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High school entrepreneur becomes independent Hanaka Usui launches a new brand, Hanaka. Rirido Kyodo store will reopen on December 10th as a fruit and sweets shop Kaka!!

Soffione Co., Ltd.
[High school entrepreneur becomes independent] Hanaka Usui launches a new brand, Hanaka. Rirido Kyodo store will reopen on December 10th as a fruit and sweets shop Kaka!!

This time, Soffione Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Hanaka Usui, 2nd year high school student) has terminated the FC contract with Rirido and changed the Rirido Kyodo store to the fruit and sweets shop “Kaka” (Address: Setagaya, Tokyo). 1-26-11, Kyodo Ward) will be reopened on Saturday, November 26th.
Hanaka Usui started a food loss business in the spring of her first year of high school.
After a year and a half of experience, launched a completely independent own brand. The brand name is Huagu.
As the first project of such Hanaka, the FC contract with Rirido, which has been operated for about a year and a half, has been terminated, the store has been renewed, and from December 10, 2022, it will be reopened as a fruit and sweets shop Hanaka. do.
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In addition to the existing food waste restaurant business, as a fruit and vegetable branding business, we plan to develop fruits and vegetables bearing the Kaka brand at supermarkets and department stores.
Until now, the store, which had been operated as the Rindo Kyodo store, has been renewed and reopened as a fruit and sweets store, Kaka. Also, the EC site is scheduled to open from December 15th. Delivery to customers nationwide is possible.
Of course, the “Fruit Daifuku” that many customers have loved so far. New products that make use of good products that are in a slightly bad condition, or products that can be processed without problems are also appearing one after another.
A new kind of yokan that overturns common sense!? Fruit yokan The fruit yokan, which was sold for a limited time in the past and sold out immediately, has evolved further and is now on sale as a standard product.
Available in three flavors: strawberry, kiwi, and apple. These flavors change with the seasons. The yokan is topped with a compote made with carefully selected seasonal fruits, allowing you to experience an unprecedented texture and taste.
[Image 3d81195-2-31299a27e6f1a390246c-1.jpg&s3=81195-2-b5e2c105b1a48a497be48a31f35d1ba2-3900x2603.jpg

The secret ingredient is salt from Noto Special fruit candy ~Luxury winter apple candy~
Fruit candies are also new. The juiciness of the fruit in the crisp texture is delicious.
The fruits are in season, so the taste is very good, but the shape is a little bad. There is no problem if you peel it off. Collect fruits that tend to be food loss from all over the country.
A gem that sticks not only to fruits but also to candy. “Salt from the Noto region of Ishikawa Prefecture” is added to the candy to create a refreshing candy that is not too heavy.
Since winter is the season for apples, they sell candy apples. Apples are procured from Apple Farm Samizu in Iizuna Town, Nagano Prefecture. The apples are certified as specially cultivated agricultural products, and the apples grown with reduced pesticides are not only delicious, but also safe to eat with the skin on. At Apple Farm Samizu, Hanaka Usui, who is the representative, visited the apple farm and learned about the famous apple production area known to those in the know, and also took pictures for the initiative to broadcast new producer interviews at the store.
[Image 4d81195-2-f8e9c09aed2191de748e-3.jpg&s3=81195-2-b4cef140e4215eec93a216a6fe491c7e-1802x2700.jpg
[Image 5d81195-2-86fe4e552aa0784d9081-2.jpg&s3=81195-2-29af85a52ba44a7ca08d9fb8638bee69-1802x2700.jpg

Fruit Daifuku that has been polished for a year
The fruit daifuku that was offered by the Rindo Kyodo store is still alive. The fruit is wrapped in white bean paste cooked in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, which is also the birthplace of the
representative, and the same recipe as before.
A signboard product that has been said to be delicious by many people. We will continue to evolve and advance at Hanaka.
[Image 6d81195-2-a00728808f75ab32be1b-5.jpg&s3=81195-2-6db4c43689a532ef0e80f4ea96725f62-3900x2603.jpg

Thoughts put into the brand name “Hanaka”
“Hanaka” is also taken from the name of the representative, Hanaka Usui. I asked him what he meant.
– I think that there is a flower in nice fruits and vegetables. When I make fruit daifuku, when I go to the producers.
I have encountered many fruits, and when I come across something wonderful, my heart will dance and I will feel gorgeous. There are times like that. I want many people to eat delicious fruits and vegetables with good flowers. I put such feelings into the brand name “Hanaka”.
While growing such delicious fruits and vegetables at the store, damage and deformities inevitably come out. We will carefully process the so-called B product/loss product and provide it to you.

Background of Hanaka Usui’s entrepreneurship as a high school student Representative Hanaka Usui’s family runs a fruit and vegetable intermediate wholesale business in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, and she has seen the work since she was a child.
There, I witnessed a large amount of discarded fruit with only a few scratches on the skin and no problem with the taste. On the other hand, the fact that there are people who cannot eat and people who are in trouble in the world. In order to change this situation, he thought that consumer education activities were necessary, so he decided to start a business to do a business related to food loss, and became an entrepreneur in June 2021 in his first year of high school.

Message from Hanaka Usui
It’s been a year and a half since I started my business, and I’ve been able to have my own brand independently. I am simply very happy. Ever since I was a little girl, there was nothing that I was better at than anything else, and nothing that I was addicted to. what am i living for I didn’t understand it, and there was a time when I didn’t go to school in junior high school. When I didn’t go to such a school, my father took me to many producers.
The world I saw there was far beyond my imagination.
I was moved by the fact that the fruits and vegetables that we casually eat had producers who were more meticulous than we could have imagined, and that they had an extraordinary passion for their fruits and vegetables.
Two years later. With my own hands, I can convey and deliver fruits and vegetables grown by farmers with passion to many people under the brand of Kaka. Such a challenge is now possible.
At Hanaka, we will deliver to many customers wonderful fruit and vegetables that are gorgeous and have the passion of the producers. I would be happy if as many customers as possible could notice the appeal of fruits and vegetables through this brand.

Fruit and Sweets Shop Kaka
1-26-1 Kyodo, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:00-19:00 (Closed when sold out) Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Website/EC site: Currently under preparation Scheduled to be released on December 15

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