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Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Hanata Renax Blu-ray No. 15 -2012 Masterpiece Selection Part 2- Released on March 31, 2023 (Friday)! Reservation acceptance starts from Friday, January 6!

Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Hanata Renax Blu-ray 15th Drop -2012 Masterpiece Selection Part 2- Released on March 31, 2023 (Friday)! Reservation acceptance starts from Friday, January 6!
The teamwork of Knax is clear, and miracles are fired continuously! A selection of masterpieces from the second half of 2012 that recorded high audience ratings is now on Blu-ray!

TEAM NACS (Hiroyuki Morisaki, Akira Yasuda, Shigeyuki Totsugi, Hiroshi Oizumi, Takuma Otoo), who are now popular nationwide, will continue to produce and broadcast a life-size variety program “Hana Tarenax” (every Thursday at midnight). broadcast at 15:00).
The Blu-ray “Hanata Renax Blu-ray 15th Drop -2012 Masterpiece Selection, Part 2-“, which is a popular project that has hit a high audience rating almost every week, will be released on March 31, 2023 (Friday)! Reservations will be accepted from January 6 (Friday), and the price is 4,620 yen (tax included).
[Image 1

Hanata Renax 15th Drop – 2012 Masterpiece Selection Part 2 – (C) HTB  In the banquet plan “One Question One Answer”, where you can talk about your true feelings over alcohol, you will hear a series of secret talks about the members’ personal lives that you rarely hear, such as love, marriage, and witnessing the birth of a baby! The unprecedented “marshmallow catch” that rented out the Sapporo Dome, which has now been handed down as a legend, was also born in this year. And despite being in the middle of the main performance (WARRIOR), Totsugi was injured in a PK duel? In the message relay where the theme is conveyed by “drawing”, Oizumi’s flash of
inspiration saves Yasuda’s fatal mistake, and Oizumi’s flash of inspiration is truly a series of miracles! Only seen here! It also includes a message taken from the current members!
Greeting from TEAM NACS (Recorded in December 2022)
 Messages from 5 people filmed between regular broadcast recordings. The 5 of us will personally recommend what to see and hear!
Spring Banquet Plan Hanatare Q&A (Broadcast June-July 2012)
[Image 2

Spring Banquet Planning Hanatare Q&A (C) HTB
The program’s first banquet planned between the main performance “WARRIOR”. Totsugi said, “I wanted to have a drinking party like this. I’ll pay for it.” picture.
 The history of each love and marriage, the episode when a child was born, are you really on good terms with Nax? A series of frank talks, such as Totsugi’s tardy laughter episode!
If 2 out of 5 people can do it, go home 2 (broadcast from July to August 2012) [Image 3

2 out of 5 people can go home 2 (C) HTB
It was supposed to be a service plan that if 2 out of 5 people achieved it, they would be able to finish filming immediately and go home.
A penalty shootout with the Consadole Sapporo keeper, who suffered a tragic tragedy even during the main performance, a spectacular marshmallow catch at the Sapporo Dome, and a compulsory education problem that is learned at elementary school in a cram school. If you challenge … No way ….
Please enjoy the life-size struggle of the 5 people who seriously compete in intelligence and physical strength!
Hanatare Gourmet Tour 2012 (broadcast in November 2012)
[Image 4

Hanatare gastronomic tour 2012 (C) HTB
A joint responsibility project in which high-quality sushi is placed on the stage of Michelin 3-star “Sushi Tanabe” and a quiz is taken. What is the real name of “Hookun”, one of the members of the Shibugaki corps who sings “♪ Sushi Kuinee!”? Answering the names of famous places, great men, and famous paintings in France, among many other questions, the “drawing message game” relays the themes using only “pictures”, and an unexpected miracle occurs!
Yasuda’s fatal mistake was saved by Oizumi’s flash of inspiration. Commemorating the release of the 3rd DVD: Surpass yourself seven years ago (Broadcast from December 2012 to January 2013)
[Image 5

Surpass yourself seven years ago (C) HTB
A “rehash” project held to commemorate the release of the third DVD (2005 Masterpiece Selection).
Re-challenge the game that was held 7 years ago, can the 5 people surpass themselves 7 years ago? Yoshiie Igarashi, a fortune teller who was astounded by his bizarre remarks, is back! As usual, he can see through Totsugi’s love affairs out of the blue! ?
In the “Aerobics Memory Test” dressed in flashy leotards, you will challenge yourself to memorize the 179 municipalities of Hokkaido! Furthermore, in the foot massage, the pressure point connected to “a certain organ” is pushed and you go straight to living hell? “Don’t miss the hard work of the 5 Arafours!”
Closing greetings from TEAM NACS (recorded in December 2022)  Messages from 5 people filmed between regular broadcast recordings.  One by one, they will face the camera and deliver their current status and messages to their fans!
■ Product Name: Hanata Renax Dai 15 Drop -2012 Masterpiece Selection, Part 2- (Blu-ray)
■ Release date: Friday, March 31, 2023
■ Reservation start date: Friday, January 6, 2023
■ Sales price: 4,620 yen (tax included) Product price: 4,200 yen ■Product specifications: Blu-ray/single-sided 2-layer 1-disc set, linear PCM *package is transparent, tall size
Main story total playback time: about 300 minutes (planned)
■ First time inclusion bonus (limited quantity): “Paper special coaster” Limited inclusion for the first press only (1 per package) In connection with the banquet plan “One question and one answer” where the members talked passionately with alcohol in one hand, alcohol is a coaster! It is a privilege born from a simple idea. [Image 6

First time inclusion privilege “paper coaster” (C) HTB
There are 6 types of designs, and you can enjoy it after opening it! One is a label type that prints the surface of the 15th drop Blu-ray as it is. In addition, 5 hand-drawn pictures of the members who can enjoy the miracle process that occurred in the “Gourmet Tour” drawing message game. Please enjoy 15 drops slowly while drinking alcohol! If you get tired of it, you might be able to use it for Menko! ? ■Sales locations: HTB goods dealers, HTB online shop, Lawson Loppi nationwide, Loppi recommended (online shopping) loppi/, office cue online shop “CUEPRO”
 《Reservation/Purchase at Lawson Loppi》@Loppi number: AW13523955 * Please check the official website of the program for details and the latest information about the product.
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