Gurunavi Co., Ltd. 2022 “Dish of the Year (R)” is “Frozen Gourmet” 2022 “Dish of the Year (R)” Pre ss Conference Post-event Report

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2022 “Dish of the Year (R)” is “Frozen Gourmet” 2022 “Dish of the Year (R)” Press Conference Post-event Report
■ “This year’s dish (R)” official website
Gurunavi Research Institute Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Hisao Taki; hereinafter referred to as Gurunavi Research Institute) conducts various surveys and research on the main theme of food and disseminates the results and proposals widely. We held a press conference for 2022 “This Year’s One (R)” to announce the food that reflects and symbolizes the social situation. Due to the fact that the introduction of quick freezers to restaurants has accelerated due to the corona sickness, and frozen gourmet that reproduces the menu of the restaurant as it is was born, “Frozen gourmet” as “One dish of the year (R)” in 2022. Announced.
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▲ Photo session (from left, Taki, Mr. Toro, Mr. Miura, Mr. Yoshitake, Mr. Takahashi)
At the presentation, Mr. Takao Takahashi, Minister’s Secretariat, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, gave a speech. In addition, Ms. Yoshiko Miura, a consumer affairs consultant and public relations manager of the Japan Frozen Foods Association, who promotes frozen gourmet food, took the podium and presented a commemorative gift. Mr. Miura said, “This year, many people have made frozen food, and various people have been involved in storage, transportation, sales, etc., and delicious frozen food has arrived. Congratulations to all of you.”
This year’s souvenir “Tokoro Fukuju Doshin Hamonzara” was created by Asao Tokoro, who is active in the border areas of art, architecture and design. design. Mr. Toro said, “I want to express my hope for delicious rice, so I wanted to express it on a plate. I want this plate to shine proudly.”

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Left: Mr. Miura receiving the souvenir Right: Mr. Toro explaining the souvenir ◆ A talk session will be held on the history of frozen gourmet and the future prospects of frozen gourmet at restaurants.
In the talk session, Mr. Yoshiko Miura and Mr. Hiroki Yoshitake, the owner chef of “Restaurant Sola” who served as a judge for Japan’s largest chef competition “RED U-35 2022” for young chefs, took the stage and talked about “Frozen We talked about gourmet.
When asked about the history of frozen foods, Mr. Miura said, “Japanese frozen foods started with freezing fish 102 years ago. The development of frozen foods has led to the spread of home appliances in the home, and the constant development of products that meet consumer needs has led to today’s frozen foods.” In addition, I felt that “Japanese frozen gourmet has become full-fledged during the corona crisis.”
Furthermore, as a background to the full-fledged frozen gourmet market in 2022, “One thing is that refrigeration technology has advanced, but there is a need to eat delicious food wherever you are. I was able to eat when I wanted to.”
Next, when I asked Mr. Yoshitake about the background of starting to sell frozen gourmet food, he said, “For chefs, frozen food had a negative image, but after 2020, when we can’t operate due to the corona crisis, we will use the ingredients in the store. I started looking into refrigeration equipment to make use of it,” he recalled. In developing, manufacturing and selling frozen foods, we repeat trial and error every day so that we can provide the same taste as in the store, and we are conscious of creating frozen products that change people’s preconceived notions. I think that confinement is the technology of freezing, so I would like to deliver it to all over Japan.”
Finally, Mr. Yoshitake enthusiastically said, “We chefs will cook locally-caught ingredients and sell them as frozen gourmet foods, not only in Japan but around the world.”
Mr. Miura said, “Because we can deliver frozen gourmet food to people all over the country and around the world, I hope that chefs will continue to use freezing technology and deliver delicious food to as many people as possible.” rice field.
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▲From the left, Ms. Yoshiko Miura and Mr. Hiroki Yoshitake during a talk session ◆ What is “This year’s dish (R)”?
“This year’s dish (R)” is a dish that reflects and symbolizes the social conditions of the year in order to preserve and pass on the excellent Japanese food culture as a common heritage of the people. (R)” is announced every year.
Gurunavi Research Institute hopes that through the announcement of “This Year’s Ichipaku (R)”, we will be able to contribute to the further development of Japan’s excellent food culture both
domestically and internationally. Gurunavi aims to contribute to the development of food culture based on its raison d’etre (PURPOSE), which is to “connect people through food. Satisfy people.”
◆ Overview of 2022 “This Year’s One Dish (R)”
Organizer: Gurunavi Research Institute, Inc., “This Year’s Dish (R)” Executive Committee
Co-organizer: Gurunavi, Inc.
Support: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tourism Agency, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) ◆ About the “This Year’s One Dish (R)” logo
[Image 4d1511-1217-607bdf43be513b908418-3.png&s3=1511-1217-0fb380b0b3bb3e52c8bbc617267766b4-400x400.png
[Image 5d1511-1217-96868b6b356e7c2d73c0-4.png&s3=1511-1217-6268a815febc700403c965bc54e5f3fe-203x90.png
The kanji “plate” is simply converted into a logo, and the upper curve is adopted from the hieroglyph. The stable, symmetrical shape indicates reliability and fairness, and the overall form is based on the image of “awards” such as trophies and podiums. In addition, by using red as the base color, it expresses “Japan” and “celebration”.

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  2. […] are working to “change people’s preconceived notions” about frozen foods, per Rehow. He added, “We chefs will cook locally-caught ingredients and sell them as frozen gourmet […]

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