Good Room, Super Hotel and Monthly Plan Partnership Started

Goodroom Co., Ltd.
Good Room, Super Hotel and Monthly Plan Partnership Started
~Natural, Organic, Smart and LOHAS Stay~

Goodroom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO), a subsidiary of gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Hiroshi Ogura), which operates the long-stay hotel subscription service “goodroom Hotel Pass” : Hiroyuki Ogura) will be operated by Super Hotel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Osaka, President: Kensaku Yamamoto) from November 2022. started offering a monthly plan.
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Part of the target hotel/monthly usage fee
・Super Hotel Premier Akasaka: ・Super Hotel Namba/Nihonbashi: ・Super Hotel Asakusa: [Image 2d10439-36-5c0b27e82dfdd49e46a8-1.png&s3=10439-36-7703b621bb802a5cd6f020e33d8e49d3-771x666.png
                    ※The contents and prices are subject to change without notice.
What is Super Hotel?
With the brand concept of Natural, Organic, and Smart, this hotel chain aims to provide customers with a LOHAS experience, one step ahead, and offers a time that is kind to both people and the earth. Based on the three concepts of peace of mind, cleanliness, and a good night’s sleep, we will continue to develop business hotels both in Japan and overseas, with 171 hotels in Japan and 1 hotel overseas. It continues to innovate, and has won the J.D. Power “Hotel Guest Satisfaction* No. 1 d10439-36-228af66c65ecd284174a-6.png&s3=10439-36-5ef9d36639edf583053d2a987705b85c-533x377.png
◎ 8 types of pillows to choose from
By choosing the height of the pillow that suits you, you can eliminate worries such as “I can’t sleep in the hotel life” and “I can’t sleep when the pillow changes”.
[Image 4d10439-36-5d27e48195c05bb21ef4-7.png&s3=10439-36-d367260c33b687ae638b3cc588ce14b9-533x394.png
◎Facilities with natural hot springs
Some super hotels use natural hot springs or high-concentration artificial carbonated springs instead of tap water. There are many hotel users who cite “large public bath” as a condition for choosing a hotel, which is a nice point.
[Image 5d10439-36-fff2ed70b77127f1da24-8.png&s3=10439-36-e494eb4fba60bc350e01108c7429f73b-554x393.png
What is goodroom hotel pass
Based on the concept of “Everything in life is good,” a subscription service for hotel living in partnership with more than 800 facilities* in 47 prefectures nationwide (*as of the end of November 2022). You can use a hotel suitable for teleworking, living like traveling in tourist spots, multi-site living, etc. at a reasonable flat rate (from 69,800 yen per month) that is the same as renting. Service start date: June 2020 / URL:
Contact information
Goodroom Co., Ltd. Public Relations Iwata
E-mail: / TEL: 070-3985-8186
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