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Hangzhou Yigure Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Hanasiko opens the world’s first flagship store “Saiko Secret Garden” in Hangzhou, China!

Hangzhou Yige Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Hanaseko opens the world’s first flagship store “Saiko Secret Garden” in Hangzhou, China!

On December 15, 2022, about five years after the brand was established on March 8, 2017, Hana Nishiko (Florasis), which is attracting a great deal of attention from a wide range of people, will open its world’s first flagship store, Saiko Secret Garden. Hidden Garden)” opened on the shores of the West Lake in Hangzhou. In addition, it was born as “the first art gallery type cosmetic shop” with a novel and stylish space configuration based on traditional Chinese beauty.
[Image 1d88779-6-1f8a0e20f9d4a6f6b395-17.jpg&s3=88779-6-37150fac962631b6a3f495f210a723dd-3900x2234.jpg
“West Lake Secret Garden” is located in “Huban Street”, a high-end shopping district on the banks of West Lake in Hangzhou.
The first art gallery type beauty space that is not just a shop “From the beginning, we wanted to create an art gallery where users can experience beauty rather than simply opening an offline shop. I want to provide artistic value,” he explained.
According to the representative, “Flagship Store: West Lake’s Secret Garden’s artistry has four aspects: hard art installations, soft art atmosphere, customized artistic beauty experience, and regular art exhibition activities. It is reflected,” he said.
[Image 2d88779-6-ff623dc2a8e7eda59f5e-18.jpg&s3=88779-6-82e3e8fa4eb4a5d1da1dcf94117c7ffb-2400x1600.jpg
Furthermore, as a fusion model of humanities and arts, fashion aesthetics and commercial space, it is highly supported by beauty experts as “the first art gallery type cosmetic shop space”. A ‘hidden’ secret garden using the aesthetics of Chinese gardens Another feature of Hana Nishiko’s (Florasis) Secret Garden is that it comprehensively expresses the aesthetic principles and landscaping techniques of Chinese gardens. Customers can always feel the natural elegance of the Chinese garden and at the same time experience the brand’s commitment to “tradition into fashion”.
[Image 3d88779-6-246d8bd87b1de430ab83-19.jpg&s3=88779-6-60fe21be48cb358a01fa1b6e5a18cf86-1700x2267.jpg
The Chinese garden has always been one of the brand DNAs of Hana Nishiko (Florasis), and the brand icon is the “eaves”, which are traditional architectural windows in the Gangnam region. In addition, ceramics and colored glazes that often appear in products and visuals are also materials and decorations that are often used in Chinese gardens.
In order to make it easier for visitors to find the store, we have prepared a mechanism as hidden content of “seven hidden gardens and thirteen views”.
[Image 4d88779-6-3b507341e205c8d03e09-20.jpg&s3=88779-6-ea420804a2085281be7f3262cbbe2df5-2999x2000.jpg
“Seven hidden gardens” refer to landscaping, Hundred Flowers, Fantasy, Poetry, Elegance, Crafts, and Ceremonies. I’m here. Flower shadow wall (exterior surface), Sougetsu window (window), Guanshanjing (window), Hundred flowers room (front hall), Juhuadai (cosmetics area), Curvature (stairs), Yoshimitsu (art area), Ro Eihei (AR spot), Takueibo (custom-made cosmetics zone), Fujidai (custom-made cosmetics zone), Kyoukyo (custom-made perfume zone), Nishiko Masashu (member salon).
China’s largest cosmetic brand store with long-term motto “not for profit” The West Lake Secret Garden (West Lake Hidden Garden) has two floors and a store area of ​​1,000 square meters. It is currently the largest cosmetics brand store in China, and is adjacent to the Apple flagship store and Louis Vuitton flagship store. I’m here.
[Image 5d88779-6-5d6c68efda5efcf87814-21.jpg&s3=88779-6-45084a465406e5a6cba824509953043a-3900x1792.jpg
There is a reason why we opened our first offline store in West Lake. The store manager said, “Florasis was born in 2017 on the shores of Xizi Lake in Hangzhou. The reason why I changed it is to show my respect for Saiko and to not forget my original intention.”
The store manager said, “The main purpose of opening the store is not only for profit, but through this flagship store, we want to create greater long-term value for users and provide a more unique
experience. We chose a large store to create a more comfortable space and provide a more comfortable experience.We set up a “pre-opening period” before the official opening, allowing some users to experience it first, and then based on their feedback. optimized.
[Image 6d88779-6-d471235d8e74e27f6a59-22.jpg&s3=88779-6-d400b1d3532c2582267ef032935bb952-2999x2000.jpg
Customers who actually visited said, “I was able to experience more than just buying products here.” I’m looking forward to it.” The grand opening of the flagship store in Hangzhou West Lake means that the Chinese cosmetic brand Florasys, which has used online as its main sales channel, will start more new attempts in 2023.
About Hanasiko (Florasis)
Hanashiko is a Chinese cosmetic brand from Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. The brand name “Florasis” is a coined word meaning “beautiful flower goddess” born from “Flora” and “Sister”. Based on the concept of “beautiful with flowers”, we apply traditional techniques that have been passed down since ancient times and manufacture cosmetic items based on our unique aesthetic philosophy. In addition, we use modern cosmetic manufacturing technology and natural plant-derived essences that are gentle on the skin. We aim to create cosmetics that combine beauty both in appearance and content, in line with the skin types, characteristics, and makeup needs of Asian women.
As for the logo, we call it “small eaves” design. This is based on the motif of the eaves, which are traditional architectural windows in the Jiangnan region of China, where our company is located. In this way, while tracing the roots of traditional Chinese culture, it is arranged in the present age.
Company name: Hangzhou Yige Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Unit 06, No. 2, Science Park Road, Baiyang Street, Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Name of Representative: Da-Yong Zhang
Date of establishment: October 12, 2015
Official website:
Amazon official shop
Qoo10 official shop Rakuten official shop: Official Twitter: @FlorasisJP / Official Instagram: -Inquiries from the general public-
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