Grand opening in December 2022 “tama sea terrasse” where you can enjoy a quiet adult time with a cafe terrace, cottage, and camp where you can see the ocean in front of you

tama sea terrace
[Grand opening in December 2022] “tama sea terrasse” where you can enjoy a quiet adult time with a cafe terrace, cottage, and camping where you can see the sea spreading in front of you
A place for grown-ups to feel “nature” and “time” quietly in a quiet space by the seaside

Tama Umi Terrasse (Tamada, Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture) began as a quiet campsite with a panoramic view of the sea, but in response to inquiries and requests from customers who actually visited, the cafe terrace was opened to the general public. We will inform you that we have newly established a cottage.
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A place for adults to feel “nature” and “time” quietly
About 20 minutes by car from Higashi-Mito Road Oarai IC. If you enter the side road from National Route 51 and go down the slope, the blue sea and the sky spread out as far as you can see, and you can spend a relaxing time in the great outdoors.
At tama sea terrasse, we offer three spaces and experiences: camping, cafe and cottage.
In particular, we have newly prepared an empty-handed bonfire experience and an empty-handed day BBQ plan, which have received many inquiries.
The biggest attraction is that you can enjoy the fantastic view of the sea and the sky from any place, taking advantage of the vast grounds and natural slopes. In addition to the refreshing sea and sky during the day, you can also meet the sunrise, sunset, starry sky, and the moon road that shines on the sea surface on moonlit nights.
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A camping style where you can spend a luxurious and quiet time while feeling the nature with your five senses, the sea and the forest. Each campsite is 80 square meters or more, and we have prepared a luxurious space where you can set up multiple items such as tarps, tents, and hammocks. You can choose your favorite site from four sites: premium site, fire site, forest site, and dog site. There are plenty of activities, and you can enjoy classic ways to enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, barbecue, walking by the sea, bonfires, wood-chopping, and various events.
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The sky and the sea spread out in front of you Occupy a majestic location all to yourself
A cafe terrace newly established in October as a place where you can eat delicious Ibaraki Prefecture. Enjoy reading with your favorite book while listening to the soothing sound of the waves, or enjoy the sound of the waves while feeling the ocean up close on the outdoor terrace seats. In addition, you can spend time with your dog on the outdoor terrace, so please come visit us if you are a dog lover. Salad lunch with plenty of freshly harvested leafy vegetables and melons from Hokota City, the “Kingdom of Vegetables and Fruits” boasting the largest production volume in Japan, roasted sweet potatoes and Japanese black tea using organically cultivated Beni Haruka that has won awards in contests. Ibaraki brand “food” experience is also available. Please enjoy the hospitality unique to tamaumi terrace. [Image 6d109789-4-8a7e85b71acb7f7b65cc-5.jpg&s3=109789-4-c2cfde93c68e832aad1edee5700a7838-1479x1109.jpg
A hideaway in the great outdoors where you can forget about everyday life and enjoy a luxurious time
The cottage (accommodation facility) is a private space like a hideaway in nature. Inspired by an old private house in the
countryside of France, it is designed to create a sense of darkness and closure that contrasts with the location. Spend your time in your own way in a small, quiet and relaxing place that separates you from the world of information overload. And if you take a step outside, there is a blue sea that fills your field of vision. Forget your daily life and enjoy the luxurious space without worrying about your surroundings.
Like the campsite and cafe outdoor terrace, you can use the cottage with your dog.
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tamaumi terrace
Address: 1055-9 Hamabe, Tamada, Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture 311-1412 Access: 20 minutes by car from Higashi-Mito Road “Oarai” IC
Business hours: 9:00-17:30 (*Cafe 11:00-15:00 (L.O 14:30))
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Official website:
Official Instagram: tamaumi terrasse (@tamaumi_terrasse)
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