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HitPaw Japan Released the latest information on the video image quality app Topaz Video Enhance AI! From usage to recommended specs & Topaz Video AI VS HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Japan
The latest information on the video image quality app Topaz Video Enhance AI is now available! From usage to recommended specs & Topaz Video AI VS HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw Video Enhancer for Mac has been updated to version 1.1.0. Introduction
On October 20, 2022, the standard video quality improvement software “Topaz Video Ehnance AI” was reborn as “Topaz Video AI v3.0”. Today, I would like to introduce the latest features and how to use this software, which is indispensable for creating high-quality videos. Also, at the end of the article, I will introduce a software called “HitPaw Video Enhancer” that can easily improve the quality of videos. Please take a look to the end.
There is a lot of information in this article, so you can refer to the video below for a better understanding.
[Video 2:]

What is Topaz Video AI?
“Topaz Video Enhance AI” is standard video quality enhancement software provided by Topaz Labs. With our unique AI, even low-quality videos can be upscaled up to 8K. Looking at the homepage, it is a professional purveyor software that has been adopted by the BBC, a British public broadcasting station. On October 20, 2022, “Topaz Video Ehnance AI” was reborn as “Topaz Video AI v3.0”.

[Image 1d92733-36-6a7937dd181299b52243-0.png&s3=92733-36-4c7159fcf3492aa1aabdb04a0897dc12-2198x834.png

1. Newly added AI model:
1.1Stabilization Model – Estimates the camera motion between frames and corrects each frame to look smoother than the camera motion. This reduces camera shake in videos.
1.2 Apollo Slow Motion Model- Allows creation of smoother slow motion videos by creating intermediate frames from adjacent frames. 2. Combined use of multiple AI models, such as slow motion video and upscaling to 4K resolution
3. Simultaneous processing of multiple videos

[Image 2d92733-36-b3ba89a3c82b7639e1fa-8.png&s3=92733-36-9b01e6a9f721e057302e3a1d4bee2fa7-1408x824.png

1. Open the software and log in.
2. Select the file or load the video by dragging and dropping. 3. Make various settings from the panel on the right side of the screen. 4. Confirm the preview.
In the free version, the logo is displayed as follows.
5. Export
Detailed description of the settings panel

The following 8 presets are prepared in advance. Use this when it is difficult to make detailed settings by yourself or as an initial setting before customization.
[Image 3d92733-36-b2437f32fe9f09d5e6c9-2.png&s3=92733-36-571a21fce16000dde5e17628d0179fb8-1888x700.png

You can set the input video information, output resolution, and frame rate. [Image 4d92733-36-c2857d75f5dc7fabd677-3.png&s3=92733-36-60383037dc70ea2278183ea4c741dd63-1868x282.png
Select a resolution from the top dropdown and a frame rate from the bottom dropdown.

Presets are available to get you started, but you can customize them further here.
Stabilization: AI analyzes adjacent frames and corrects camera shake. [Image 5d92733-36-71060df2ed742f8be79f-4.png&s3=92733-36-c8f1f36e9b4707f37c40ef5a54015293-614x686.png
STRENGH: Strength of effect
Full-Frame: Interpolates missing pixels and corrects camera shake. Auto-Crop: Removes excess range and corrects camera shake.
Rolling Shutter Correction: Reduces instability caused by too fast camera movement.
Reduce Jitter Motions: Corrects parallax distortion and tilt motions. Frame Interpolation: You can interpolate frames to make your video smoother. By applying it, you can also create smooth slow motion videos.
[Image 6d92733-36-ef42bd93e636f2c39dbd-5.png&s3=92733-36-21643674447bc8c6b67442b1fbdac1bc-770x528.png
SLOW MOTION: You can select the speed of slow motion.
AI MODEL: 3 AI models to choose from
Apollo: A model that specializes in non-linear movements. Create 8 interpolated frames in one run. Much faster than Chronos.
Chronos Fast: A model that specializes in larger movements. Despite its name, it can take longer than Chronos.
Chronos: Most commonly used for frame rate conversion.
Enhancement: AI corrects colors and blurry areas.
[Image 7d92733-36-216445f442a700674693-6.png&s3=92733-36-863203c8119172c70a4cd776e0b4b401-660x800.png
Grain: You can add noise to your video.
“Topaz Video AI v3.0” not only improves the image quality by the frame interpolation function, but also improves the smoothness of the video, corrects camera shake, and compared to the old “Topaz Video Enhance AI” Powered up quite a bit. In addition, by combining AI models, it is possible to adjust more advanced and detailed parameters. Simultaneous processing of multiple videos is also very convenient. Unfortunately, the 4-split preview that was previously possible has been
discontinued, and now at most 2-split previews. Therefore, if you want to compare different AI models, you need to switch screens. Also, since it does not support Japanese, the already complicated settings are becoming more difficult, and it may be difficult for beginners and those who are not good at English to use.
Better video quality software than Topaz Video AI
HitPaw Video Enhancer is video quality enhancement software provided by Hitpaw. Promed AI will analyze the video and do the best upscaling process. It is very easy to use and you can increase the video resolution up to 8K. It also supports Japanese, so even beginners can use it relatively easily.
Step 1. Download & Install
Step 2. Import & model selection
Step 3. Preview & Export
Comparison between Topaz Video AI and HitPaw Video Enhancer
[Image 8d92733-36-758585a8daee81b90551-7.png&s3=92733-36-7c83f2ba7d15727a37f7e8b44e3d80c7-1902x794.png
This time, we introduced the latest functions and how to use the upgraded “Topaz Video AI v3.0” (formerly “Topaz Video Enhance AI”). The added frame interpolation function not only improves the image quality, but also improves the smoothness of the video and corrects camera shake, making it considerably more powerful than the old “Topaz Video Enhance AI”. On the other hand, since it does not support Japanese, it will be very difficult for beginners and those who are not good at English to master the detailed settings. Lastly, “HitPaw Video Enhancer” is an excellent video quality enhancement software like “Topaz Video AI”, but it has very simple functions, so anyone can easily use it. Also, it is safe to say that it supports Japanese. Please also consider “HitPaw Video Enhancer”.
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