HINOKO TOKYO has opened a web store for products carefully selected by HINOKO TOKYO that can be used both outdoors and in the city!

Trailheads Inc.
HINOKO TOKYO has opened a web store for products carefully selected by HINOKO TOKYO that can be used both outdoors and in the city!
Trailheads Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yohei ), which operates HINOKO TOKYO in Hinohara Village, Tokyo, has opened a web store “HINOKO PRODUCTS” for products that can be used both outdoors and in the city. We will let you know.
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Web store top page
Background of the launch of HINOKO PRODUCTS
HINOKO TOKYO is a members-only campground where you can spend a quiet time with your friends in nature, just an hour and a half away from the city center. In 2021, we will open “HINOKO SAUNA” where you can chop firewood yourself, make a fire, and jump into the clear stream of the Akigawa River when it gets warm. In addition to camping and saunas, we have also started “forest work,” where you can work in nature, providing a rich time to spend with friends and family in untouched nature.
Trailheads, which runs this place, believes in softening the boundaries between city and nature, work and play, and moving back and forth between scenes. This is the same as the concept of HINOKO TOKYO, which is close to the city center and where you can work and play. In addition to “field research,” we hold training in Finland for all employees and hold outdoor kick-off meetings.
In this way, while practicing the Trailheads value of “seamlessly connecting work, life, and play,” we have pursued our own way of working and created new services. This time as well, we launched a new web store “HINOKO PRODUCTS” based on this sense of values.
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Field research conducted in August 2010
The products to be released this time have been carefully selected by trailhead members who have tried them themselves, what they really liked, and what they want to use for a long time. The first series released all 6 types. In the future, we will increase the number of products we handle, considering the production of original products. In addition, from the thought of environmental conservation, the packaging is also environmentally friendly. We do not use vinyl and use only paper for minimal packaging. The buffer material uses paper printed with photographs of nature taken by the staff. We have prepared something that can be reused without being immediately trashed, such as making a poster as part of the art and using it for product storage, even if there are creases during shipping.
About webstore photos
During the training trip to Finland and its surroundings that the members went to in September of this year, we have taken pictures of the scenes that were actually used. I hope you can feel the way the trailheads members face nature, the respect they have for borrowing the natural field, and the excitement of taking on the challenge. In addition, we hope that by communicating not only the attractiveness of the product but also the scenes in which it is used, more people will have a richer and more enjoyable outdoor experience.
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Product introduction (partial)
[Image 4d60723-9-79ad7e944ad3502788f4-2.jpg&s3=60723-9-4f58ae8c8ae676184893aabfbeb3ac43-2000x1333.jpg
A merino wool T-shirt in collaboration with the outdoor product brand Yetina. Yetina is particular about its brushing technology, and while maintaining high heat retention through its unique construction method, it is a piece that simply fits in both field activities and daily life.
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This pouch is just the right size to carry your clothes, gear, etc. for a sauna or camping in a variety of outdoor environments. Nylon fabric impregnated with silicone has excellent water repellency and waterproofness, and is lightweight, so it is used for various outdoor gear such as tents and tarps. The color is ivory, which is the image of the inside of the cedar tree used in the HINOKO sauna, and brown, which is the image of the cedar bark on the outside.
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HINOKO work apron
Cordura cotton nylon apron. It looks slim and simple, so it can be worn by both men and women in one size fits all. It is packed with attention to detail, such as ease of movement, light weight, a pocket for tools, a reflector that is safe even in the dark, and a
sophisticated look that is not too outdoor. Designed and produced by Shinpei Hara, who works on climbing pants “4c”. Many members love 4c’s pants, and the quality is of course the best.
[Image 7d60723-9-9ed8ef567fbcace0615f-4.jpg&s3=60723-9-81733b70397fe62b559114e0888d51a4-2000x1333.jpg
nalgene bottle
An original bottle made in collaboration with “Nalgene”, which is loved by many people for its high-purity plastic and high
airtightness. There are various ways to use it, such as daily hydration, snack replenishment on hikes, and coffee bean storage at camp.
Designed by Shinpei Onishi, a graphic designer with a connection to HINOKO TOKYO. The green is a representation of HINOKO TOKYO in typography, and the pink is the theme of “water drinking ghost”. I have an image of gulping down essential hydration in the outdoors like a ghost.
For more products, please visit our web store.

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