Held an event to commemorate the opening of ZENB “Sinaki Ramen Shop”

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Held an event to commemorate the opening of ZENB “Sinaki Ramen Shop” Kanako Murakami and Lalande Saya appear! Coming out of the top 3 rankings of unhealthy “sin” that you just do. Mr. Saya was impressed with the ramen tasting “I don’t feel guilty! No count!”

ZENB JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Handa City, Aichi Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as ZENB) will open a cafe and food hall under the Shinjuku elevated railway for 13 days from December 6th (Tuesday) to December 18th (Sunday), 2022. Sanagi Shinjuku”, we will open a “guilt-free ramen shop” that offers a “guilt-free bowl” that fulfills both satisfaction and health without feeling guilty. In commemoration of this, an event was held to commemorate the opening of the “Sinashi Ramen Shop” on Tuesday, December 6th.
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“Sinless Ramen” special site (https://zenb.jp/pages/zenbnoodle215) *Open from 14:00 on Wednesday, December 7th.
At the event commemorating the opening of the “Sinashi Ramen Shop”, ZENB President Nobuhisa Hamana talked about the ZENB brand, the background and goals of opening this limited-time “Sinashi Ramen Shop”, and the new We introduced the products.
In the latter half of the recital, in commemoration of the opening of the “Sin-Naki Ramen Shop”, we invited professional figure skater Kanako Murakami and Saya from the comedy duo Lalande as special guests. Announcement of the top 3 rankings of sinful eating habits and a 3-choice quiz about ZENB. At the end of the event, we had the chance to try the limited-edition “Three Great Ramen in Japan” and “ZENB Veggie Ramen Soup,” which will be released on December 7th
ZENB, which fulfills both “delicious” and “good for the body”, aims to open a “guilless ramen shop”
ZENB noodles are healthy and delicious, so everyone should be able to eat them without feeling guilty. For this event, I hope that you can eat healthy and delicious ramen without worrying about the ramen that you tend to put up with. I would like everyone to lighten their hearts and enjoy ramen. Japan’s largest recipe site “Cookpad” has selected “bean noodles” as one of the ingredients in the “next year’s trend forecast” announced every year. There is also an increase in health consciousness, and I think one of the great attractions of ZENB noodles is that you can feel guilty while eating them. We hope that ZENB Noodles will spread within the genre of “Mame Noodles” and become familiar to more people.
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Professional figure skater Kanako Murakami and comedy duo Lalando Saya will be on stage
Under the call of the MC, special guests Kanako Murakami, a
professional figure skater, and Saya from the comedy duo Laland appeared on stage. In December, the cold became severe, but Mr. Murakami said with a smile, “He is strong against the cold!” Reconfirm that you are a figure skater. Mr. Murakami said, “I’m very careful about what I eat, so I’m really looking forward to eating it today!” about ZENB noodles for the first time. I’m buying it! This year, I’m eating ZENB noodles because I want to live seriously with the theme of health.”
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Announcing the ranking of unhealthy eating habits
Next, a big announcement in ranking format of the unhealthy eating habits of the two people. Mr. Murakami said with a wry smile, “It’s a good plan to correct my eating habits. But it’s hard to narrow it down to three!” It was tough,” he was worried.
Let’s start with Murakami’s ranking. 3rd place: “Even though I’m usually careful about my eating habits, I suddenly eat junk food”, 2nd place: “Even though I’m aiming for a gluten-free life, I end up eating something that’s not gluten-free” , 1st place “I can’t stop eating sweets after meals!”.
Mr. Murakami confessed, “I love sweets, especially shaved ice is not a dessert but a staple food. Yesterday I ate shaved ice in the cold. I can’t help but eat French fries endlessly.”
Next is Mr. Saya’s ranking. 3rd place “Sakizente Kaedama”, 2nd place “Cheat day even though I haven’t trained”, 1st place “Topping of curiosity”. Saya said with a smile, “I ask you to take the lead in adding extra substitutes so that my future self won’t be in trouble.” While laughing, “I haven’t trained my body, and I haven’t been to a competition, but I’m having a cheat day. I like to combine them.” [Image 4

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Saya was deeply moved by the tasting, “I don’t feel guilty! No count!” In addition to the announcement of the ranking, we prepared a real food corner for the two who were excited about the three-choice quiz related to ZENB. At this event, we were treated to one bowl each of the ramen made with “ZENB Veggie Ramen Soup,” one of Japan’s top three ramen offerings for a limited time. Murakami-san exclaimed, “Eating ramen in the cold is the best!” Saya says, “It’s chewy and has a good flavor. I think this is good for all noodles. I thought it would have a unique smell because it’s 100% beans, but it doesn’t. Easy to eat. Even if you eat it at night. I don’t feel guilty. No count!” Mr. Murakami also said, “This is sugar free? I can’t believe it! I don’t feel unsatisfactory and the texture is good. I’m already impressed.” I think I’m going to eat it. As a result, it’s zero plastic!? I’m going to eat more and more. It’s really delicious!”
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-Comment from Kanako Murakami-
“In an era where it is becoming more important to be happy and healthy, I think there are many people who want to take care of their health, but they still want to eat delicious food. is unbelievably delicious. I hope everyone can be happy by eating something delicious and healthy.”
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-Comment from Lalande Saya-
“I usually eat ZENB noodles with pasta or thin somen noodles, so today was my first time eating ramen. It will be zero, so I would like to recommend it to sinful people like my partner Nishida.I want people who are sinful and not to experience ZENB noodles.”
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Overview of “Sinless Ramen Shop”
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 to Sunday, December 18, 11:00-20:00 *Closes at 17:00 only on Sunday, December 18
Sanagi Shinjuku (3-35-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
Offer menu
・Japan’s 3 major ramen without sin, all 3 items (Hakata, Sapporo, Kitakata) ・Ramen made with “ZENB Veggie Ramen Soup” 4 items (salt, soy sauce, miso, veggie tonkotsu style)
Offer menu
-Eat with ZENB Noodles, Japan’s Top 3 Ramen Ramen – 300 JPY each (incl. tax)- 1. Kitakata ramen without sin
(Offering time: 11:00-14:00)
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It is a cup where you can enjoy the familiar “morning ra” culture of Kitakata City without guilt. The soup is made from dried sardines and freshwater clams, making it a low-calorie, light soy sauce soup. The ingredients are low-fat and satisfying pork thighs cooked at a low temperature, and topped with freshwater clams, onions, and bamboo shoots.
2. innocent Sapporo ramen
(Offering time: 14:00-17:00)
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The lunch of a salaried worker who tends to be biased in nutritional value. In order to solve this situation, we have prepared ramen that allows you to enjoy various vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, burdock, and onions. When you think of Sapporo ramen, you think of miso. Perfect for a cold day, it is finished with a bowl of miso soup with vegetables and mushrooms that will take a break. 3. innocent Hakata ramen
(Offering hours: 17:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:45) *Until 17:00 on the final day, December 18 (Sun) (L.O. 16:45)
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A staple of street food stalls, this ramen will make you want to eat it at night because of its aroma. Tonkotsu-style ramen soup with vegetable stock and soy milk is combined with classic toppings such as pork thigh roasted pork, seaweed, green onions, and red pickled ginger. A healthy and low-calorie dish that makes the most of the umami of vegetables.
-[ZENB Veggie Ramen Soup] Ramen of the Day 200 yen each (tax included)- A bowl that uses a soup that brings out the flavor of beans and vegetables, and you can enjoy a satisfying richness and deliciousness even though it is a plant base.
1. Sinless soy sauce ramen
(Serving time: 11:00-14:00) *Served with salt ramen and daily specials [Image 12

2. Guiltless salt ramen
(Serving time: 11:00-14:00) *Provided daily with guilt-free soy sauce ramen [Image 13

3. Sinless miso ramen
(Offering time: 14:00-17:00)
[Image 14

Four. Guilt-free veggie tonkotsu-style ramen
(Offering hours: 17:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:45) *Until 17:00 on the final day, December 18 (Sun) (L.O. 16:45)
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ZENB official SNS campaign to win luxurious prizes
To commemorate the opening of the “Sinless Ramen Shop”, we will hold two SNS campaigns to win luxurious prizes.
1. Ramen Campaign without Guilt at Home
December 6, 2022 (Tuesday) 12:00 to December 31 (Saturday) 23:59 way to participate
1. Follow ZENB official Twitter
*If you participate in the campaign from Instagram, you do not need to follow the official account.
2. Post a ramen made with ZENB noodles with the hashtag “#ZENB no sinless ramen” Present
We plan to present prizes related to ramen at home to 230 people by lottery 2. Eat innocent ramen and win campaign
December 6, 2022 (Tuesday) 12:00 to December 18 (Sunday) 23:59 way to participate
1. Follow ZENB official Twitter
*If you participate in the campaign from Instagram, you do not need to follow the official account.
2. Post your impressions and photos of the provided menu on Twitter or Instagram with “#ZENB no sinless ramen”
3. Present the screen to the event staff at the venue and participate in the lottery drawing
A total of 230 winners will receive an assortment of ZENB products In addition, all participants will receive a “Sin without Ramen” sticker. [Image 16

sticker image
*It will end as soon as the sticker runs out.
*For campaign details, please check with the staff at the event venue. ・ZENB official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/Zenb_jp
・ZENB official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/zenb_japan/ -Inquiries regarding this matter-
Inquiry form: https://support.zenb.jp/hc/ja/requests/new
Reference material
ZENB brand
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