GIG Freelance / sideline recruitment service “Workship” will be free of initial costs

Freelance / side job recruitment service “Workship” will be free of initial costs
Enables smoother search and contract of outsourced human resources
“Workship”, a matching service for freelancers and side businesses operated by GIG Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takahiro Iwakami), will waive the initial introduction fee for the service.

■ Background of free initial introduction fee
Outsourcing human resources such as freelancers and sideline workers are attracting attention as a countermeasure against the declining working population and the shortage of high-skilled human resources who can respond to digitalization.
The characteristic of such outsourcing human resources is that highly skilled human resources that do not exist in the job change market can be used immediately after signing the contract. Especially for SMEs and venture companies that tend to have a constant shortage of workers, it is a great advantage to be able to contract with high-skilled human resources who can start working immediately. Therefore, we have decided to make the initial introduction fee free so that more companies can connect with highly skilled outsourcing personnel while reducing the costs incurred when introducing the service.
By eliminating the initial cost, it is possible to search for human resources with matching skills at the same time as opening an account. You can use it at a lower cost by shortening the period for
considering the cost of introducing it.
At Workship, we will continue to support those who aim for further challenges by promoting matching between companies and outsourced human resources through free initial introduction costs.
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■ What is Workship?
This is a matching service that connects people looking for a side job or side job, freelancers, and companies looking for ready-to-work human resources. As of December 2022, the number of registered members exceeds 41,000, and the cumulative number of companies using it is over 800.
“Workship” provides the following functions to smoothly match users who want to find a job with companies who want to request work. [For freelancers and sideline users]
・ A function that allows you to search by specifying detailed conditions such as operating hours and hourly wages
・Complimentary liability insurance and welfare service “Workship Club Off” etc. [For corporations]
・Recruitment, scouts, messages, online interviews, candidate management and contract conclusion are all possible
・ Matching support and trouble support by exclusive customer success ・ Recruitment management and operation management are all completed on Workshop “Workship” is equipped with a unique machine learning algorithm to match individuals who are suitable for projects. We will continue to aim for a service that delivers “fateful encounters” that make business more exciting for both individuals and companies.
WorkshipENTERPRISE (for corporations): ■ About GIG Co., Ltd.
From national clients to startups, we provide DX support such as web consulting, UI/UX design, and system development. In addition, we will develop “Workship”, a matching service for about 40,000 freelancers and side businesses, and “LeadGrid”, a CMS specializing in lead acquisition.
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