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Harman International Co., Ltd. Mark Levinson 50th anniversary limited model of 100 pairs worldwide Offering reference-class performance along with gorgeous design and craftsmanship Monaural power amp “ML-50” released

Harman International Co., Ltd.
Mark Levinson’s 50th anniversary commemorative model limited to 100 pairs worldwide Offering reference-class performance along with gorgeous design and craftsmanship Introducing the monaural power amp “ML-50”

Harman International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuma Kuwabara) commemorates the 50th anniversary of the brand from the high-end audio brand “Mark Levinson” representing the United States, limited to 100 pairs worldwide. The production monaural power amplifier “ML-50” will be released in December 2022, and we will start accepting orders from today. [Image 1

Since its founding in 1972, “Mark Levinson” has been recognized by the market as a synonym for high-end audio due to its astounding sound performance and unparalleled luxury of circuit elements and circuit configurations. . Mark Levinson’s sound philosophy is to “reproduce the excitement of live performances by faithfully reproducing the original sound”. We have recently developed the ML-50 monaural power amplifier.
Please enjoy the finest music experience with the monaural power amplifier “ML-50” that embodies the past 50 years and the future of the “Mark Levinson” brand.
[Product point]
Reference class monaural power amplifier
●Original pure pass circuit design
Anti-vibration isolation feet
● Custom glass top design and internal lighting for a premium feel -Limited production of 100 pairs worldwide managed by serialized pairing serial badges
【Product details】
In developing this product, the Mark Levinson team looked back on the design and engineering of past monaural power amplifiers that were touted as so-called “signature machines.” All of them are product groups that have had a great influence on subsequent products. The name “ML-50” comes from the “ML-2”, the first power amplifier manufactured from 1977 to 1986. In addition, the large front pannel handle of this product was inspired by the “No20” manufactured from 1986 to 1995 and its upgraded models “No20.5” and “No20.6”. The No.33 (1994-2003) and No.33H (1997-2007) power amplifiers, the brand’s first to bear the “Reference” name, are equipped with anti-vibration isolation feet that provide a solid foundation for the “ML-50.” The concept of the glass front panel and red backlit logo design was taken from the “No53” manufactured from 2008 to 2019. And the “No536” (2015-) power amplifier is the platform for the audio performance of this product.
[Image 2

■ Reference-class monaural power amplifier
[Image 3

While using the current top-of-the-line monaural power amplifier “No536” as a platform, the power supply and audio circuitry have been greatly enhanced.
 The noise floor is reduced by increasing the capacity of the high-voltage power supply (voltage gain and pre-driver circuit) capacitors to 13,200uF. Next, we maximized the capacity of the main high-current power supply to 206,800uF and reconfigured the Schottky rectifier for a low-impedance path from the transformer to the filter capacitor for increased dynamic power. Furthermore, distortion is reduced by increasing the bias of the output stage, ensuring an output of up to 20W in the class A area with an 8Ω load, and a record high output of 425W in the class AB area with an 8Ω load. increase. ■Original pure pass circuit design
Following the “Mark Levinson” traditional pure pass circuit design. Low distortion and high transient capability are achieved through the use of carefully selected fully discrete components in a fully balanced circuit configuration for precise electrical transmission from signal entry to exit.
[Image 4

■ Anti-vibration isolation feet
Equipped with anti-vibration isolation feet that dampen vibrations in all four corners of the main chassis. In addition to eliminating unnecessary vibration from the main unit, by lifting the main unit from the installation surface, the left and right external heat sinks enhance convection cooling. Provides better audio performance and stable operating environment.
[Image 5

■ Custom glass top design and internal lighting that creates a premium feel Adopting a custom glass top design and LED lighting that allows you to see the detailed circuit design. Produces a premium feel suitable for the 50th anniversary model.
■ Limited production of 100 pairs worldwide managed by serialized pairing serial badges
From its founding in 1972 to the present day, all “Mark Levinson” amplifiers have been developed and produced in the United States. This product is limited to 100 pairs worldwide, and comes with a serial badge along with proof that it has passed strict inspection standards. 【Main Specifications】
Product name: ML-50
Type: Reference monaural power amplifier
Output: 425W/ch@8Ω, 850W/ch@4Ω
Gain: 26dB
Input sensitivity: 142mV RMS (2.83V RMS)
Total harmonic distortion: 0.04% or less (1kHz/425W@8Ω)
S/N ratio: 85dB (2.83V RMS)
Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz (+0/-0.2dB)
Input terminal: balanced (XLR) x 1, unbalanced (RCA) x 1
Input Impedance: Balanced (XLR): 60kΩ / Unbalanced (RCA): 30kΩ Control terminal: RS-232 port, Ethernet port, USB-A for updates, IR remote input,
           Trigger input/output (12V DC)
Power consumption: Max: 1,500W, No signal: 560W,
          Standby: 65W (normal) / 5W (power save) / 0.5W or less (Green mode) External dimensions: width 438 x height 216 x depth 581 mm (including protrusions)
Weight: 49kg
Accessories: power cable, instruction manual
Release date: Scheduled for release in December 2022
Standard price: ¥6,050,000/pair
*Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. -About Mark Levinson-
Brand “Mark Levinson” on behalf of the United States which established the new genre called the high-end audio system. This historic design concept has been handed down to the present day, producing
epoch-making products that continue to receive high praise from audiophiles around the world as reference systems.
-About Harman International (Harman International Industries, Incorporated)- Harman International designs, manufactures and markets premium audio, visual and connected vehicles and their integrated solutions for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. Leading brands including our AKG(R), Harman Kardon(R), Infinity(R), JBL(R), Lexicon(R), Mark Levinson(R) and Revel(R) are used by audiophiles, artists, It is widely used and praised at event/concert venues. Today, more than 50 million vehicles are equipped with our audio and infotainment systems, and our software services power billions of vehicles across all platforms – office, home, car and mobile. We help mobile devices and systems securely connect and integrate. Harman International employs approximately 30,000 people worldwide. Customer contact
Harman International Call Center
Phone: 0570-550-465
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