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Hanshin Umeda Main Store Treat yourself to a wonderful treat. “#Snack Christmas”

Hankyu Hanshin Department Store Co., Ltd.
[Hanshin Umeda Main Store] Treat yourself to a wonderful treat. “#Snack Christmas”
“Good job for me this year!” Each floor will have snacks that sweetly wrap all of you, including yourself who worked hard, who worked hard in moderation, and who was lazy!

■ Hanshin Umeda Main Store 2nd floor → 8th floor
*The final day and closing time of each floor are different. Please check the official website for details.
■ December 14th (Wednesday) → 20th (Tuesday)
■ “# Snack Christmas” Official URL: ■ Hanshin Klover Magazine Official Instagram:
In December, go to Hanshin to find reward snacks! Miscellaneous goods coordinator Omomuroni loves delicious and cute things. Mr. Kaoru Adachi, editor-in-chief of Santokuishimbo, and Hanshin’s discerning buyers have picked up snacks that pamper themselves. Come on, let’s have a #snack Christmas with this and that, as desired.
Miscellaneous goods coordinator Omomuroni. Recommended!
[Image 1

2nd floor ethical convenience store
Tokyo “Eight British”
Christmas-limited nutty nuts assorted can (approximately 200 g) 3,888 yen A set of two kinds of mixed nuts from a vegan (*) sweets brand that does not use animal ingredients such as eggs, butter, milk, or white sugar. “Classic” is caramelized almonds, peanuts, and cashews with just organic maple syrup and sea salt. “Chocolate” is caramelized nuts with only organic maple syrup and sea salt, coated with French pure cocoa powder, and mixed with organic chocolate tablets. It is recommended not only as a snack, but also as a snack with wine or beer.
*Does not use animal-derived ingredients.
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“Sweet but salty?! It’s simple yet mysteriously delicious. I’ve become addicted to the ‘sweet and salty’ that you can enjoy as a snack with wine.”
[Image 2

2nd floor ethical convenience store
Tokyo “Gum Gum” (first appearance in Kansai)
Baked flower cookies (3 pieces) 1,101 yen
A flavorful almond cookie made with fragrant and crunchy whole wheat flour kneaded with plenty of butter. The decoration of chocolate and edible flowers is gorgeous with a fragrant crumbly texture! We are confident that we pursued the taste and appearance without using preservatives, white sugar, or margarine. The individual package, designed by British designer William Morris, has a printed “Thank You” message. Also recommended as a small gift.
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“The edible flowers are gorgeous and the message is attached, so even a single cookie can convey your feelings.
[Image 3

2nd floor ethical convenience store
Nara “Gluten Free Patisserie Yurikominato”
A shop that sticks to the ingredients and makes sweets that are kind to the mind and body. The cookie cans use rice flour, carob, organic cocoa, and mulberries from Tanba Sasayama. A gluten-free cookie that does not use wheat, dairy products, or white sugar. This time, a Christmas limited can with cute Santa and trees will appear. 《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“It’s very carefully made and has a gentle taste. But that’s not all. The carob part in the center of the flower cookie hidden under the Santa cookie is a little accent, and I’m glad you don’t get tired of eating it. !”
[Image 4

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Tokyo “Le Cafe du Bonbon” (first appearance in Kansai)
Gateau Fromage (21×6.5×5cm) 4,801 yen
*Scheduled number: 50
“Gateau Fromage” is made with 3 types of cheese: cream cheese, sour cream, and mascarpone, and is sweetly scented with vanilla beans. By baking in the oven for a long time in a hot water bath, it has a moist and rich taste. A shop in Motoyoyogi, Tokyo that has a sweets class and a cafe, and is a standard sweet that has been loved for nearly 20 years.
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“The taste of ‘BONBON’ is rich, but somehow crisp and clean. Personally, I think the owner Yuki Kubota’s cheesecake is the most delicious. There are many fans among food professionals, and it’s quite easy to eat in Tokyo. I can’t… Everyone, this is your chance!”

[Image 5

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Aichi “Battery”
Christmas assorted gift 2,401 yen
*Scheduled number: 100
An assortment of fragrant baked confectioneries such as pound cakes, maple apple financiers, and leaf pies that are soft, moist, and crunchy. As the name of the store “Buttery” suggests, they are particular about butter, and by using carefully selected butter for each product, the baked goods are richer and more fragrant. The cute holly package is an original “Buttery” design that also focuses on the design of the box and can.
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“Why is an assortment of baked sweets so exciting? The holly box is perfect for this time of year. It makes a great gift…and I want one for myself.”
[Image 6

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Fukuoka “dot and lady” (first appearance in Kansai)
Lemon cake x Strawberry cake 3 piece set (Saturday’s 2 lemon cakes, 1 strawberry cake) 1,001 yen
* Planned number of sales: 200
“Saturday’s Lemon Cake”, which uses wheat from Fukuoka Prefecture and blends whole lemons in the dough and sugar, has a refreshing sweetness that is addictive. “Strawberry cake” is a moist and fluffy dough mixed with “Amaou” strawberry jam and coated with sweet and sour strawberry chocolate. The texture of dried strawberries is an accent. A set of two sweet and sour flavors, lemon and strawberry. In addition, a special collaboration sable with illustrator Yutanpo Shirane is also available!
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“‘Saturday’s Lemon Cake’ has a refreshing taste that uses plenty of lemon in both the dough and icing. You can eat both with the sweet and sour ‘Strawberry Cake’.”
[Image 7

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Tokyo “Okashitsukasa Shirakaba”
Tarafuku monaka (6 pieces/presentation box) 1,550 yen
*Scheduled number: 80
The maneki-neko monaka, which is lying flat on the ground, is filled with bean paste made from white azuki beans produced in Hokkaido, also known as the “white diamond”! The lightness of the bean paste, which has a unique richness, is a taste that even those who like Japanese sweets can hardly find. When white azuki beans are cooked in a large copper pot, they become golden brown and are popular as auspicious sweets.
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“White bean paste in a red box, and a beckoning cat. While it is a lucky item, the appearance of it lying down with a colon is very photogenic. It might be a good gift for those who want to relax their shoulders and send a casual cheer.”
[Image 8

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Toyama “Nakao Seigetsudo”
Hot Dora Butter Assorted Set of 5
(original, cream cheese, almond chocolate, Gorojima Kintoki, curry/each one) 1,728 yen
*Scheduled number: 100
Hot Dora Butter Gift Box
(2 originals, cream cheese, almond chocolate, Gorojima Kintoki, curry / 1 each) 2,355 yen
* Planned number of sales: 35
A new dorayaki made by a long-established Japanese confectionery shop founded in 1870. If you heat the dorayaki sandwiched between grainy bean paste and butter in the microwave for 30 seconds, the skin will become fluffy, the bean paste will melt, and the melted butter will seep into the dough. In addition, you can enjoy various flavors such as the refreshingly sour “cream cheese” with cream cheese, and the “almond chocolate” with roasted almonds and chocolate.
《Omomuloni. I asked Mr.
“After 30 seconds in the microwave, the sizzling, melted butter has a sense of immorality… Not to mention the taste, Michihiro Hori’s loose illustrations are irresistibly cute. I want to do it (for myself too, of course).”
[Image 9

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Kumamoto “Bakey” (first appearance in Kansai)
Bakery Christmas cookie set (29 pieces) 1,301 yen
*Scheduled number: 100
“Bakey” started as a pastry shop in Hatsudai, Tokyo and is now in Kumamoto. Add a Christmas mood with 4 kinds of small cookies and a girl with a tree hairstyle! Aiming for “I want to eat every day! I want to eat again!”, we mainly use ingredients from Kyushu. We use simple recipes to bring out the best in the ingredients.
《I asked Kaoru Adachi》
“Every time I go back to Kumamoto, I buy this coffee because of its taste and packaging.
[Image 12

3rd floor event terrace -until 6pm on the last day-
Tokyo “Baked Confectionery Shop Asiato”
Ashiato’s Christmas stollen (1 piece) 2,301 yen
*Scheduled number: 100
Stollen is a traditional German sweet that is thinly sliced ​​and enjoyed before Christmas. The store’s proud Stollen, which has been sold at events and online shops since before the store opened, changes its composition little by little every year, and the taste evolves! This year’s dried fruits are 2 kinds of raisins, figs and cranberries. Everything is organically grown and slowly immersed in rum. Organic pecan nuts add texture. Wrapped in homemade marzipan for a more moist texture. Milky sweetness spreads with plenty of Hokkaido butter and beet sugar, and it has a gentle taste with a soft and elegant spice. 《I asked Kaoru Adachi》
“Ashiato, which is open only two days a week, makes me happy when I can buy a snack! The flavor is inspired by Christmas this year, and the delicate flavor is irresistible.”
[Image 13 ■ Hanshin Klover Magazine Official Instagram:
*Products listed are limited in number. Please forgive me when it is sold out. * Depending on the situation, we may limit the number of sales per person.

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