club “ASHITA∞Kids Aeon” on November 10, 2022. Style Minamisuna” and “ASHITA∞Kids Kana Nakamoto Atsugi” will start offering the educational content “eSports English Conversation” operated by Geshipi as “learning content”.

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eSports English Conversation (R)︎ Purpose of opening a school ASHITA∞Kids is a facility where you can learn various learning contents while attending school. We strongly agree with the desire to make English, which has become a compulsory subject in elementary school, more enjoyable and flexible according to the interests of children, and to make the time spent in school more meaningful. ” has come to be provided.
“Ashita∞ Kids Special Site”
What is eSports English Conversation (R)?
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Turn “game time” into “learning time”
eSports English Conversation (R)︎ is the world’s first (*1) online English communication lesson to learn in the game world. Specializing in output (speech) in English, it is a program that allows you to gain confidence in using English and acquire an English brain. It is a very popular e-sports education program with a track record of over 40,000 lessons so far.
Official website: – Esports English conversation (R) twitter * eSports English Conversation, eSports English, and eSports English are registered trademarks of Geshipi Inc.
(*1) Our research (May 2020)
As an online English conversation program using e-sports games in the world The charm of e-sports English conversation (R)︎
At eSports English Conversation (R)︎, you can connect with instructors online and develop practical English conversation skills while playing “Fortnite,” which is popular with children. We have achieved 40,000 courses in 6 months because it is a fun way to communicate in English through games, and because it is a new educational content that is in line with the digitized society that is expected to develop more and more in the future. We have a 93% retention rate and a 96% rating of 4 or more stars. (*Researched by Geshipi as of November 2022)
eSports English Conversation (R) for Ashita∞ Kids
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・Members of Gakudo Club ASHITA∞Kids can take this course as an optional course. In addition, it is also possible to attend classes for the general public.
・We will use the gaming PC, etc. in the digital room of Ashita∞ Kids. ・We offer 80-minute classes once a week, 4 times a month.
・One bilingual instructor belonging to Geshipi will support the class online. ・In class, in addition to dedicated textbooks, teaching materials will be shared to develop comprehension and communication skills in English conversation. Please note that Fortnite play guidance will not be provided.
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≪Class Details≫
Price: 9,800 yen (tax included)
*Facility usage fee 1,100 yen (tax included) separately
Target: Elementary and junior high school students
*Limited to experienced Fortnite users
Courses: 4 times a month / 80 minutes each time
Time: Selectable from below
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 17:30-18:50
Saturday 1.14:00~15:20 2.15:30~16:50

About Geshipi Inc.
A metaverse educational company that utilizes esports.
I want to realize a world where everyone can live their lives more proactively, have many options and choose for themselves, and live like that. We believe that by developing fun and easy-to-understand education in the e-sports virtual world, we can help expand the possibilities of each individual.
From Japan, we will provide Metaverse educational content that people around the world will love to learn.
〇 The world’s first (* 1) online education “esports English
conversation (R) ︎”
〇 Japan’s first (*2) e-sports training facility “e-sports gym (TM)”
(*1) Our research (May 2020)
As an online English conversation program using e-sports games in the world (*2) Our research (June 2021)
As a training facility specializing in esports on a monthly basis in Japan [Geshipi Co., Ltd.]
Company name: Geshipi Co., Ltd.
Location: 12th floor of Fujisoft Akihabara Building, 3 Kanda Neribei-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established: January 2018
Representative: Representative Director Takuya Manabe
Business description: Metaverse education business
Corporate site:
About Ashitaba Co., Ltd.
At Ashitaba, with the slogan Make A Smile!, we want to help create smiles for children, families raising children, and everyone in the community. We operate child-rearing support centers and public facilities (gender equality center, welfare center for the elderly, community center, etc.).
As the environment surrounding children and families is undergoing major changes, it is becoming necessary for society as a whole to support the children’s own ability to grow and the family’s ability to raise children. From the perspective that child-rearing support is necessary not only for families with working parents, but also for all families raising children, the entire community provides support for families raising children, not limited to after-school care for children at home. I am doing my best to keep going.
[Ashitaba Co., Ltd.]
~ Nurturing children’s tomorrow and supporting today ~
President Executive Officer: Takaaki Yamashita
Head office location: 4-13-3 PMO Tamachi II 10F, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014
Established: October 1992
Business description: Operation of school children’s and children’s halls, public facilities
[Soshioku Group]
Trade name: Soshioak Holdings Co., Ltd.
~We want to be a tree that coexists with society~
Representative: Takashi Okuma
Location: 4-13-3 PMO Tamachi II 10F, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014 Established: October 2013
Business description: Holding company with operating companies that operate food services, child-rearing support services, vehicle operation management services, and public businesses
Group companies: Yushin Hagakure Co., Ltd. / Socio Food Service Co., Ltd. / Cook Service Co., Ltd. / Asuha Co., Ltd. / Ashitaba Mind Co., Ltd. / Mitsuba Community Co., Ltd. / Teshio Yume Farm Co., Ltd. / Reef Support Co., Ltd.

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