High Link Co., Ltd. Booth exhibition at the 2nd anniversary event of the comprehensive scent platform “Kalar ia” and “Saison Rose Gold American Express (R) Card”!

High Link Co., Ltd.
A booth will be exhibited at the 2nd anniversary event of the comprehensive scent platform “Kalaria” and “Saison Rose Gold American Express (R) Card”!
We have prepared a lot of content such as an exhibition of actual products delivered by “Kalaria Fragrant Regular Flight” and a popular perfume diagnosis experience!

The comprehensive scent platform “Kalaria” operated by Hylink Co., Ltd. will be held at the 2nd anniversary event of the “Saison Rose Gold American Express (R) Card” held on Thursday, December 15, 2022. We exhibited. At the booth, we have prepared various contents such as a trial experience of “Calaria Fragrant Regular Flight” and a perfume diagnosis experience. In addition, we gave away a “Calaria Fragrance Regular Service” set and other items to all those who came to the event. We hope that you took this opportunity to experience the content of “Calaria” and enjoy your encounter with a new scent. [Image 1d61060-46-3c0a13539233ba00d801-0.png&s3=61060-46-61e940f68c087913ed4930b833e455d9-3900x2006.png
“Saison Rose Gold American Express (R) Card” 2nd Anniversary Event Booth Exhibit Overview
December 15, 2022 (Thursday) at The Strings Omotesando Saison Rose Gold American Express (R), Japan’s first monthly fee credit card developed with the concept of “a card I really want to have”. Card” 2nd anniversary event was held. We sympathized with the theme of this event, “Give ‘new encounters and experiences’ as a gift,” and decided to exhibit the ‘Kalaria’ booth this time. At the booth, we have prepared content such as a perfume diagnosis experience where you can try out the actual products delivered by “Kalaria Fragrance Regular Service” such as atomizer cases and item cards, and understand your own scent preferences and recommended perfumes. rice field.
In addition, a set of “Calaria Fragrance Regular Service” will be presented to all those who visited on the day. This time, in connection with the “Saison Rose Gold American Express (R) Card”, we have prepared two types of rose-themed “Kalaria” recommended perfume atomizers. In addition, we will present a 500 yen off coupon that can be used on the “Kalaria Kaori no Regular Service” until December 31st. [Image 2d61060-46-e37c53905ed8ff2aab35-1.jpg&s3=61060-46-343a2e105e44248e677e0504578b702e-3409x2557.jpg
■ Contents of gifts for visitors:
・Atomizer case
・Perfume atomizer
We will give it randomly from the following two types of perfume atomizers. 1. Rose/Paul Smith 2. Chloe Eau de Parfum/Chloe
・Item card
・ 500 yen off coupon that can be used with “Calaria Kaoru no Regular Service” Over 200,000 Instagram followers! What is “Kalaria”, a comprehensive fragrance platform with over 100,000 reviews?
[Image 3d61060-46-948e8a19891d47025fb7-2.jpg&s3=61060-46-f4032e5ab7f96be2f2978113b5a7bb5f-1850x1110.jpg
Caralia is a “scent” subscription service that started in January 2019 and can be tried from 1,980 yen (tax included, free shipping) per month. You can choose your favorite product every month from about 1,000 types of fragrance items (popular brand perfumes, room fragrances, bath goods, etc.), and the perfume is delivered in a month-use size atomizer.
If you are worried about choosing a scent, 1. Fragrance diagnosis 2. Extensive site search 3. You can always consult a fragrance advisor who is a fragrance professional on LINE for free. We offer support to find the scent that suits you. As of November 2022, 3 years and 10 months after the service started, the number of followers of the Instagram account (@coloria_magazine) is about 210,000, and the monthly PV of the owned media “COLORIA MAGAZINE” exceeds 1 million. In addition, the number of members has increased by about 30 times * 1 in the last two years of the corona disaster, and many people have supported it.
*1 Results for two years from the end of March 2020 to the end of March 2022 Company Profile
[Image 4d61060-46-5b73926bcee104ed6601-3.jpg&s3=61060-46-1d951b85754733ff4445097c3ad8f3fe-579x556.jpg
Company name: High Link Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masahiro Nanki
Head office location: 2-6-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: June 2017
Corporate site: https://high-link.co.jp/
“Kalaria” URL: https://coloria.jp/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coloria_magazine/ We are looking for collaborative brands! !
Caralia is looking for brands to partner with. In addition to expanding sales channels, we will utilize the voices of users gathered in Kararia for marketing support.
We will propose the content of the collaboration that maximizes the benefits for both parties.
We will send you detailed materials including examples and
achievements, so if you are interested in brands, please contact us from the following.
Contact: partner@high-link.co.jp
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