glampark Co., Ltd. A great glamping plan has started in Japan’s largest foreign community “Chinese in Japan”! glampark Tsurugi no Yu

Glampark Co., Ltd.
A great glamping plan has started in Japan’s largest foreign community “Chinese in Japan”! [glampark Tsurugi no Yu]
[glampark Tsurugi no Yu] First overseas media collaboration! A special plan limited to Japan’s largest foreign community has started!
At glampark Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 5-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) operated facility [glampark Tsurugi no Yu] (270 Kiyahirakawai, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture 777-0302), one of the largest foreign communities in Japan We are pleased to inform you that we have started posting on “Japan-Chinese Area”.
[Image 1

Limited to Japan’s largest foreign community “Chinese in Japan” from [glampark Tsurugi no Yu] (270 Kiyahirakawai, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture 777-0302), located in a mountainous area surrounded by nature in Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture. We have started a special plan.
◆ glampark Tsurugi no Yu ◆
[] 1,955 meters above sea level, a ryokan located in a secluded area surrounded by the Mt.
A dome-shaped glamping facility [glampark Tsurugi-no-Yu] was born in collaboration with “glampark”, which operates glamping facilities that combine glamping with hotels and inns, in front of a spectacular view. [Image 2

At such glampark Tsurugi no Yu, we propose a special plan exclusively for inbound customers so that even foreign guests who are new to glamping can easily stay.
In collaboration with “Chinese Residents in Japan”, one of the largest foreign community in Japan with 220,000 members, we have released an accommodation fee discount campaign exclusively for members of the Chinese Residents in Japan.
Glamping is a hot topic not only in Japan but around the world. As a new travel style for the first visit to Japan after corona, we will welcome you at glampark’s glamping stay.
[Attraction of glampark Tsurugi no Yu 1. The overwhelming power, many cherry blossoms peeking from the glamping dome]
[Image 3

When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many kinds of cherry blossoms are in full bloom. You can enjoy cherry-blossom viewing from the windows of the dome or stroll around the area. The scenery of each season, such as autumn foliage and winter snowscapes, is also a must-see.
It is a facility with a calm atmosphere in the middle of nature, so you can relax both physically and mentally.
[Attraction of glampark Tsurugi no Yu 2. Savor the luxurious full course of Tokushima local cuisine]
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[Image 5

In the BBQ plan with ingredients, the highlight is the BBQ that sticks to carefully selected ingredients. You can enjoy Awa beef, which is a Japanese black beef with a well-balanced marbled lean meat and fat, and a chewy texture that melts in your mouth.
We also recommend the plump and juicy Awa chicken, which is packed with umami, and Hirarayaki, a local dish of Tokushima in an unexplored region.
Raised in the great outdoors, a whole amego with firm flesh is laid out on a generous amount of miso and grilled.
Please try Hirarayaki, which is packed with the aroma of miso, the soup stock of candy, and the umami of vegetables.
You can also choose a plan to bring all the ingredients yourself and enjoy a BBQ full of originality.
[Attraction of glampark Tsurugi no Yu 3. Comfortable stay in a spacious dome with air conditioning]
[Image 6

Luxury dome tents with a diameter of 6 m that can accommodate up to 4 people have been adopted at mountain resorts in the Swiss Alps and desert glamping facilities, and have been proven to be adaptable in both hot summers and cold winters. The double-structured rooms are equipped with air conditioning, so you can spend your time comfortably in all seasons.
Tokushima Prefecture is popular with both domestic and foreign customers. Enjoy a special time that you can’t feel in everyday life with glamping where you can enjoy local ingredients and dishes in a location surrounded by nature.
[Chinese in Japan]
Established in 2013, Japan’s largest foreign community, currently 220,000 members
A friendship group that gathers like-minded people and carries out social contribution activities together with the activity philosophy of delivering passion, hope, health, challenge, and wisdom.
*Glamping campaigns and discount rates may end or change without notice depending on the situation.
△ Facility overview △
Facility name: glampark Tsurugi no Yu
Address: 270 Kiyahirakawai, Mima City, Tokushima Prefecture 777-0302 Number of accommodation buildings: 1 building only
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[glampark Co., Ltd.]
We are developing a new style of glamping facilities across the country that combines glamping facilities, which are recognized as new experience-based accommodation facilities to avoid the three Cs, and inns and hotels that boast good old-fashioned hospitality services. HP:
TEL: 03-6820-1224
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