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Hanshin Umeda Main Store Kei Saimura Oil Painting Exhibition

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Kei Saimura Oil Painting Exhibition ~Landscape of Light and Color~

■Hanshin Umeda Main Store 8F Hello Culture 1
■ December 14th (Wednesday) → December 20th (Tuesday) (until 5pm on the last day)
■ “Art Walk” Official URL: “Hello Culture” is an art gallery at the Hanshin Umeda Main Store, which actively disseminates paintings, objects, art miscellaneous goods, etc. that you can enjoy close to you.
This time, we would like to introduce the first solo exhibition in two years at Hanshin Umeda Main Store by Kei Saimura, a painter who uses rhythmic and simplified colors to capture the changing light. In this exhibition, we will show new works including still life paintings as well as overseas landscapes and domestic landscapes. Work introduction
[Image 1

“Toledo in early spring” (oil painting, P20) 550,000 yen
[Image 2

“Still Life” (oil painting, F3 size) 82,500 yen
[Image 3

“Green Furano” (oil painting, M4 size) 110,000 yen
[Image 4

“Sunshine in Spain” (oil painting, M4) 110,000 yen
[Image 5

“The time of rice planting – Azumino -” (oil painting, variant No. 6) 165,000 yen
[Profile of Kei Saimura]
[Image 6d14431-1322-e9073ad8594f2e3094a6-5.jpg&s3=14431-1322-3fb56489e7653358adb1ad12d2b27aeb-1131x1134.jpg
1975 Born in Osaka Prefecture.
2001 Graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Osaka University of Arts, and studied under Seimei Ikeda.
In the same year, he was selected for Kensuikai and Issuikai (selected every year thereafter).
2008 Received the Issuikai Newcomer Award.
Received the Issuikai Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Foundation Award in 2014. 2016 Nitten Special Selection.
Currently a member of the Issuikai, a committee member of the Kensuikai, and a member of the Nitten Association.
◎Scheduled dates for the artist to be in the gallery
December 14th (Wed) → 18th (Sun)
*Subject to change depending on the artist’s circumstances.
■Hanshin Umeda Main Store 8F Hello Culture 1
■December 14th (Wednesday) → December 20th (Tuesday) (until 5pm on the last day) ■ “Art Walk” Official URL: Details about this release:

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