GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. FX Prime by GMO starts a cashback campaign of up to 500,000 yen according to the transaction volume with “selectable foreign currency”!

GMO Financial Holdings, Inc.
FX Prime by GMO starts a cashback campaign of [up to 500,000 yen] according to the transaction volume with “selectable foreign currency”!

FX Prime byGMO, Inc. (President Kazutoshi Yasuda, hereinafter referred to as FX Prime by GMO), a consolidated company of GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. of the GMO Internet Group, which operates a financial instruments business and a commodity futures trading business, will open on December 1, 2022. From Sunday (Thursday), we have started a campaign to cash back up to 500,000 yen for new transactions with foreign exchange deposit trading (FX) “selectable foreign currency”. [Image 1

In this campaign, cashback will be given according to the amount of new transactions in foreign exchange margin trading (FX) “selectable foreign currency” during the cashback campaign period. All customers who apply for this campaign and meet the transaction conditions will be eligible for cashback, so please consider using this opportunity to trade in a “selectable foreign currency”.
[About this campaign]
■ Up to 500,000 yen cashback campaign period
December 1, 2022 (Thursday) 7:00 am to February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) 6:59 am ■ Campaign target
Customers who applied for the campaign
* Customers eligible for the “Account Opening Cash Back Program” are not eligible for this campaign.
■ Campaign application method
Please apply from the campaign application form on our website during the campaign period.
■Cashback date
It is scheduled to be deposited into the customer’s representative account (selectable foreign currency account) on February 17, 2023 (Friday).
■ Target currency pair
Currency pairs other than USD/JPY and USD/JPY (L)
■ Transaction conditions and cashback amount
Cashback will be given to customers who meet the following conditions for the total amount of new transactions during the period of “selectable foreign currency” transactions.
[Image 2d30257-527-e4b543422b2792fb2796-1.png&s3=30257-527-a535391a67159f15feb91f314c21989f-1200x630.png
■Campaign URL FX Prime by GMO, as a group of foreign exchange professionals, has a “management philosophy” that contributes to the asset building of customers and the creation of a prosperous society. Based on this philosophy, we will continue to strive to improve product and service levels, improve customer convenience and profitability, and contribute to the further development of the FX industry.
-FX Prime Co., Ltd. by GMO-
Financial Instruments Business Operator/Registration Number: Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 259, Commodity Futures Business Operator
Member associations: Financial Futures Association of Japan, Japan Investment Advisers Association, Japan Commodity Futures Association Each product is not a financial product that guarantees profits, there is a risk of suffering damage due to price fluctuations, and the investment principal is not guaranteed.
It is possible to trade with a larger amount than the amount of the deposited security deposit, the profit and loss fluctuation rate of the investment principal is large compared to the market price fluctuation rate, and there is a risk that the loss may exceed the deposited security amount depending on the situation.
There is a difference between the buy and sell prices of each product, the swap points, and the receipt and payment of each adjustment amount. In addition, due to interest rate fluctuations and market fluctuations, swap points and each adjustment amount may change from receipt to payment.
When the market fluctuates suddenly, when an index is announced, etc., the spread of the price of each product may widen, and slippage may occur. As a result, contracts may be executed at a price that is less favorable than when the order was placed. In addition, orders may not be accepted due to reasons such as decreased market liquidity. Each product has a loss-cut function, except for “selectable foreign exchange options”, and if the total market value of each product falls below a certain percentage of the required deposit, the account for that product will be loss-cut. Loss exceeding the principal may occur at the time of loss cut or forced settlement. Fees, etc. and risks differ for each product, so please carefully read the “Documents delivered before concluding a contract”, “Transaction manual”, “Terms and conditions”, etc. Please conduct transactions based on your own calculations at your own discretion and responsibility.
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