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Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. BLACKPINK Lisa and Keita Machida appear for the first time on the cover of the February issue of “ELLE Japon”!

Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.
BLACKPINK Lisa and Keita Machida appear for the first time on the cover of the February issue of “ELLE Japon”!
Decorate the covers of the regular and special editions. Also includes an exclusive interview.

“ELLE Japon” (operated by Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd., head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Nicola Floquet) is “El Japon” 2 with Lisa of BLACKPINK on the cover. The monthly issue will be released on Monday, December 26th. This is the first time that Lisa has graced the cover of this magazine.
Also, on the same day, actor Keita Machida will appear for the first time on the cover of the “Elle Japon February Special Edition Keita Machida Special Edition”, which will be released separately from the regular edition.
[Image 1

Modern basic of “Celine” worn by Lisa. In the interview, he also talked about his thoughts on the current world tour.
BLACKPINK’s Lisa, who has been unwaveringly popular since her debut in Korea in 2016, will be on the cover of this issue of the “New Era Keywords, Key Persons” feature. In addition to the cover, on the 6 pages inside, he will appear wearing the “Celine” collection, which he serves as an ambassador.
In addition, an exclusive interview conducted before the start of the world tour is also posted on the inside. He talked about his tour and his thoughts on the new album “BORN PINK”.
Interview excerpt
“Through the world tour, we will show you a side of us that we have never seen before. (Omitted) I haven’t seen Blink in Japan for a long time, but I want to interact with everyone again and make new memories. I think!”
* The special features in which Lisa appears are the same in both the regular and special editions.
Keita Machida shines beautifully wearing “Boucheron” jewelry Keita Machida, an actor who attracts people with his natural and neat charm, decorated the cover of this magazine for the first time in “El Japon February Special Edition Keita Machida Special Edition”. On the inside, she wears jewelry from the jewelry brand “Boucheron” from Paris and appears in the popular project “ELLE MEN”. Please enjoy the beautiful sparkle story woven by Mr. Machida with many jewelry. Furthermore, in the special edition, fashion portraits and exclusive interviews are posted on 9 pages, which is more than the regular edition. The interview, where you can get a glimpse of Mr. Machida’s true face, such as how to face acting as an actor and how to refresh yourself in private, is a must-see for fans.
On the day of the release, the video project “YOU’VE GOT MAIL” will be released on El Men’s official Instagram. Mr. Machida answered questions not included in this magazine, such as “What is your favorite time of the day?” and “What was the most embarrassing thing this year?”
Interview excerpt
“When you read the script and you don’t really understand the emotions of the character you play, you need to face your own values ​​and sensibilities. (Omitted) Sometimes I feel that acting is like therapy.”
[Elle Digital] (December 26th at 10 AM)
[El Men Official Instagram] (Released at 10:00 am on December 26)
“ELLE Japon” February issue Other contents
[Image 2

ELLE Japon February issue middle page
・ Keywords and key persons for the new era
・Update me with a spring break!
・ Louvre Museum Exploring the secrets of love paintings
・ Spring cosmetic new color trend guide
・Nominate purchase of new small leather goods!
・[El Men] Keita Machida
“ELLE Japon” February issue
[Release date] Monday, December 26, 2022
[Price] 850 yen (tax included)
[Sales bookstores] Bookstores nationwide, online bookstores, ELLE SHOP About ELLE Japon
In 1989, ELLE Japon (released on the 28th of every month) was launched as the Japanese version of the world’s most beloved fashion magazine, ELLE. The concept is “Open your appetite – live with curiosity”. These are the words spoken by Hélène Lazarev, the founder of Elle, when the first Elle was published in France in 1945. With fashion as killer content, we will deliver messages that invigorate women today and images of tomorrow, such as beauty, culture, and lifestyle. In 1996, ELLE Digital was born as the first women’s web magazine. ELLE Digital, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, continues to evolve in line with the needs of the times, and as a pioneer of digital fashion media, it updates an overwhelming volume of original articles every day.
In addition, the ELLE Japon magazine includes paper that is
“environmentally friendly” and “earth-friendly” that has been approved by PEFC*, an organization that plans and operates an international forest certification system, and paper that is produced to reduce environmental impact. We use vegetable oil inks made from reproducible plant-derived oils and recycled oils that are made from recycled waste cooking oils.
*Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes About Hearst Fujingaho
Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd. is a member of Hearst, a global company headquartered in the United States that operates information, service, and media businesses in 40 countries around the world. Hearst Digital Japan Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd., which was established in 2016 to expand digital business. Starting with “Fujingaho”, which was first published in 1905, “ELLE”, “25ans”, “Harper’s BAZAAR”, “MEN’S CLUB”, etc. , management of numerous digital media and publishing of magazines related to culture, design, food, weddings, etc. The e-commerce business, including ELLE SHOP, has also grown to become a pillar of earnings. In recent years, we have launched HEARST made, which provides total support for the marketing activities of client companies, and data-based brand marketing support. We are developing corporate activities that fuse digital and data with knowledge in content production, such as launching “HEARST Data Studio” to conduct
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