GK NeurotechJP Analyze the world’s latest brain science business! CES 2023 Neurotech Report now accepting reservations

Joint company NeurotechJP
Analyze the world’s latest brain science business! CES 2023 Neurotech Report now accepting reservations

The world’s largest electronic equipment trade fair “CES2023”. The NeurotechJP team, which operates the brain science interview media, will visit the site where the latest brain science companies gather and thoroughly analyze the trends. The “CES 2023 Neurotech Report” will provide a total of 60 to 100 pages of information on dozens of noteworthy companies from industrial and technological aspects. At the same time, we are accepting customization surveys in advance (~1/3), so please contact us if you are interested.
Joint company NeurotechJP (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative employee: Hayato Waki) has decided to sell the “CES2023 Neurotech Report”, which thoroughly analyzes the world’s latest brain science business, and has started accepting reservations. This report is based on on-site interviews and surveys with brain science companies submitted to CES2023, the world’s largest electronics trade fair.
Click here to make a reservation: https://neurotechjp.com/jp/slides/ces-2023/ [Image 1

Previous year CES2022 Neurotech report reference example
■ Overview of this report
This report “CES2023 Neurotech Report” is based on direct interviews and surveys with brain science (neurotech) companies at CES2023*, the world’s largest electronic equipment trade fair held in Nevada, USA in January 2023. , We are putting together the cutting edge of the brain science business.
[Image 2

CES2023 Contents
Click here for the reception form: https://neurotechjp.com/jp/slides/ces-2023/ ■ Customized surveys are also possible [Prior consultation required] In addition to basic reporting, we also accept survey requests for specific areas and companies at CES2023.
We will create a customized report according to your company’s needs. If you are interested, we would appreciate it if you could contact us by January 3, 2023, when CES2023 will be held.
■ Regarding the list of purchasers of the CES2022 Neurotech report of the previous year
Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd.
Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd.
United Energy Co., Ltd.
PKSHA Technology Co., Ltd.
Tohoku University, etc.
■ Selling other reports
[1. NEURO2022 Report]
We are reporting notable research from the Neuroscience Society “NEURO2022” (https://neuro2022.jnss.org) held in Okinawa on June 2022. Details: https://neurotechjp.com/jp/slides/neuro-2022/
[2. NEUROTECH 2023 Report]
It is a package report that summarizes the neurotech reports of CES2023 and NEURO2022 at a reasonable price. This year’s latest neurotech information is compiled from both industrial and academic aspects.
Details: https://neurotechjp.com/jp/slides/neurotech-2023/
■ What is NeurotechJP?
We operate a media that delivers the world’s forefront of neurotech. In addition to many famous startup founders such as Kernel and NeuroSky, we interview researchers at university facilities such as UCSF and UW and send them as articles and podcasts.
We also sell reports summarizing the latest information and reports summarizing the trends of academic societies and conferences. URL: https://neurotechjp.com/jp
Location: 3rd floor, Shinjuku No. 7 Hayama Building, 1-36-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative name: Representative employee Hayato Waki
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NeurotechJP
[Interview results so far]
Kernel Inc (USA), NeuroSky Inc (USA), Neurable Inc (USA), Neurosity Inc (USA), Blueberry Inc (Canada), IDUN Technologies Inc
(Switzerland), iMediSync Inc (Korea), MELTIN MMI (Japan),
UC San Francisco (USA), Univ of Washington (USA), Stanford Univ (USA), UC SanDiego (USA), RIT (USA), Univ of Tokyo (Japan), more..
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