Heritage A lecture on “work shooting” iron plate lighting to make “hair” look beautiful. “PREPPY” February 2023 issue “Hairdresser and camera.” Special issue will be released on 12/28.

Lecture on “work shooting” iron plate lighting to make “hair” look beautiful. “PREPPY” February 2023 issue “Hairdresser and camera.” Special issue will be released on 12/28.
PREPPY × Camera, Hair & Beauty

From the hair and beauty trend information media “PREPPY” for beauty professionals published by Heritage Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenichi Saito, hereinafter Heritage) February 2023 issue “Hairdresser” and camera.” A special issue will be released on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.
Packed with the latest hot selling styles and techniques for beauty professionals.
[Image 1d74237-123-d7af6b8e75370668fb10-0.jpg&s3=74237-123-4c4ca9869ccaa40f8d0efd061e81569b-2132x2700.jpg
“PREPPY” February 2023 issue / cover
PREPPY February 2023 issue with “PELE” “Beleza” “LINDO TOKYO” RYUSEI appearing on the cover and the beginning. Please look forward to the unique look of RYUSEI, who is a spearhead of the Z generation beautician.
[Image 2d74237-123-9eead3e161454a0ef79-1.jpg&s3=74237-123-73e5d46e91c5ad04bae6227d1e172ece-1801x2700.jpg
“PREPPY” February 2023 issue / opening feature breakthrough
Feature 1 “Hairdresser and camera.”
A creator hairdresser who is active in various contests and seminars will appear in “5 cameras and work files that love hair beauty photos seen through the viewfinder”. Mr. Yusuke Matsuyama, a well-known photographer, gives an easy-to-understand lecture on lighting during shooting, “‘Work shooting’ iron plate lighting to make ‘hair’ look beautiful” is a must-read.
[Image 3d74237-123-2798b51c00dbcf8a42ca-2.jpg&s3=74237-123-6e594ae810875f8e0533e2efedc3eec4-1828x2700.jpg
“PREPPY” February 2023 issue/first feature hairdresser and camera. 2nd special feature “Big predictions for the beauty industry in 2023! (Part 2)” Continuing from the January 2023 issue, trend forecasts for 2023 are posted. We recommend checking this article and making your own predictions about the beauty industry in 2023!
Popular series “Traveling Photographer”
The destination this time is Sapporo, the land of the north. “JENO” Masaki Horie and “NUMBER NINE” Masa Yoshida held a session with photographer Yusuke Matsuyama. Please pay attention to the appearance and works.
[Image 4d74237-123-6027bfc869952634b049-3.jpg&s3=74237-123-f770dc25b74a88cfd39b569c7d1f1223-1930x2700.jpg
“PREPPY” February 2023 issue / Popular series “Traveling Photographer” This issue is also PREPPY LESSON 1 “MAGNOLiA DAISUKE’s perm approach to bleached hair” DAISUKE (MAGNOLiA) /PREPPY LESSON 2 “K-two Suisa Taniguchi’s eyebrows make-up technique to express a female image” Series by Suisa Taniguchi (K-two) is a must see. Perm technique for bleached hair and eyebrow makeup technique is a must-see
There are also plans such as “I can’t ask now! Story of ‘acidic’ and ‘acidic’ menus”! “Check it out!”
[Image 5d74237-123-d34b7e3b045970c39ed5-4.jpg&s3=74237-123-bd8ac4ec0904f3fa1aa560f0e3d99e4b-1801x2700.jpg
“PREPPY” February 2023 / PREPPY LESSON1
[Image 6d74237-123-1aa35b8d4b2e0ef7ded2-5.jpg&s3=74237-123-ddbffd53f881e8f53e2f9b37f7b85ed3-1801x2700.jpg
“PREPPY” February 2023 / PREPPY LESSON2
▼ Contents
real trend
Special Feature: Hairdresser and Camera chapter1
Hair beauty seen through the viewfinder
Cameras and work files of 5 people who love photography
Special release of the writing of “hair” by Yusuke Matsuyama! To make “hair” look beautiful
“Photography” Teppan Lighting
Hear from top runners across the country!
Beauty Industry Forecast 2023 (Part 2)
I can’t hear you anymore! I want to know!
Story of “acid” & “acid” menu
Hahoniko Revuri series
Easier acid heat treatment with levulinic acid
Teiichiro Suzuki (FACE DECO)
From L’Oreal Professional
Inoa’s new color “Mocha” 2 lines will be released at the salon on March 23rd! NOBU(NNN)
“Inoa Color 1128 Contest”
The works of the 12 award winners will be unveiled at once!
Hiroto Fujimitsu (Lapanse Beige)/Sion (ALBUM)/Kazuki Ishida (La Bless)/yuta (cope’u)/Yuki Nagata (December)/Yuki Norimatsu (KENJE Hiratsuka LUSCA)/Maga Hagiwara (Total beauty Craft) / Yuko Hara (Lula) / Moeka Wada (sity.) / Shiki Akita (kuu Sora) / SHURI (ALBUM) / YAMATO (ALBUM)
Top stylist meets “baton”
Soichiro Uchida (LECO)/Motonori Isoda (siki)/Rinko Hara (LONESS) Notice of Real Trend Award 2022
Preppy Lesson 1
JENO Masaki Horie’s acidic gel perm
Masaki Horie (JENO)
Preppy Lesson 2
Belle Airi Fujiwara teaches
Cutting techniques that make the most of color
Airi Fujiwara (Belle)
traveling photographer
Yusuke Matsuyama (Sapporo edition)
Rookie stylist battle NEO KING
Daiki Harada (Violet)
Kirari Beautician WORKS
Hitomi Matsunaga (trico)
Interesting young beautician NATSU (JE SUIS HEUREUSE)
Show me your self-makeup! Aika Kanayahashi (FILMS)
Look at the scissor case! Tsubasa Kamiya (SCREEN)
Daily habits of a hairdresser who can do it Asahi Mizuki prayer (jurk) Message from senior Yutaka Kashiwagi (HOULe)
Female worker Rina Ishii (LIPPS hair)
Selfie beautician karin (siki)
Self-arrangement that will captivate you with videos Miharu Oshige (release) Power gained overseas Morita (Salowin)
Preppy Instagrammer Sakai Kensuke (seen)
Hairdresser YouTube Club Shosuke Shimabara (BELO)
New series SDGs that can be done at the salon
TWBC Report
Notice of next issue
Cooperation list
▼ Next issue notice
Magazine “PREPPY”
March 2023 Vol.331 (Scheduled to be released on February 1, 2023) The March issue of PREPPY is full of trend design tips for 2023. The time for the annual “PREPPY Real Trend Award” has arrived again this year!
In the first special feature “PREPPY Real Trend Award 2022”, the top voters in the monthly reader popularity vote gather as nominators to present new hair works aiming for the annual Grand Prix. The theme of this time -POSITIVE!-. The process of cutting from before and finishing it as a work is also published in the magazine! !
The Grand Prix will be decided by the readers’ votes from each hair work, so please check the magazine.
*Features are subject to change.
▼ Magazine information
Magazine name: PREPPY February issue Vol.330
Title: Hairdresser and Camera.
Release date: December 28th
List price (tax included): 1,650 yen
Issued by: Heritage Co., Ltd.
▼ What is “PREPPY”?
Hair & Beauty Trends For Professionals! Hair and beauty trend information media for beauty professionals. Full of useful information for salon work right now, from hairdresser’s design skills, customer service skills, staff training to salon management. Every issue popular beautician introduces seasonal techniques. Full of tips to become a popular hairdresser.
Official EC https://club-preppy.com/
Official video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-cu7hTVoqxjeaL6wQ9k_g Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/preppymagazine_official/ Official Facebook https://www.facebook.com/preppymagazine/
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Heritage Co., Ltd.
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