Grace Co., Ltd. Taiwan Sweet Shop A happiness bag full of happiness will be released in 2023! There is also a limited-edition castella made in collaboration with the Taiwanese design brand Inkaraku!

Grace Co., Ltd.
[Taiwan Sweet Shop] A happiness bag full of happiness will be released in 2023! There is also a limited-edition castella made in
collaboration with the Taiwanese design brand Inkaraku!
The 2023 Kofukubukuro comes in a very satisfying 1,680 yen (tax included) with sweet castella designed in collaboration with Inkaraku!
Grace Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Takaaki Suga), which operates Taiwan Tenten Shoten, a Taiwanese gastronomy and sweets specialty store, is a collaboration product with the Taiwanese design brand “Infarer”. We will sell a limited number of Taiwanese sweets sets, including “Happiness Bag”. [Image 1d36360-68-622ab519e3dbc48b5162-4.jpg&s3=36360-68-5e3843dc0a7e7418161eb56dc0ad3ac1-1444x1000.jpg

Only in 2023, a collaboration happiness bag of Taiwan Sweet Shop x Inkaraku! In 2023, the happiness bag of Taiwan Ten Shoten will include a limited collaboration design Ten Castella with “Inka Raku”, a representative of made-in-Taiwan products, as well as free drinks and sweets tickets, and the sister store “Taiwan Confectionery Wanhua” of Taiwan Ten Shoten. A set of pineapple cakes will be sold for 1,680 yen (tax included) in limited quantities.
See below for more information on the Happiness Bag.
[Image 2d36360-68-14b3e6cc2484df728d75-10.jpg&s3=36360-68-a7be1d13ca05499d1d807a76933b097c-400x250.jpg
1. Ten Castella (plain) with a limited collaboration design between Taiwan Ten Shoten and Inkaraku
Among the sweets of Taiwan Sweet Shop, sweet castella is so popular that it is sold out in the afternoon and you can’t buy it.
Let it sit overnight and enjoy the soft and moist texture of the sweetened castella together with the exclusive Inkaraku collaboration design.
[Image 3d36360-68-ea7f85e16fbdd1fb0b57-8.jpg&s3=36360-68-791b7e3e3c06b58f41eddfd9b7d38ae9-650x459.jpg

2. Taiwan confectionery Wanhua pineapple cake
When it comes to souvenirs from Taiwan, pineapple cake always comes to mind. Wanhua’s pineapple cake uses a recipe developed by a Taiwanese confectioner to create an exquisite harmony of sweet and sour Taiwanese pineapple with a buttery dough.
We have prepared a Wanhua Homemade Pineapple Cake with an original blend of 100% Taiwanese pineapples and a Classic Pineapple Cake with a mellow sweetness of pineapple and winter melon.
[Image 4d36360-68-2e79e07e1359a19fc1a0-9.jpg&s3=36360-68-fc5fcd6c6b5300bdf1fbe4b3c8e5689a-650x414.jpg
3. Free ticket for one free drink from Taiwan Tenten
A ticket that gives you a free drink of Taiwan Tenten Shoten’s specialty drink made with chewy raw tapioca.
Taiwan Ten Shoten’s fresh tapioca is imported directly from Taiwan, and we only offer freshly made tapioca within 120 minutes after making it at the store.
Please enjoy the tapioca drink filled with plenty of commitment. You can use it from the day you purchase the happiness bag.
[Image 5d36360-68-68a0df401ad72837f9d9-7.jpg&s3=36360-68-c9ad18b708a682584954f00983a0d10e-1501x1000.jpg
4. Free ticket for 1 Taiwan sweet shop sweets
A ticket that gives you one free item of Taiwanese sweets such as bean flowers, sweet potato balls, and sen grass, which are representative of Taiwanese sweets.
The product development team of Taiwan Ten Shoten personally visited Taiwan and carefully reproduced the authentic taste of Taiwan. You can use it from the day you purchase the happiness bag.
Happiness Bag Contents:
1. Taiwan Ten Shoten x Inkaraku Limited Design Ten Castella (Plain) 1 piece 2. Taiwan confectionery Wanhua
Wanhua Homemade Pineapple Cake, 1 Classic Pineapple Cake
3. One free drink ticket of your choice
5. One free ticket for your favorite sweets
Sale period: December 28, 2022 (Wednesday)-Ends as soon as it is gone * The sales start date varies depending on the store. Please contact each store for details.
Target stores: All stores except LaLaport EXPOCITY store, Shinjuku store, Mallage Kashiwa store, Piole Himeji store, and Oita OPA store Price: 1,680 yen (tax included)
・Free drinks and sweets tickets can only be used at the store where you purchased them.
・Free drink/sweets tickets cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns or Tian’s Day.
・Free drinks and sweets tickets cannot be used in conjunction with point card benefits.
・Free drink and sweets tickets are valid until Sunday, December 31, 2023. ・Points will not be awarded to the point card when using the free drink/sweets ticket.
What is Ingaraku?

[Image 6d36360-68-e5617142864fbff81249-3.jpg&s3=36360-68-7a269efd39a3a1e6b8fbf6d5220d7dce-1500x994.jpg
A textile design brand born in Taiwan in 2008.
With the philosophy of “creating products that are friendly to society and the environment”, we continue to contribute to Taiwanese society by working on product development and design projects based on the concept of design x creativity x sustainability.
The company specializes in textile design.
The fact that we mainly deal in textiles that can be used repeatedly is filled with the founder’s strong desire to design with
consideration for the sustainability of the environment and society. [Image 7d36360-68-4187659f5a0cfae26f8e-2.jpg&s3=36360-68-c62a80b68b179b309f24f6c3c92afa98-3900x2603.jpg
Colorful Taiwanese designs that are exciting just by looking at them range from modern to traditional Taiwanese.
The high-quality design and corporate philosophy have attracted many fans, and now they are highly popular as souvenirs of Taiwan trips. This happiness bag will be the first collaboration between Taiwan Sweet Shop and Inka Raku.
We will release collaboration projects one by one, so please look forward to it. Inkaraku Official Homepage:
What is Taiwan Sweet Shop?
[Image 8d36360-68-f862e8815b7797ff96f2-0.jpg&s3=36360-68-1063c451fc76fd26becae434dc2efbee-650x288.jpg
“Heal your heart, Taiwan time”
The food culture of Taiwan, which is familiar to Japanese people, is characterized by its deep flavor, which is the opposite of its freedom and casualness. It is full of charm that cannot be expressed in a single word, as you will naturally feel lighter when you take a bite. We will deliver the indescribable charm of Taiwan, which boasts the No. 1 happiness in East Asia, to everyone in Japan through food. In addition, in 2022, Taiwan Sweet Shop will move forward with courage toward the restoration of happiness.
Please look forward to the future of Taiwan Sweet Shop.
Official LINE:
Details about this release:

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